Everybody’s favorite vampire hunter only has two settings- sleeping and killing, about the same as ISTP, albeit maybe a little more violent.

A quiet, fun-loving guy that likes long walks on the beach and meeting for a romantic rendezvous with a secret lover for a little bit of leather-bound book reading, preferably poetry from a book that has a buckle that allows for a little more security.

No, he’s a vampire hunter and is great at it. I like the idea of typing a guy that has no problems killing all the monsters that make Halloween so great. A supernatural Orkin man, as it were.

Let’s get serious for a second, shall we? No, seriously, we need to be serious for a minute. If you can’t be serious then I don’t even know what you’re doing here. We’re typing a comic book character here people, stop playing around and look at me.


Okay, that’s better. Blade kills vampires and that’s about all he does. He’s got Whistler as a friend/partner although they usually just treat each other as associates. What was the deal with the leather bound book nonsense? I don’t know, it’s late. Blade couldn’t be further from that. He’s not an INFP is he? No, he’s got Ti first which will generally make for one cold mofo. Logic and facts come before anything else and that’s a good start for why Blade doesn’t have any relationships other than the occasional contact.

In what’s easily the worst of the three, Blade Trinity, the little stupid girl asks Blade why he can’t just be nice. Blade, refusing to give a “sugar coated topping” answer, even to an eight year old tells her “Because the world isn’t nice.” ISTPs aren’t known for their soft spot. Sure, it’s there but functionally, their Fe is last and it really just means that they can generally understand the emotions of others for the most part, and then just keep going.

“Car wreck, huh? Wish I could stay, but I’m already late for my movie. Don’t even know why I stopped.”

*Peels out, leaving the victim coughing in the burnt rubber.*

"And he'll never know it was *I* that caused it..."

“And he’ll never know it was *I* that caused it…”

Unlike another ISTP, our friendly neighborhood double-O agent Bond, Blade doesn’t even leave time for the ladies. He eventually uses the good doctor by the end of the first one with some major sexual overtones to his blood-sucking, but that’s to survive. In the second, there may have been a chance with Nyssa in Blade II but c’mon- she was a vampire and chances are, he would have killed her at some point. In Blade Trinity it seems any hope of a relationship was just lost. Whistler was dead and there was no time for love.

Blade’s Second function is Se and we can all see how. At this point, we’ve discussed Se so many times that if you don’t know what it is, you haven’t been paying attention. Or you just got into MBTI in which case, here, let me explain: Introverted Sensing says to the user “Hey, this sword feels like that baseball bat I used to hit people with. Similar length and weight; let me see what I can do.”

"And this motorbike is like a bike!"

“And this motorbike is like a bike!”

Whereas Se says “Never used this before but I think I’ve got the gist of it.” Either way, practice is going to be necessary to a tool they’ve never used before but Si makes a comparison to draw from while Se sees it for what it is. Both have their good and bad but Se takes things exactly how they are right then, giving the user a nice grip on the reality of whatever situation they face. It’s what makes Blade, ISTPs, and other Artisans so practical. They’re in the moment, taking advantage of it.

Perfect example.

Perfect example.

This also gets them into trouble in a variety of ways, but the way it negatively affects an ISTP most is by having them follow the logic of the moment (Ti and Se). The bigger picture escapes them and keeps them from making the right decision at the moment, leaving it in the dust as they go for what gets them results in the moment. The future can suck it! ISTPs want to act based on the facts that they just learned and don’t want to make a decision based off of a prediction no matter how safe it seems.

This differs from ISTJs, who want to go with a tried-and-true method and refuse something new while the ISTP is fine acting on new facts as long as they’re accepted as facts. Blade’s lifestyle is awesome to watch but as a character, would you really want to be a guy that doesn’t anyone, kills vampires stylishly every night with silver-lined weapons, has superhuman abilities and travels the world with no attachments to anything or anyone?

"I don't know how I got to this point in my life, but daddy likey."

“I don’t know how I got to this point in my life, but daddy likey.”

Yes, of course you would, but don’t be stupid. In reality, this guy is sad. ISTPs, however it can be studied, have been recorded as being miserable in their later years because of their steadfast belligerence in their youth, and if never evened out, can really screw themselves over.

I’m sorry I called you stupid. I get excited when I write and I didn’t mean it.

Commitment problems, hypertension and heart disease are all likely problems for them in the future should they refuse to accept any kind of change in the present, though they are generally relaxed. Blade may not suffer from hypertension or heart disease (I don’t know if his body would even allow it) but his issues are similar to that of Batman’s; Solitude can turn into loneliness later on.

"The more of you I kill, the less Ben and Jerry's I eat by myself at home! AAARRRGGH-"

“The more of you I kill, the less Ben and Jerry’s I eat by myself at home! AAARRRGGH-“

ISTPs also have a habit of keeping things to themselves whether or not they have friends. One of the best scenes in Blade II was Scud’s reveal that he’d been working with the enemy. Blade has known of course, and in no way gave himself away…until he was “prompted.”



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