MBTI: Figuring Out Your Type


….And it’s probably not what you think.

Notice how many INTJs are online? Several of the rarer types seem to live online though you never meet them in real life. I’m sure part of the reason is that the more rare types are also a little more cerebral in their general activities. Reading, writing, scouring the internet for more than just a Youtube video, etc.

But are there really as many as it seems in the world? The usual percentages given don’t match with the sheer number online that claim what they are. Are the numbers wrong or is it that highly accessible tests with questionable results are everywhere?


The first test I was introduced to was the human metrics test a few years ago. After taking it and getting my results, I stopped caring. Seventy-two question and a vague summary where I didn’t get the same thing as whatever Bruce Lee was? Psh. Don’t care anymore.

When I eventually became interested again, I started getting other people to take it. At first, I didn’t know any better when they got an answer because I didn’t know enough myself. I recognized my own answers, but it would be a little more difficult to understand the descriptions and match them to the people that received that result.

Certain people around me were taking the test and getting a type that matched them perfectly. An ISTP got ISTP, an ISTJ got ISTJ. But the more people I had take it, the less accurate the results seemed. I thought Man. What is the problem? I got my answer and it fits. They do too. What’s up with the rest of these people? An ISFP getting ISFJ isn’t a big deal, it’s close enough to get to your real answer after a bit of analyzing, but often times an ISTJ would get ENTJ or an ESFP would get INFJ.



After trying to figure out what happened and why everything seemed so off, some of the people taking the test would say “It doesn’t work.”  In some cases, they like what they read so they’ll say “I took it three times! Look! That’s what it says so that’s what I am!”

Well, we know this isn’t right. How the thing works is all based on your answers in the first place. It can only give that exact answer based on what you entered.

In a Youtube debate (I know, right?), a friend told the uploader of the video that he wasn’t the type he claimed to be. Aside from all the issues of typing somebody based on how they act in a video, his argument was that “This is what the test said, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. I can show you the results.” This of course came with multiple insults and obscenities.

While it’s a thin line to walk typing somebody you don’t know, the person in question’s responses were poor arguments, nonetheless. The test, whether it’s “official” or not, can’t be more honest than you are. If you would rather read a book than go out with friends, yet you answer the opposite, it has marked you that much closer to being an extravert.

"Also, what does the Sun look like these days? It is still made of fire?"

“Also, what does the Sun look like these days? It is still made of fire?”

This seems obvious, right? It is when we discuss it but actually going through a seventy-two question test that drones on and on with it’s vague riddles can make it a bit difficult to answer properly, can’t it? Personality Pathways is a fairly simple site with it’s own test. A brief examination of extravert and introvert and you just click which description fits you more. At the end of the four categories, you scroll down to see what it’s come up.

But it’s still the same thing isn’t it? As complicated or simple as they get, if you don’t know yourself, you’ll still get the wrong answer. I say “wrong” because it’s inaccurate to your actual personality, not because you’re nothing like the answer you gave; we’re everything- thinking and feeling, intuitive and sensing- but you’re more dominant than the other in each category. These tests can make it difficult in their wording but you have to not only be honest, but know yourself to a degree.

Then you can know the characters too. Only one actual INTJ on here, by the way.

Then you can know the characters too. Only one actual INTJ on here, by the way.

Once again- something that’s easier said than done. Everybody probably thinks they already do know themselves and many are sure everybody is even easier to figure out. Oh, how MBTI showed me how wrong I was. I figured the INTJ I knew would be the same thing as me, a clear extravert. Hey, we like the same things, so we must be the same, right? In the same way personality doesn’t determine intelligence, it doesn’t directly determine interests either, though it does play a part.  

So how does an ESFP end up with an ENFJ or vice versa? It many cases, as we’ve mentioned, it’s the test. Vague questions where you agree with both sides of the given options can be confusing and leave you with a result that doesn’t match.

Another factor is that people really believe that they’re more comfortable by themselves on a Friday night when they actually don’t mind people but they’ve gotten used to be being by themselves so they answer the opposite- in other words, they don’t know themselves very well.

