Visionary, or lady just doing her job? The latter! M’s way of doing things is strict and to the point, just like her type. While everyone else is falling all over for Bond for one reason or another, she’s calling him an idiot to his face telling him how much cleaner the job could have been done.

There’s a reason they’re known as “The Duty Fulfillers” and M displays this quite clearly. Nothing slows her down, nothing is done properly for her, and work is her life. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS.

With their Fi last, nobody should wonder why M seems as cold as she does. In her line of work, bossing around assistants and super spies, it’s only right that the woman filling the position would seem as ruthless as Mi6’s enemies. This can hinder the ISTJ in areas of life involving romance, relationships- all the stuff they don’t think about because hey, they’re working, dammit. ISTJs have difficulty expressing their feelings and repress themselves so much in this area that it becomes normal for them to leave romance out altogether.

While their Perceiving cousin, the ISTP, may view sex as an outlet or just for fun, the ISTJ is more likely to look at all that goes into getting to that point, claim it to be a waste of time, and move on. It’s almost like they can’t be blamed though- they don’t even know what they’re feeling.

The snow was actually created by Judi Dench's own body.

The snow was actually created by Dench’s own body to accurately portray her character.

In Skyfall, after M makes the call that ends up with Bond “dying,” the obituary she wrote for him is short, and cold almost as if she didn’t know him at all. When Bond reveals himself to be alive, she doesn’t apologize for anything and scolds him for breaking into her place (again). No crying, no remorse- just back to business.

M’s first function is introverted Sensing. She doesn’t care about your birthday unless society or authority views it as a necessity that you get a present. Then if you do get a present, it’s going to be something practical that they could use, so you probably could too, as they see it.

The ISTJ’s most valued trait is loyalty and they are nothing if not that. To their family, to their job; many an ISTJ will choose to stay friends with someone long after they’ve been stabbed in the back by them, seeing as their friendship as a sort of commitment- and you don’t just back out on those. This is also their strong point in relationships as commitment is such a huge part of it all and the ISTJ has no problem here. This could be part of why Silva took it so hard that M gave him up, seeing her loyalty to his as an agent as an act or something of the like.

If he stared at you like this, you'd give him up to the Chinese too.

If he stared at you like this, you’d give him up to the Chinese too.

This is also what has the ISTJ working a factory job of some sort for literally decades in many cases, often times working on an assembly line. Repetition and order may drive some crazy, but it’s what the ISTJ thrives on. Getting things in exactly the place that they want things make them feel like their life is on track.

"I don't care about individuality, I love this job!" Worker #0009283

“I don’t care about individuality, I love this job!” -Worker #0009283

Going outside of the law upsets them maybe more so than any other types. While ESTJs may sometimes see themselves as above the rules, and ESFJ and ISFJ can be shown another way that’s equally convincing, ISTJs like the rules and place and like them unbroken. They’re unlikely to follow them to the tee even if it doesn’t exactly fit the situation. The closest example of an ISTJ doing something unethical or immoral is if those around them engage in certain activities or behavior for so long with no discipline, then the ISTJ may feel like there’s no harm done.

In Tomorrow Never Dies, M encourages Bond to sleep with a female contact in order to get closer to her husband, the megalomaniac Eliot Carver. This isn’t something M would have normally suggested of one of her agents, but knowing Bond and how apt he is to such activities anyway, just threw the suggestion out there. But like a classic ISTJ, said it as though it were an order.

Also, make sure that Wheaties are prepared for her as a breakfast the next day as a way to scootch her out of there."

Also, make sure that Wheaties are prepared for her as a breakfast the next day as a way to scootch her out of there.”

But that last part is more Te, Extraverted Thinking. It’s why M doesn’t ever sound like she’s thinking out loud, but why she just tells you. Everything single thing she says is a statement with no room leftover for anyone’s thoughts. She’s already said everything that needs to be said and why aren’t you out the door already doing what she told you to do.

When Dench’s M and Brosnan’s Bond meet for the first time in Goldeneye, she tells him what she’s thinks of him to his face and it’s not good. There’s no humor in her face, and she isn’t hiding it either. Te isn’t always rude or demanding but you’re more likely to find this cold bluntness in those that have this function in the top two.

The ISTJ’s strengths are their weaknesses though, because until they learn how to interact with people, they’ll be forever distanced from those around them. But at the same time, their cold demeanor toward others is also what gets their objectives achieved like they prefer. So simple, it’s complex.

"I'm sorry Bond, I just can't sit in a seat that can't recline back to a 45 degree angle, I just can't."

“I’m sorry Bond, I just can’t sit in a seat that can’t recline back to a 45 degree angle, I just can’t.”



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