I’ve been waiting to type Mello since day one since coming back to the site in July. When he first appears in Death Note, I was laughing at the stern pronunciation of his speech, his haircut, and that these genius kids keep getting younger and younger in the series.

But as the show goes on, Mello prove himself to be more and more competent as a character and as far as I was concerned, turned out to be one of the most interesting. In a show/comic full of Intuitives, Mello’s personality is a refreshing change of pace from all the mind games as he brings the most action the entire series saw.

Mello’s first function is Exraverted Sensing. His style of dress is much more stylish and pronounced than every single character, save for possibly Light who sticks with his suits. ESTPs are one of the most aesthetically concerned types, as are other Artisans. Notice that Near wears pajamas everywhere and L stuck with jeans and the same ol’ white shirt. Yet Mello’s choice in dress is unique and clearly a part of his character, as it is in reality. Clothes don’t necessarily make the man, they definitely tell you something about them.

And his taste in chocolate. Regular, apparently.

And his taste in chocolate. Regular, apparently.

Mello’s Se shows in the fact that as soon as he gets a bit of useful information, he jumps into action as soon as he can. Striking out on his own, obtaining the notebook by kidnapping, and the other various plans he’s a part of in his screen time. Se is all about making the most of each moment which is what leads the four Artisan variants to often have trouble thinking about and planning for the future. It’s also what makes them lovers of more hedonistic pursuits, either by food, dress, or whatever else would be pleasing to the user in that moment.

People tend to lean toward “Feeling” with Mello because it’s mentioned several times that he lets his emotions get the best of him. Does it sound like a feeler to you? Does a dominant feeler let their emotions get in the way or do they use their gifts in favor of their goals? The reason Mello’s emotions get in the way is because of his inferiority complex, not because he’s out of his league with the logical types. A complex like this may affect certain types more often, but even so it’s not limited to any specific types.

Especially whatever he is.

Especially whatever he is.

In fact, on the Death Note wiki, on a scale of one to ten, Mello’s complex is listed as being an eight, despite how high his intelligence, creativity and such are.

“It’s not just the notebook I’m after. I wanna eliminate my competition. I will be the best. I don’t care what it takes. I’ll beat Near by any means necessary.”

ESTP is thought to be one of most competitive types, as more dominant thinkers can be, with ESTP being overrepresented in activities such as sports and other physical competitions. Notice that Mello’s goal isn’t just to catch Kira, which he could do if he simply worked with Near, but Mello doesn’t just want to catch Kira but be the one responsible for doing it, to prove he’s better than Near.

"At like, EVERYTHING."

“At like, EVERYTHING.”

Mello’s also usually typed as an Intuitive also, which seems to be a byproduct of being an intelligently written character. As discussed above, Mello definitely prefers Se above all else with Ti backing his dominant motivations. It’s what allows him to process his upcoming decisions after running away from the orphanage to join some gang in LA to help him defeat Near and catch Kira.

ISTPs and ESTPs are thought to be the best athletes due to their ability to not only make sense of an immediate, adrenaline-fueled situation, but to react appropriately too. Their Se/Ti dominance puts them in a favorable position and it’s also helpful when the task force begin their raid on Mello’s gang. He makes a run for it, only to begin bargaining with Soichiro Yagami, blows the place, and makes his escape, only to bounce back soon after.



ESTPs are also known to have a short fuse which what the characters are referring to when his “emotions” are spoken off. His inability to slow down or do things that would be better in the long run are all things many ESTPs really have problems with. Their inferior Ni could be to blame for this. They just don’t see the fun in making a more thought out decision…when you could do this right now!

Mello clearly doesn’t care about people and has no mind for the future as an ENFP character would have. Mello is often typed as this and needs to stop. It’s a serious problem. Lives are halted and cars explode from incorrect typings such as this and we need to put an end to it. Now. But really, there’s no basis for this. ENFPs can be unpredictable, yes, but don’t exhibit any other traits that Mello does. ENFPs show no real love of action, competition, or violence, as Mello is prone to.

He sacrifices many of his own men without thinking twice and often smiles as that person is dying. The only character he shows any regret for having died is Matt.

"Matt... DId ever tell you you're a really cool friend? Okay, just making sure in case anything might, y'know, happen to you."

“Matt… DId ever tell you you’re a really cool friend? Okay, just making sure in case anything might, y’know, happen to you.”

So while an ENFPs can be capable of similar acts, other types are much more likely to engage in them and it’s far too much of a stretch to pick out one or two details and assume the rest is just “an unhealthy” ENFP when his traits perfectly match those of the Promoter.

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  1. WiseNigel Says:

    Wrong actually, Mello is a confirmed ENFP Type 4. Just because he concentrates on his sense of style and eats chocolate does not make him a primary Se. Plus, he’s competitive because he thinks he’s right. He believes that what he’s doing is right which is Fi. the secondary type in the ENFP cognition.