Yes, you know that you like Drama films and you don’t like strawberry flavored gum, blah blah blah…

"You might be an ESTJ if uh...uh...or uh NSTN or somethin'..."

“You might be an ESTJ if uh…uh…or uh NSTN or somethin’…”

But when it comes to answering questions, they start thinking too hard. They think about the times they wanted to be at home in bed rather than with friends so they must be an introvert. Another person thinks about how they did great in math so they must answer the questions with a much more logical response so they prefer. Can’t have anybody thinking you’re some kinda crybaby can you? No “Feeling” here! In the end you’ll end up getting INTP when you’re the opposite. Why does this happen?

Often times, we’re looking for a specific answer so we can just please ourselves. We want the answer that makes us feel good and we don’t have to face any actual problems, we can just adapt the persona of “Field Marshall” or “Crafter.” And since we want to believe the best about ourselves, we go with it. I remember talking to a guy who had just taken the test. Clearly an extravert, he’d seen that his results were that of an INTJ and the title was “Mastermind.” He stroked his chin for a moment in silence before nodding approvingly. Then he quietly said “Yeah, that’s me.”

A few minutes later, he was interrupting an interesting conversation to show a friend and I a picture on his phone of some woman’s huge butt as he giggled profusely like he was twelve. Mastermind, indeed.

Whoa! Easy, rider!

Whoa! Easy, rider!

What’s even funnier is that I may challenge a person’s type and they get mad. This is an example of the ‘Boomerang Effect’ if you weren’t familiar with the term. A few minutes ago, the person in question didn’t know or care about some stupid personality test and it may as well have been their daily horoscope. But now that they’ve gotten a “cool” answer and you say that it may be incorrect, suddenly you’re met with a “Who are you? You think you know ME better than ME? NO, this is ME. What are you? Maybe YOU’RE not that type!”

Getting a type you like and sticking with it is like wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit you because you think you look cool. Man, even wearing a shirt with a band on it that you don’t listen to will make you look like an idiot if you come across somebody that actually listens to them.

What’s you favorite album?”

“Uhh…all of ’em. I like ’em all. Yeah.”

PSH! Yyyeah right.

PSH! Yyyeah right.

Pretty soon, it’s going to come out that you don’t listen to them and you’ve lied for no good reason. I recently read a Tumblr page apparently run by an INFJ and an INFP. They say in a post that reads as follows-

“To the person confused about their type… You could be an INFx. I am an INFJ and I am most definitely an introvert, but because of my extroverted feeling, I can come across as an extrovert if I’m comfortable with whoever I’m with.”

I’m not going to post the link so as not to scrutinize the site and send you over there as if I have malicious pretenses or something. I don’t know if it was a reply to someone, several someones, or a post that they relayed. But somebody said it and somebody put it up. I’m not going to criticize the site overall, but I will say that as a general rule- No. I’ll say it one more time for reiteration- NO.

SHE'S got the idea!

SHE’S got the idea!

“Snap out of it! Why NO? you may ask. Because INFJs are thought to make up about 1-2% of the population, while some (surprisingly) think even less. Yet let’s assume that because you feel out of place or like to keep a diary of your daily activities and paint, you must be something rare and unique. Going simply by the math, you’re probably a Guardian because as one group, they make up most of the population.

What does this mean for those people that think they’re a more rare type when they’re actually something more common? That they’re not special? That they have no purpose or they’re just one sheep in a massive herd while others are the wolves, hawks, pandas and whatever other cool animal by comparison?

Actually Pandas are actually kind of lame. Not that I wouldn't want to chew on some reeds with a few one day.

Actually Pandas are actually kind of lame. Not that I wouldn’t want to chew on some reeds with a few one day.

No. I’ve known people to fight hard to be “intuitive” when any thing remotely abstract bored the living hell out of them. But being intuitive sounded intelligent and since he wasn’t no dummy, it’s gotta be him. Oh, he couldn’t have been feeling either because he hadn’t really cried that much in his life. Totally logical. Totally. He was ESFJ.

