MBTI: Princess Leia- ESTJ


In many ways, Leia had more of an edge to her than Luke did. Luke trained in what seemed like no time at all, yet Leia had been fighting against the Empire way before the farm boy showed up, despite her seemingly happy existence as a freaking princess.

But ESTJs work within authority and and their upbringing. In Leia’s case, she’s always been royalty and her parents have always opposed the Empire. So it all works out that she would be a rebel too.

Leia comes off as strong and forward. As a male, which is what ESTJs are mostly made up of, ESTJs come off as too macho at times and the ultimate jerk. As women, it isn’t much different save for the fact that some form of the word “bitch” will be used to describe them in one way or another.

That’s because no matter what body it’s in, if the personality is an ESTJ, they’ll be wearing the pants of the group. Or at least struggling with another ESTJ, the more rare ENTJ, or just another pissed off ISTJ that sees things differently.

"You may be a princess, but you're a Skywalker and you're not going out of this ship with those skank buns."

“You may be a princess, but you’re a Skywalker and you’re not going out of this ship with those skank buns.”

But from the introduction of Leia, we’re given the impression that no matter how big the opposing ship is, no matter how scary and powerful Vader is, it hardly makes a difference to his daughter, who’s just as loyal to her party as he is to his, if not more so. ESTJs are all about loyalty; to their family, to their country (or planet), and to their cause, whatever that is.

It’ll most likely be dependent on how they were raised, as could be argued with anybody, but ESTJs don’t struggle with the ideals the way other types might question what they were raised with, and they’ll carry out their ideals with “stupendous vigor.” I quote that because I don’t ever use those words, especially not together, and it feels strange to type them here. But it fits.

It’s not that ESTJs can’t or won’t ever question how they were raised, it just takes much more to get them to do it than most other types. Their values and ideas are so deeply ingrained in them, you have to get past their temper and their rhetoric to get them to question themselves in the first place, while other types may be more open to debate in the first place.

"Were you guys talking about me? The Force told me you guys were talking about me."

“Were you guys talking about me? The Force told me you guys were talking about me.”

Leia’s role in the Rebellion is crucial to their goal, as it’s her connections and her steadfastness that helps lead them to their victory. All this, and Luke blowing up the Empire’s base, but you get the idea.

Unlike many heroines in fiction, Leia wasn’t meant to be the damsel in distress screaming and crying for her hero to save her. In fact, when she is captured, she doesn’t act like she’s in distress so much as she does seem pissed off, and when Luke first saves her, she seems to have bigger balls than him.

"Hold on, Nancy!" -Leia

“Hold on, Nancy!” -Leia

Leia’s first function would be Te, organizing and implementing. So from ruler of Alderaan to head of the Rebellion, Leia is in charge. It’s what makes her and Macho Solo’s relationship so interesting, because neither want to play the more submissive role. Solo’s his own boss and nobody tells him what to do, while Leia (once more) runs her own private army, and being told what to do isn’t in her agenda save for the couple people on her level whose authority she respects.

If Leia could be recognized as any other type, it would have to be one with Extraverted Thinking in the top two functions. She tells you what to do, her speech is quick, incisive, direct. Te users, ESTJ specifically, are known to be this way so much that if INTPs are the ultimate nerds, ESTJs are the ultimate jerks. Their Introverted Feeling is last, after all. Meaning Leia’s sympathies really only go out to those whose plight she understands and appreciates. There’s no changing sides for her, there’s not pit parties, and you shouldn’t expect any words of encouragement from her if you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

Though you can expect a couple words of encouragement if you’re about to launch a large-scale attack on an Empire base, and even then, most of what she says is all about business rather than a William Wallace-style speech about life, death and freedom. Her TeSi combination has her getting to the point of what she wants, working all on logic with no bells and whistles.

"You have nerf-herding fart breath. Just saying."

“You have nerf-herding fart breath, Han. Just saying.”

ESTJs, similar to ISTJs and introverted Rationals, believe reasoning should take precedence above all else. “Why do I have to be nice about the truth? It’s the truth. It speaks for itself.” This is why so many politicians are easily caught in lies. While many can spin the truth anyway they want it, the types listed that take office don’t find it natural to twist their words around, preferring to speak directly. When they can’t do that, or get caught doing it, they break down the hardest.

Or take the ESTJ poster boy for example, Bill O’Reilly, who has made a career off of not mincing words and talking at people rather than to them, causing people to be turned on or disgusted by his demeanor. ESTJs are known to make enemies no matter where they go because of this and if you know an ESTJ (you do), opinions on them are black and white, which is the way they like it.

Lower, Han! Lower!

Lower, Han! Lower!



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