    If he was ESTP, he wouldn’t be so driven by his emotions as an emotionally unstable ENFP would.

    • Taylor Says:

      Confirmed by who? Other online users? His taste in food and clothing are only part of what I mentioned. At the risk of repeating myself, Mello’s judgements being clouded by emotions or feelings doesn’t sound like a feeler does it? No, because that’s their source of strength. So why would a feeler’s weak point be his feelings? Certainly it’s not because dominant feelers aren’t intelligent but because Mello suffers from an inferiority complex which has actually been confirmed by the writer. And we all know how competitive ESTPs are. Half my own posts are practically beating a dead horse talking about their competitiveness.

      Any type can do something because they think they’re right, that doesn’t make it Fi. Not that you’re aware but I hear that all the time from Fi users and it just doesn’t make sense. Even if people are evil they don’t perform those acts thinking they’re wrong. At the very worst, they don’t care. Maybe this will make sense.

      • WiseNigel Says:

        Where is your confirmation that Mello is an ESTP other than this post? You’re proving my point with what you said about Fi. Just because his judgment is clouded by his emotions doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a thinker. His source of strength is his feeling. The only reason he’s driven for this investigation is due to his inferiority complex, he wants to eliminate his competition. But then again who says ENFP’s aren’t competitive themselves. Mello’s Fi is flawed, and yes Fi of some people can be extremely unhealthy. You’re also generalizing that ”because he’s competitive, and is aesthetically concerned, that mean’s he’s an ESTP”. Another thing you should know is that ENFP’s can also be both, the reason for his dress sense also goes in with his Fi, his morals and who he is and how he stands out to people

        When an ENFP is extremely unhealthy, they shut off the people around them and have no remorse for anyone. Mello is emotionally driven only for the fact for beating Near by getting to Kira before he does. Mello does display ESTP traits, although If an ESTP were in the game, he would be much more methodical and rational than what he is now, he would have cared more about catching Kira than beating Near.

        “Now. But really, there’s no basis for this. ENFPs can be unpredictable, yes, but don’t exhibit any other traits that Mello does” – How can one predict what unpredictable is?

        “ENFPs show no real love of action, competition, or violence, as Mello is prone to.” – which is why he’s an unhealth ENFP?

        Still don’t believe me?
        Here are several sources on what unhealthy ENFPs are.
        While they are ‘threads’, they still give you an idea of what an unhealthy ENFP is like:



        • Taylor Says:

          You couldn’t pay me to go to the INTJ forum and Thoughtcatlog is the type of reason I started writing my own MBTI articles. The entire reason I wrote the line about ENFPs in the post was because people love typing him as ENFP while he exemplifies practically no common ENFP traits. So yes, I’m aware how others type him.

          But eh. I don’t know what to say to you online Fi users. To argue I would have to write another post’s worth of stuff but it all gets blocked by how you feel anyway. I can’t argue the point because it’s telling you that how you feel is wrong and that just won’t stand. Showing me threads of other people that already agree with you isn’t any sort of “proof” like it gets called, it’s other people saying the same thing you think.

          Why would an ESTP care more about catching Kira than beating Near? Why is it that an ENFP’s competitiveness can be their most glaring quality but it’s so unlikely for him to be ESTP even though it’s a dominant ESTP quality? How is Mello’s way not methodical and rational? How else would a kid take over the mob and evade anyone that would want to stop him for so long?

          Online Fi users often seem fine barricading other types into little pens about how they are and what they’ll do but when it comes to your own type, the sky’s the limit, huh? “Almighty Fi” I’ve been calling it.

          • WiseNigel Says:

            This post of Mello is mere generalization of how Mello is an ESTP. You holding a grudge against Fi users and attacking them have nothing to do with this other than Mello being an unhealthy Fi. For the record if you are interested I’m an ENTP. Judging by your viewpoints I can tell that you’re in the S category.

            • WiseNigel Says:

              And another pattern I’ve noticed is that you’re probably an ESTP and you pride yourself with it which is no problem. You’ve taken a liking in typing fictional characters as ESTPs and while I do agree with you that Jaime Lannister and The Juggernaut and possibly Tyler Durden are ESTPs. I’ll have to disagree with you about Mello being an ESTP. I don’t want to bring this up again but he definitely is more Ne/Fi than Se/Ti .

            • Taylor Says:

              Nah, I’m not ESTP and I’m not even a Sensor. And while I normally wouldn’t go into this territory I don’t believe you’re ENTP. I could copy and paste previous Fi-fueled arguments from previous posts and they match yours to a T.

              That, and you seem to think I’ve typed based on who I relate to which I don’t do and I make fun of typists who do. It’s poison to the MBTI well. I pride myself on being able to type as objectively as it can be done.