Another guy I knew thought he was an ST for sure due to his intelligence and practicality. INFP.

See where I’m going with this? Stop . When you’re honest with yourself, when you read your type, it should click. To figure yourself out, you don’t need the test. Just get a general direction and check out the types yourself. Don’t try to twist and turn things in a way that’s convenient for you but really dig deep (I want to put emphasis on this last sentence). An ESFP didn’t think he was that type until he looked up the weaknesses. Then he couldn’t deny it because he knew it described him.

"Cool. Now type the babes!"

“Cool. Now type the babes!”

And if you even know your type and you believe that more common types are lower than you, you’ve gotta stop. You’re ruining the point. Many people I know think I’m boxing them in by typing them when it’s actually quite the opposite. “Wow, this guy is the same type as Freud supposedly is, huh? Wonder if this is what he was like at all” or “Hm, maybe I can figure out why they’re acting that way” should be more of the thought process than “ISTJ? Got you figured out. NEXT.”

Everybody has their own background, upbringing, taste, and interests that make them their own person. The type is just a foundation by which to start while the rest is all on you.


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  1. I vote for you to check out the show Supernatural, if you haven’t already. 8 seasons of awesomeness on DVD!

    • Taylor Says:

      Heh, last time we talked about this, I’d mentioned starting Breaking Bad which I then blew through like a fat kid with a pack Oreos. Is it on Netflix and will I like it? Be honest now, Nick.

  2. It’s on Netflix. And I’d say you will. It’s awesome. Trust me.

  3. Randy Says:

    ISTP 56% 25% 12% 11%. Seems accurate.

  4. Kacie Says:

    I totally get what you are saying. I seem to run across a LOT of intj’s. My sister is supposedly one, and after reading a lot about it, I am actually pretty sure she is right. Flaws and all. I am not however running into my type very often, and especially not other females. I had to dig pretty deep into the internet to find any other female INTP’s. I know what you are thinking. That is a rarity too and I am probably wrong, but after taking the test once and getting ENTP, and then reading about it and not feeling like it was accurate particularly in the way of my reaction to social time, I decided to retake it. I got INTP. I did a ton more research. And took it a final time. Again, INTP. After reading about it for pretty much an entire day, I decided that it was right. It kind of upset me because it seems like there are a lot more negative traits than positive ones. However, they did all apply. Even just the fact that I did that much research to figure it out. It also upset me because there weren’t a lot of cool fictional characters with said personality. Made me wish I wad an ENTP in a way. Anyway, I got over it and have been interested in learning more about my type ever since. I found the fact that INTP is incredibly male dominated very interesting. And the lack of visible emotional response and logic explains why I had such a hard time dating and making friends. No one seems to think intp females exist. It is interesting.

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment. No, I’m in no place to question your type. Everybody is everywhere (Quote of the Day). The problem is people not bothering to do the research which you seemed to have done. If more people bothered to do that, we’d all be a little clearer on the subject. Not a lot of cool INTPs?? They’re everywhere! But female ones? Eh…

      And I have yet to meet a female INTP as well. Though I believe they exist! I’m Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Angels in the Outfield, flapping his arms! I believe!

  5. Milla Says:

    Hi! I live in Finland, where most people seem to be introverted, so I happen to have a lot of INTP and INTJ friends – females too. To be honest, most of my friends study engineering in university (as do I), so that might explain the rational people I hang with. 😉

    I would love for someone to type me. I usually get typed as INFJ but I have absolutely no idea if I am one. I can relate to Gandalf, though. I love hanging out with all the weird antisocial nerd kids and hate superficial people. Could be that my anxiety disorder and horrible childhood affect my behaviour such that I have trouble typing myself.

    Love your site. Zombies ftw.

    Sincerely yours, Milla

  6. When someone tells me “their type” I tend to take the answer at face value – there’s no way I can know whether they’re just quoting what they got from a free test, the results of deep introspection, analysis by a third person, etc.

