MBTI: Legolas- ISFP


While there are characters who are stronger, faster, more in touch with their surroundings, and prettier than Legolas, none of them strike the balance that he does with all of those categories. Seriously, he’s just so pretty I can’t even handle it.

The ISFP is considered to be the most in touch with the physical world, so much that Keirsey gave them the name “Composer” for their ability to just know how to work the tricks of whatever trade they’re in, usually something artsy it seems. Painting, music, acting, or the simple, stressful life of nursing, ISFPs are the closest things we’ll get to actual elves, which is something I’ve never really cared about but I bet there are enough nerds out there wishing for something like that.

Just go find an ISFP, nerd!

Legolas’ love of nature is apparent throughout the entire LOTR series as a character, but the Elvish race in general which is known to be very spiritual in nature, kind of like the Avatar people but y’know- not giant blue cat people. Hippies, if you will, with a talent for things other than making hemp necklaces. The entire race could be considered a cross between Artisans and Idealist all around. More spiritual than the Artisans, but more athletic than Idealists generally are.

"Yo wads! Wads! You guys seeing this flex? You don't even lift, do you?"

“Yo wads! WADS! You guys seeing this flex? You don’t even lift, do you?”

Legolas specifically shows his Fi throughout as he’s often seen as fully taking his environment in, either for pleasure or making sure no one is out to kill whoever he’s with. In arguments with those around him, his stance is more one of offense than reason.

While a type with a higher thinking function would stick to the subject, Legolas is more likely to fire another insult back at his opponent; one that’s not necessarily going to further anyone’s interests but you’ve pissed him off, so respect isn’t there in the first place. As we know, Fi deals with how the user takes in other people’s feelings and it lets them know what they value rather than what makes sense.

Not to say that ISFPs are unintelligent of course, but with a preference for Fi first and Te last, you can see how pure logic isn’t as important to them as what feels right. So TJ types can really get their goat, or whatever the middle earth animal is that resembles a goat.

This. This is their goat.

This. This is their goat.

Legolas’ second function is Se. There’s just something about ISFPs and the old school weapons. Between arrows and swords, there doesn’t really seem to be a weapon Legolas can’t use to the best of everyone’s ability, although he prefers the two named. It’s interesting that characters that display ISFP functions are drawn toward more naturalistic weapons, be it modern day assassins or middle-earth elves. Heck, I couldn’t help but add that in my short story.

The eye for nature and the love of sensory excitement seem to pit these characters with weapons that could be considered outdated, yet take more skill than say, locking onto your target and sending the enemy to their grave via a missile from a few miles away. If you add in a monitor for the enemy to see character laughing before the missile hits, then it’s a probably a Rational.

But the skill and precision, yet fluidity of the weapons used by Goldilocks here speaks to the character in a way that speaks more for him than his lines do (breathy and sensual, is one description. And those eyes. OMG). Violent, yet natural, quick movements that get the job done and look much smoother than say, Gimli’s aggressive, brawling axe-swinging style. Legolas’ movements look more like a dance akin to The Matrix rather than Fight Club.


ISTP seemed reasonable enough with their love of nature and the rest of the physical world and preference for Se that can give them an edge in a fight, but based on lines like the following, there’s no way.

Gimli- I never thought I’d die side by side with an elf.

Legolas- What about side by side (beat) with a friend?

You’re just not going to get this out of a dominant Thinker, even in the face of certain death. They have emotions, of course, but to speak to a male friend in that way would just seem too much for a dominant Thinker, who would acknowledge the circumstances, but would be more of a nod in that situation than the friendly disposition Legolas takes.

Try this-

Gimli- I never thought I’d die side by side with an elf.

Thinker Legolas- (Jokingly) Imagine how I feel standing next to you.

*The two laugh to themselves, the killing begins, Frodo rolls around on a mountain with Gollum.

Oh, to live in middle earth!

Oh, to live in middle earth!

I don’t care for the stereotypes of Type Theory to be dealt with as absolute truth, but their is a bit of truth to certain stereotypes and a feeler like Legolas is more likely to react to a line like Gimli’s with honesty rather than keeping the running gag of the two hating each other going still, with a subtle nod to their new found friendship rather than outright saying it like a Thinker.



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