              You can bring it up as much as you want that you think Mello is ENFP but let me remind you that just about any other site that brings Death Note and MBTI together will already say that. So if you want to back up your own opinion, you’re good. If you want a different perspective that isn’t going by stereotypes but actual observations/common traits, keep reading.

          • Justanotherinfp Says:

            Fi user here. I totally get what you mean about almighty Fi. I don’t get on message boards anymore because of self righteous infps that only want to cry about their view of the world and that nobody understand their precious view point. Yes there are problems! Yes life is tough! But I didn’t get into type to whine about how special I am! Lol rant over. Sorry man.

  2. WiseNigel Says:

    Irony in your statement since most of what you noted is stereotyping.

    “ESTPs are also known to have a short fuse which what the characters are referring to when his “emotions” are spoken off. His inability to slow down or do things that would be better in the long run are all things many ESTPs really have problems with. ”

    “ENFPs show no real love of action, competition, or violence, as Mello is prone to.”

    “STPs are one of the most aesthetically concerned types, as are other Artisans.”

    You’re right that STP’s are full of quick energy and hype but where did the aesthetically concerned type come from?

    Your perspective is bias.

    • Taylor Says:

      SPs rely heavily on Se, which I’m sure you know focuses on the here and now, physically. This often extends to dress because the look and feel of something is that much more pleasing to them since they pay so much attention to it. SPs aren’t always going to be better looking but they’ll put a lot of thought into it all the same. Not bias, it’s just what is.

  3. Opticusbombticus36 Says:

    INTJ here. While I do agree that I can sort of see Mello as an ESTP. I have to lean in more on the ENFP by my perspective and not the internet’s. WiseNigel, I would have said the same thing, although you seem to have portrayed your message in a passive-aggressive manner and therefore your message sounds like you’re attacking Taylor here.

  4. Opticusbombticus36 Says:

    Let me clear this post up.

    Mello is a bit of an oddball. His character is all over the place and develops quite a lot in the second arc. Many think of him as an ESTP, ESFP, and I’ve even seen people claim ENTJ. Considering the functions however I believe he is almost certainly ENFP.

    Mello’s uses his Ne to spot connections between various unrelated places. He sees potential and is very creative with his plans. His Ne is fueled by a cause, or his introverted feeling. This is why he may become reckless at times because an ESTP or an ENTP are way more likely to prioritize the logic behind their actions with their Ti. Lastly Mello uses his tertiary function, Te, to get the job done. He’s very thorough and to the point, unlike Ti users that like to poke around a lot.

    What differentiates Mello as an ENFP versus an ESFP? It’s true that both Ne and Se usually require a lot of stimuli to keep them going, but the type of stimulation differs. ENFPs, users of Ne, thrive on mental stimulation. This is usually done in form of ideas or information.

    • Taylor Says:

      Right, but using Ti doesn’t directly make for a user to barge into situations without having all the facts or sit quietly and deduce coldly and calculatingly. It’s like building a bridge while walking on it, playing things in the moment.

      Te is a hammer and Ti is the scalpel, sure, but that’s where Mello’s Se comes in. Notice that the majority of the action that happens in the show is when Mello shows up. Before then, it’s all mental chess. But Mello’s moves involve chases, gunplay, explosions, etc.

      These aren’t things that speak to the ENFP as loudly as they do to a strong Se user, specifically in fiction. Mello doesn’t seem to thrive on mental stimulation described in your comment as much as he does acting. Him thinking about his next moves or what to do next doesn’t mean intuition, just that he’s put thought into it.

      L, Light, and Near are mentally driven characters with a certain amount of action to put their plans into motion while Mello is mostly action with enough thought put into what he does for it to work. He wants to beat Kira to “win” not because it’s right. People’s lives hang in the balance but Mello’s mind isn’t on the morality or principle of the situation but rather his own ego and how he’ll prove he’s better than Near, simple as that. No Fi, just the desire to beat someone else.

      • WiseNigel Says:

        Taylor, with the statement written by “A”, your whole statement on Mello being an ESTP has just been demolished entirely. Everything you just have said has been disproved with actual factual evidence based on what cognitive functions are.

        • Taylor Says:

          If I apologize for disagreeing with you will you stop sending INTJs here to back up your own opinion?

          I didn’t realize your feelings would get so hurt nor did I think someone would write a comment over a THOUSAND words (literally) in response for you. But I guess I should just thank you for all the views you guys are giving me by checking in repeatedly to see if I’ve responded.