    Much to my chagrin, I’m still unsure about my own type — and when I take into consideration the heaps of misinformation (such as mistyped users) available on the internet, personal biases, and type statistics, I become even less sure. I search for more and more clarification (this is what led me to your blog!) but have not found The Answer or The Definitions that remove my doubt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I never do. For that matter, I don’t think I’m qualified to type others until I know my own type (and why.) I’ll admit I have a somewhat sarcastic view of people who label themselves as a rare/intelligent/etc type in order to bolster their ego – above all else, /I don’t want to be one of those people./ I would be more satisfied knowing what my true type …even if it’s a statistically more common type, as long as it does indeed describe me.

    • Taylor Says:

      Well, it’s good that you don’t just assume you’re a type that sounds interesting and run with it. Too many do that and we all suffer the consequences.

      One important thing to remember is that the descriptions are general enough that words like “tradition” or “adrenaline junkie”- or whatever other terms you read are meant to be taken lightly. People hold onto the way they interpret the words and throw out the idea of being the types associated with those words altogether.

      Also, leaving out what you know you’re not is a good starting point, as well as reading about that type’s weaknesses.

  7. I took the test from personality pathways and I had gotten INFJ. I’ve gotten this result at least 20 different times on other sites. I can explain to you why I believe this is true. It does snap into place. The negatives and the positives about INFJs snap into place. Of course I feel good about being a ‘rare’ type, but that’s not what I care about really. I feel really happy about the characters and real people who are seen to actually be INFJs. I can also tell the real life villains where definitely INFJ. [Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin] We have an initial disconnect from humanity. We peer into the crystal ball from our own comfortable seats. We can see through people, and that’s a trait I’ve seen in myself. I know how people tick. I understand if they are truly ‘uncaring’ or not.
    Evidence to back my being an INFJ:
    I- I think before I act.
    – I need my own time to myself or I get really grouchy and mean.
    – Sometimes I don’t pay attention to anything going on because I’m completely emerged into what I’m thinking about.
    – I can vouch that I don’t like having too many friends. Quality over quantity. Less is better.

    N- Always thinking of the possibilities and how I can ever get the degree I want from college or if I’ll ever move out because min wage isn’t enough. Or if I’ll be alive when I’m supposed to be 70. Will I be old enough to not be able to walk? Will i have to shell out a ton of money to live comfortably for the last 5 years of my life?
    – I’m very good at coming up with basically 100 ways something could go. I have automatic thinking when it comes to this, and I’m generally adding up dollar amounts [which normally happens when we talk about politics, the economy, or just living] and getting somewhat precise possibilities.
    – I can definitely put together patterns through my memory. I generally don’t remember things vividly or any real sensory memories.
    – I love theories. They make sense to me. They are accurate most of the time for me.
    – I like playing guessing games with information when I’m watching a TV show, and can figure out where most things are going by just looking at them.

    F – I’m the person to worry about how other people feel when I truly care for them. Other times I’m ruthless if I don’t care for them. But, to me, everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. I trust people tell they lose it and even give them second and third chances.
    – I can say I’m somewhat insensitive SOMETIMES, but I can say I can tell peoples emotions quite easily and tell if they are angry, sad, desperate, scared, etc.
    – I think I’m one to love the popular opinion. It’s proven to me that if enough people give that opinion, like a rating on IMDb that’s been averaged out over a long time and with a lot of people, I’m going to watch the movie if its highly rated. Of course, sometimes the popular opinion is wrong, but its a good way to find stuff I like.
    – I do have a toxic reaction to disharmony. When things go off balance I can tell right away, I can tell if the air is off in a room. If things are wrong. If people are mad at each other, or being stupid.

