Miley Cyrus Does the Unthinkable Again


You’ve been on this site and you know the kind of things I normally publish and it’s not this. But after reading about Miley Cyrus’ latest scandal, I had to say something. It’s not like I’m immune to celebrity gossip, I just have an especially strong shield against it. Immunity and shields are two different things.

So for just a minute, I want to talk about this stupid Miley Cyrus thing and get it over with.

Are you kidding me? You clicked on this?



Would you have clicked on this if it were a regular article? DOUBT IT.




This is my 300th post! WOO HOO!!! I really didn’t know where to go from here, but I wanted to see how many views I could get by pretending that I was posting generic crap.

I’m not saying what I normally write is important, but man how many blogs are there about celebrities tripping or pooping on themselves after drinking too much? Too many, that’s how many. And you clicked on it. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Is this what you want?




I don’t think I could ever do that. This is the longest I’ve ever had Miley on the brain and it’s been about three minutes which is three minutes more than I should have. But sacrifices must be made! Calm on. You know me by now. This is the kind of stuff you’re going to get when you come here-

"I'm an INFP! I prefer Fi! Fart poop"

“I’m an INFP! I prefer Fi! Movie review, fart joke”

So keep coming back to the site and reading about good things. Like you really care about what she does anyway.



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