        • fatalfuryguy Says:

          Why are you replying to me?
          Anyway, “A” demolished nothing. Nice to see you cheering him on from the sides like the cutsey enfp you are. Lemme see your pom pom cheer

        • Justanotherinfp Says:

          Man I don’t get how Taylor hasn’t blocked you yet. You’re clearly a fanner of flames with nothing better to do than attempt to belittle the effort someone put into their writing just because you disagree with it. How old are you? I’m guessing 18-22 based on your decently written yet highly immature commenting.

        • Justanotherinfp Says:

          Okay maybe you’re even younger than I thought lol

  5. I have to agree with Wisenigel that Mello is an ENFP.

    First of all, your statement that Mello’s style results from a dominant Se isn’t really true to the definitions in typology. Extroverted sensing by Jungs definition is a direct and intense relation with the surrounding world. It is the objective observation of the environment through the senses that is often characterized as a photographic experience. These people can be prone to indulging in sensual experiences, which is why you might think Mello is dominant Se with his chocolate addiction, but that isn’t enough evidence to label Mellow as Se. As for Ses and style, there isn’t really any relation between the two. If anything, expressive attire is associated with Fis, but I’ll get to that later. Now if we assume Mello’s an ENFP, then his primary function would be Ne. An Ne has an objective relation with his environment as well, yet he is more concerned with the possibilities of what he observes. An Ne will not see an object for what it is, but rather what it could be, or how it could be related to other objects he observes. While Mellows Ne isn’t blatently obvious, as it might be with other ENFP characters who burst out ideas with enthusiasm, his quickness to associate one event with another, without any hard evidence to connect the two, determines that he is Ne. An Se would withhold judgement until he has further evidence.

    You didn’t really address Mello’s feeling function, probably because it’s tertiary by your analysis. However, a tertiary function is very important in analyzing personality, as it balances the secondary funtion, and, therefore, should not be treated as a supressed function. If Mello is an ESTP then he has tertiary Fe; if he is ENFP he has secondary Fi. Extraverted feeling is defined as the judgement of an objects value based on objective criteria. An Fe will often believe that the needs of the many outway the needs of the few, and will not appreciate actions which are done in the interest of the self, rather than a group. As a result, Fes are more receptive to outside input on their own behavior. Even as a tertiary function, this receptiveness to outer sentiments is present, although shadowed by the first two funtions. Fi, on the other hand, is subjective in its judgement of value, and believes that truth can only come from within. An Fi will not trust morals or judgements of truth from the outside, and will fight against the constraints of what they believe is conformity. An Fi will insist on being true to themselves and, while not true for all, many Fis will be quite expressive and even flamboyant in how they present themselves, whether through behavior or attire. From these definitions, it is clear that Mello is an Fi. As a tertiary Fe he would seek more to engage with the people around him and create support through interpersonal connection. You mentioned that ESTPs are style-conscious, which is true, but they are so in a different way. ESTPs are stylish in an Fe sense, where they present themselves in a way that gives them the best impression to the people around them, yet their style is dependent on these surrounding people. An ENFP will use style as a means to express himself, regardless of what people around him think.

    As for Mellows thinking function, as an ESTP he would have secondary Ti, and as an ENFP he would have tertiary Te. Introverted thinking is subjective and theoretical. An introverted thinker, when presented with data, will sort the information into an already existing database, creating a network within their mind where knowledge can be merged into a single idea or system of how the world works. As a result, the logic created is individual, and not always true to the objective facts observed. In other words, a Ti will not base very much value on hard facts and evidence. An extroverted thinker works more on a case to case basis, relying heavily on the facts present at the current moment. A Te is not as concerned with creating a system of logic, but rather is occupied with objectively observing evidence and drawing conclusions based solely on this evidence, mistrusting his subjective ideas of this evidence. From what I have observed, Mello does not seem to have Ti, but rather, he trusts information he hears and is quick to draw conclusions based on this evidence. I think you confuse this trait as being Se. A great demonstration of Ti can be seen in L, who stays true to his suspicions of Light, despite all evidence. Te is clearly Mellows tertiary function which balances his stronger Fi. You stated that an emotional person can’t be an F, but rather supresses the feeling function. This is not true. While all MBTI types can be emotional, an F will value his feelings, rather than logic, because it is easier for him. It is easier for Mellow to value Kira’s capture as a way to prove himself, rather than as a benefit to society.

    Lastly, Mello’s suppressed function as an ESTP is Ni and, as an ENFP, Si. You said that a supressed Ni causes a person to be bored with thinking, and I’m not sure how you came to this conclusion. Ni is the subjective processing of the ideas of observations, where the observed events are connected in the mind with previously processed observations, creating an overarching idea of how the world works, how ideas connect. Imagine it like a pyramid where the base comprises of all observations, and the tip is a single idea which encompasses all the observations. A supressed Ni results in a person being supersticious, because they have a gut feeling which they are not enough in touch with to understand. Also, they may come up with big ideas they want to implement but with an overestimation of their abilities. Otherwise, Si is the subjective processing of observations. An Si will store sensory observations, and then relate current ones to the existing. Therefore, an Si will not directly experience an object, but rather how it relates to a recording of other experiences of that object. Sis are cautious people, often reflective and can be comfortable with routine. A supressed Si will feel constrained by routine and will be thrill-seeking. I think you also mistaked this quality in Mello as being Se and supressed Ni. Mello is a big thinker with big ideas, but he pulls them off and cannot be labeled as a supressed Ni. He clearly demonstatres supressed Si behavior with his thrill-seeking, action oriented personality.

    Mello’s not a typical ENFP, but he is undeniably one. I can see why you might have thought he was ESTP, but with deeper analysis into the definitions of the functions you will see that he is not. For further information, I recommend you read a bit into Jung’s original work on typology called Psychological Types, or, for a shorter, but excellent, explanation, I recommend Michael Pierce’s Youtube videos.

    • Taylor Says:

      Of course you agree with Wisenigel. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent you here. Don’t want to be rude, but I’m not reading all this. It’s too long and it’s all from someone who hasn’t been on this site before in an effort to make yourself, I dunno, feel right for some reason. I’m all for disagreement but I don’t care enough to read this education you’re so kindly giving me.

      • I don’t agree with Wisenigel out of solidarity but because he is right. I’m sorry if you take it personally, I did not mean to offend you by presenting my analysis. However, I hope you will read my post anyway and target my arguement, not my person. Excuse me for pointing this out, but when you attack your viewers using ad hominem, even if they do the same, all it does is make you seem insecure in your assessment. I am sorry for te length of the post, I got a little carried away, and it’s difficult to make a thorough arguement while covering most aspects of a character’s personality without writing a lot. Still, I am curious to hear what you think about my perspective and I am eager for your feedback.

        • Taylor Says:

          Insecure? Nah, I’ve just been in this situation enough times to know that people who write the way you do aren’t looking to gain a different perspective but to further stroke their ego through argument. But the arguments on either side are drawn out, boring, and don’t go anywhere.

          And the last thing I want is this turning into INTJforum so I’m not going to ban you or anything because you should be able to say what you want, but I’m not going to respond to you on here anymore.

          • Once again adhominem. You claim to be objective, but until you can argue with your rationality rather than your emotion, that can never be the case. For a person who posts to a public audience, you seem rather reluctant to listen to anyone but yourself. In my opinion, this defeats the point of your website, so until you get your act together, I suggest you write in a private blog where none of your arguments can ever be challenged.

    • fatalfuryguy Says:

      I use Michael pierce videos for when I can’t sleep. Knock me out cold

  6. Sentoki Says:

    I’m sorry Taylor, but I lost all my respect for you with your chlidish arguments and your apparently baseless grudge against Fi users, jumping to conclusions about the people who are not being rude to you. Why is it so hard to have a healthy discussion when all of us can give our opinions?

    • I agree.
      I found Taylor perhaps a bit too quick to judge and get defensive (and if I didn’t know better, behave in a way strikingly reminiscent of unhealthy Fi users, ironically xD) I expected a more open minded, accepting attitude towards such comments, even if they do directly challenge what is being said in the main article.

      But then again, who do I know… I’m a lead Fi user. Lol 😉

      • Taylor Says:

        Hi, Lisa maybe I can clear this up. I can see how someone can view my response as being too quick to judge, on the reader and Fi users. But to clarify, these kinds of comments are poison to the Fi well and I see them all the time. I get a comment/email from an Fi user that tells me a character is Fi because the character does what they believe is right and how can it not be Fi?

        This is to imply, and has been stated before, that Fe is unsure of what it believes and goes by a false morality system. This is offensive to eight other types who have a completely different understanding of their own values but its integral to their person all the same. What’s then happened more times than I can count is a debate that doesn’t end and it’s all done with an uncomfortable personal tinge. I have at least a couple hundred articles going on about the good of Fi users. So Fi usage isn’t the problem in itself.

        The problem is that when someone argues for someone to be Fi based on a character doing what they think is right and then argues incessantly with a condescending tone- it is always Fi. Is Fi always this way and are all Fi users like this? Heck no. I don’t mind being questioned. All comments have to be approved to be on here in the first place. But I’m getting more and more worn out by certain patterns I’ve noticed. I hope “all respect” isn’t lost and you keep reading.

        • I would like to clarify my motivation for having commented on this page originally. It was not, as you have assumed, to feed my ego, or in any way to make you feel bad.

          My real motivation for writing is because I am an MBTI enthusiast who likes to examine personalities based on the original Jungian theories. You have quite a sharp intuition, and some of your character analyses are correct; however, your explanations are stereotypical and written with a colloquial understanding of Myers-Briggs, and I find it unfortunate that other amateur MBTI enthusiasts might be misled by your explanations. I, therefore, provided a character analysis using Jung’s definition of the functions, which, if you read it, contains none of these misconceptions that Fis are more moral than Fes. Please refer to the second paragraph for a Jungian explanation of the feeling functions.

          If you will be polite enough to finally give my analysis a chance and if you would reconsider ignoring everything I say, I will be happy to hear your input.

          • fatalfuryguy Says:

            If you care so much about others being corrupted by this site’s objective mbti analysis then go make your own site why don’t you? It’ll blend right in with all the other generic, intuition biased blogs and sites online.

            • WiseNigel Says:

              Dude I don’t know if this is too complicated for you to get but from what I see “A” was explaining the functions using Jung’s (founder of MBTI) original definition while “Taylor” wasn’t even looking at A’s perspective. He’s just misinterpreting MBTI such as “Mello wears eccentric clothes because he is Se and Se means you’re more in touch with your senses and image” etc. And why would “A” need to make a create a complete new post about ‘Taylor’ being wrong when people can look here and see he’s wrong about what MBTI is anyway?

          • Justanotherinfp Says:

            Yawn. Hot damn are you rude and boring at the same time! Go write on your own site where everyone will bow to your perfect knowledge of all things myers briggs. There’s nothing misleading here and Taylor’s analysis is spot on.

            “As for Ses and style, there isn’t really any relation between the two. If anything, expressive attire is associated with Fis, but I’ll get to that later.”

            That’s what you said. Holy shit this is so wrong and presumptuous. You seem like a real multitasker. Wrong because there is a huge relation between Se and style and presumptuous that you would need to “get to that later” as if somebody wants to read any more of your boring rambles. Se and style? No relation? Are you kidding me? Se is all about style. Just ask Hollywood. Ask a fashion designer. Ask Keirsey who said that all SP types are more sensitive to color, line, and texture. But that’s not from Jung, who seems to be all you care about. Nobody else contribute anybody! Jung is dead so all new information stops here! Lol The letter “A” will be the only person on the internet to write about myers briggs and characters. If you’re wrong he’ll write a huge comment about it thinking that he’s simply stating facts and not being a close minded prick. You’re giving intjs an even worse name than the rest of the internet already has. As an infp who can’t stand most of the internet because of other infps, this is really saying something.

            • WiseNigel Says:

              Don’t worry, I can’t stand INFPs either. I’ve ran into too many that it gets me more exhausted. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is saying something. You’re insecure, bored and you hate the world, I get it. I’m not gonna waste my time arguing with you, but before you pour out your heart telling me how much you hate everything and how terrible I am and you have a personal grudge againt me and the world yada yada yada, all I say is, look and regard ‘A’s comment as you do with ‘Taylor’s’ , it’s simply factual too. Like all INFPs i know, try to look on more than one side of an argument.

              Thank me later

      • fatalfuryguy Says:

        What the hell do you know?

  7. For what it’s worth, from what I remember of the Death Note manga I think typing Mello as an ESTP is understandable. Although I do see traits which could be interpreted as Ne as well. That’s the tricky thing about typing these fictional characters, the writers often have no knowledge of the MBTI and so some characters may be all over the place…

    He does give me kind of ESTP”vibes” at times though, if that’s anything to go by, lol

    Maybe I need to revisit the manga, or watch the anime. I admit, it’s been awhile.

    • Markz Rayner Says:

      I have the manga here with me and I can tell you that it seems to be an ENFP more than a ESTP. In fact it is more likely to be a ESFP than a ESTP, it is impossible to deny that the character has not Fi. A good example is when L died, all his action and explosion was pure Fi. He idealized L as a god and wanted to be good enough that neither he wanted to get on top and defeat Near to have recognition.
      The problem is Se vs Ne and Ni vs Si. You see, the character has a great bond with the past and see the past as something very important. He makes connections of ideas from the past, when he acts impulsively he tries to remember what went wrong. Whenever he seeks information from the target he studies the past and tries to associate with any idea. It is more concentrated with comprehensive ideas for the future. It does brainstorming, creating theories and possibilities of Kira, and does not rule out any of them, just uses to find more effective for the situation and focuses on it, but lacking in analysis and ignore some facts loses and running for improvisation. The character is full of insights, motivations, orders and certain observations and concentration in the plans – even often running for improvisation – and feud with the past – inferiority complex is there and, for him, is more important than living in now. Not to mention the fact that he eat chocolates, ironically does not come from Se, but a tradition to look like L. He is always with chocolate in hand, is a brand name, but you remember it with chocolate before discovering death L? It is a link with the past and a tribute to show how the past is important to him.
      Finally, the character has many overarching ideas and like to explore connections and possibilities outside of what is happening. If it was a ESP Ni developed, like it or not, it would not be so addicted to armanezamento of ideas and possibilities as Mello shows. The Ni serves more to what will happen, but as an inferior function would not last long. An ESP would suppress the use of Ni it has necessiade to focus on the here and now, Mello is focused on the future, and details of the past where your motivation is. Not to mention the people of the Mafia just wanted to use him because of his intuition, no tactics or charisma, or athletic ability, but the ability to be aware of developments and possibilities.

  8. Michaelrs Says:

    ISTJ here. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I think this post gets it right.

  9. I’m a little late on the Death Note train, just finished the series for the first time, but I cannot get over that so many people here are claiming that Mello is ENFP. That is just…unbelievably wrong. ENFP, really? The impulsive resourceful approval desperate Mello? Ooookay. Anyway, I agree with all of your typings of the characters (most obviously being ENTJ Light) and that is something pretty rare for me to find, especially with fictional characters. So nice job!

    • Taylor Says:

      I appreciate this. Never too late to get on the Death Note train, glad you found the site.

    • Matheus Fechine de Figueiredo Says:

      What … the … fuck? Do you really think that an ENFP can not be an aggressive sociopath? Stop being generic, man! I am an ENFP and love sports, I am very impulsive and aggressive as well, it makes me a gift-If? HAHAHAHA seriously, I really like to be a ESTP if so.

  10. You should stop being proud and type he as ENFP once and for all. Or at least show more convincing arguments for Mello to be a ESTP. But such arguments do not exist because they make no sense. Mello is clearly an ENFP, and you should probably be some Ti-user with a generic view of Fi. Let me show you the difference between an F for T: After L die and stay Near knowing he calls loser because he sees everything as a game; After Mello find that L died, he was in despair, in denial, said L could not die because L promised to capture Kira, which led him to admit it’s sentimental and ended up leaving the orphanage. Can you see ?? Mello is a smart feeling. Mello has brilliant skills and can rationalize situations, but are feeling desperate and unpredictable that it ends up doing not have control of the situation. The irony of it all is that you enter the Ryuk as ENTP, and he is a ISTP. you just use guessing and stereotype to enter the type of characters.

    • Matheus Fechine de Figueiredo Says:

      Yeah!! Mello is more intuitive than Ryuk! Ryuk is the true xSTP! Ryuk is not irrational, he is an fucking assertive.

  11. Mello may as well be a ExxP. lol

    I honestly will put him as ESFP. Due to his inferior complexity with Near. But of course ESFP are usually seen as comic-relief in fiction. In this case Matsuda or Misa Amane.

    But I will agree with ESTP. I don’t see dominant or auxiliary use of Intuition. Assuming if he was ENFP as many suggested, his dominant function will be Ne and Fi being his auxiliary. Throughout the manga and anime Mello shows a strong Ti(Introverted Thinking) comparing to L.

    Near on the other hand shows strong Te(Extraverted Thinking) like Light Yagami. The difference between with Te and Ti: Te for example is concern the authenticity of the statement; Is it True or False.Ti for example is concern with the compatibility of the statement; Does the logic make sense. A dominant/auxiliary Ne user will be L playing with food or that Tennis match with Light. Ni dominant/auxiliary Ni will be Near playing with toys or Light testing the Notebook or make those fakes rule. The only thing I see Mello is he dress flamboyant, athletic, action-orientate and loves chocolate. Sounds dominant Se.

    If Mello is ESFP then his function is SeFiTeNi. But I don’t see Fi. In fact I don’t see Mello express Fi at all. That is why I ENFP and ESTP are out of the picture. Fi concern more about moral and justice. Fe concern on behalf of other people. Mello doesn’t care about killing or having people die. He only shows care when Matt dies. That is Fe. Similar to L inferior Fe where he would like to have a friend like Light.So now then. Mello use function Ti/Fe.

    I rule out dominant Intuition. Again I don’t agree with ENFP/ENTP because of I don’t see Ne/Si or in fact an Si/Ne(ISTJ/ISFJ). He shows no concern about the past. So it leaves to either Se/Ni or Ni/Se duo. I will go with Se/Ni.

    So we get Se/Ti/Fe/Ni an ESTP. I would chose ESFP but no Fi from Mello so ESTP. You don’t have to be dominant/auxiliary Intuitive to be intelligence. For the most part Death Note shows Te/Ti.

    Bonus Point: In terms of Death Note stats.
    *Many of the main characters are either xxTJ or xxTP/xxFP

    Intelligence: Shows the handling of Te/Ti. Te is slight favor over Ti in this manga.

    Creativity: Ne/Ni dominant/auxiliary has the slight advantage over Se/Si dominant/auxiliary user.

    Initiative: Could be anyone. If we only use Light/L/Mello/Near. xxTJ has lower Initiative vs xxTP. Which is kind of funny. I guess the supernatural element makes them not interest. lol Who knows?

    Emotional Strength: xNTx is more likely to favor over all other types.

    Social Skill: Obviously in favor of Se/Ne/Te/Fe

    • I meant ENFP/ESFP and the ENTP(Mello definitely not that witty/sarcastic to be ENTP) is out of the picture.

      Also I can go in details with dominant and inferior functions dichotomy how these character express themselves but that be way too lengthy. Like Ni/Se with Near toys and processing of thinking. Te/Fi Light view as God of the new world. Or Ti/Fe L awkwardness with the Japanese task force. Se/Ni with Mello with his plan that always backfire or a big FU to Near before he dies.

      Also L eats sweet or sitting to boost his thinking is a Ti/Ne. Mello eating chocolate while thinking is Se/Ti. There is an in depth of Se vs Ne here. Besides the Ne = What if vs Se = What is. Se is for the taste of sweet and that’s it. Ne for preference/habit with sweet may help you thinking more efficiency. But I say it’s a bit far-fetch even for MBTI standard.

      • But Mello is very visionary and feels stimuled with ideas, plans and act in chaotic way like Joker. An Ni infhates plansor think a lot in possibilities and strategys like Mello does. MELLO THINKS, DEDUCTED AND DESCOVERY THE KIRA’S PLANS BEFORE NEAR, THAT IS NE NOT SE

  12. Ashley Hankey Says:

    While he has some competition the anime actually makes the completion over his true motives where he says It’s not the notebook I’m after I want his head. This time he means he wants to kill Kira as for why it can be looked at with the writing of LABB that he actually idolized L. Also another thing was how towards the end he and Near team up and Mello sacrifices his life saying he’s the only one who could do this. He could have beat Near without dying but never would have brought down Kira. He also said I don’t underestimate the power of revenge which makes me so sure this Kira thing was a revenge mission. He also freaked out about how L was dead and L had promised he’d find and execute Kira. Mello knew he was going to die but regretted Matt getting killed. If anything this wanting to beat Near was more of a want to succeed L because L impacted him to idolization or even love. Despite how the creator said it was to surpass L nothing of the actions or words said any of the sort. More of the love evidence is shown where he was actually wanting to not make the LABB sloppy and talked about how he had met him. He even said without the notebook that Kira was not worth the dirt beneath L’s shoes. It might have been more fueled by abuse as Mello was not the only run away as Beyond Birthday who ran away first and A, another successor, killed himself was the first signs that something was wrong the successor. Wammy’s house must have been terrible and a comic even depicted how Near got positive attention while he got slapped on the hand. He might have also been trying to beat near out of respect for L as Near mocked L’s death after Mello was upset about L getting killed and lifting Rodger up. After Near’s mocking, he asked about the sucessorhood and because L was dead there was no one chosen. He seemed to know that working with Near he’d be used and given no credit also it’s shown later on how Near slanders his name to the police when what he said about Mello is actually his own feelings and not Mello’s. Mello also said Near should be successor he uses his head like it’s a game. This makes it shown that, in Mello’s eyes, Near is sociopathic and possibly emotionless. He seems to have good skills in psychology as he’s able to predict the moves and mindset of everyone human. He, however, possesses some way of knowing that despite the person being a police officer that he never killed anyone. He also has a moral compass. This is shown with his disregard for the Mob and any criminal but not for the girls he kidnaps or the chief who he was bargaining with. The fact he actually regrets Sochiro’s death too saying he never wanted to kill him. He also makes sure not to break promises strangely. When he says he’ll show proof he shows absolute proof. He also lets the girls get a blanket if they feel uncomfortable. He has creativity as well. The book is proof. There is a bit of my journey into Mello’s psyche.

  13. Alita Says:

    Mello is an estp bcz I m a socionics follower. In mbti maybe he’s an enfp. When I will tell him to choose between thinking and action he would definitely choose action. But if he’s an intuitive he would obviously choose thinking. But if u say u have to make theories and then take action then he won’t have any choice but to do it . His Ne is conscious but unvalued function which means he doesn’t like to use it . His Ne poped up when it needs to and that’s what I m trying to say it’s like Ne is non existent but it’s there he prefers to not use it. And Mello being a genius can use it more cleverly and same goes for Fi too

  14. Alita Says:

    Estp and istp r know for being good detective bcz of their Ti. They r addicted to puzzles and complicated things. That’s wat some time makes them mistaken as a intuitive also a genius Ne being so rash and impulsive is laughable. An Se being a genius can ofc be good at predictions. An Ne is known for being impulsive bcz they come off in wierd and clumsy way when taking action and it never happens with Mello

  15. Alita Says:

    Mello is an estp in socionics but a enfp in mbti


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