    J- The one I have the hardest time with, and have repeatedly gotten the P, but the J comes up a lot more than the P and in high school I was very organized or at least knew where everything was.
    – I don’t like doing things without a plan MOST of the time. I can handle it a lot of the time, but the plan definitely helps me quite a bit. Things tend to go a lot more smoothly when I know what the heck the end goal is and what I’m supposed to do in between the beginning and the end.
    – I hate multitasking. Not that I can’t, it’s just pretty unproductive and worthless. Technically it isn’t even real or possible. Unless you’re cutting with one hand and siring with the other, I can’t say you’re multitasking. I like step by step, organized work.
    – In high school [when I first took this test 6 months ago] I basically got everything done early. It was always weighing on my mind until I had gotten it done. If something wasn’t done and I had time to do it, I couldn’t handle not. It was screaming at me in my head and I was always stressed. That still happens to me now even without any real consequences.
    – I don’t like the ‘goals’ crap they taught in school, but that was probably me just being deviant. I NEED people to commit to things, or else its a destructive force in my head. I need things to happen by a certain point. The date I set is the date you better do what you say you’re going to do.

    Writer, What type are you?

    PS. Sorry if you read this and thought I was insane. It’s probably because I might just be.

    • The reason you are having trouble with the P and J is you are taking the letters at face value and not looking at the reasons each letter exists. Look into cognitive functions, it is what the myers briggs tests are trying to simplify. You are a P if you dominate function is sensing or intuiting, you are a J if you dominate function is Feeling of thinking. Sounds like you’re a Te dominate to me, that’s where your organization and desire for planning comes in. From what you’ve written I would posit your functions are Te-Ni-Se-Fi. Which would make you an ENTJ.
      INFJs don’t have a disconnect from people, they actually have an easy time connecting to people, so much so that they tend to put all their energy into a cause to help others.
      Hope that helps.

  8. Dinca Says:

    Hey this is a really great post, I’ve been following your site for a lil now and I really appreciate the stuff you do. I’ve been digging through your site for the past week just trying to figure what type I am.
    I don’t know how much this shit helps but I am a teen, and I just can’t find the right mbti for me since I feel there’s some little in every type that I can relate to.
    I’m not saying I’m looking to be the “amazing special snowflake, god’s gift to us, the intj or infj”. I honestly don’t even care if I get a guardian, just wanna be typed lmao, it’s a lot about self discovery I guess, that’s probably why I want to be typed so bad as a teen.
    Is there any way you can type me? Or should teens just kinda wait till they grow up and get their life straight before typing themselves?

    Again shit you do on here is real cool. Keep it up man.

    • The functions develop through out your life: your primary function around 7, your secondary function around 20, your tertiary function around 35, and your inferior around 50. As a teen you only have one function developed, so you will most likely be unable to get an accurate reading until your secondary function develops. You could figure out the 4 possible choices by discovering your primary function, anything beyond that is difficult until you develop your secondary function.

    • Taylor Says:

      I would start with what you know you’re NOT and whittle the list down from there. Duh, right? Teens can be typed, but you guys are all over the place mentally and emotionally, so teens’ responses to the questions are broader than what’s preferred.

      I like this image as a starter. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/MyersBriggsTypes.png

      Don’t get too bogged down by the details of your mind, you get stuck in a rut. Stick with the basics. Of course you think AND you feel, but are you more empathic or do strong emotions (more often than not) drain you or have a negative effect? Just understand that you’re pretty much everything but one thing will be more dominant than the other, even if just by a small margin.

      • Dinca Says:

        Hey thanks a lot for the reply man

        Goin by that photo i might be smth like inxp but not sure

        Maybe intp but i really dont see my ass as some nerd. But I mean “nerd” is just a stereotype. I’m still not sure, but I got one more question if that’s all good

        You think I should type myself based on another character? Or just like some other person’s mbti, if I feel like I can relate to the way the person thinks and acts?

  9. Muhit Says:

    Hey there Taylor.. 😊
    I’m from Bangladesh ..

    I’m really confused of my type..
    I got ENTP in most of the times I took tests.
    But I took a test in 16 personalities..
    they’ve shown my feeling over thinking &
    thinking over feeling is quite similer …
    50/50 ..
    so they typed me as ENFP..
    IDK …but I think I am an ENTP, “wannabe” ENFP..
    well I’m 17 ..I’m bit of idealist I think(bcz I watch a lot of movies,tv series than again I read lots of books)…but I match a lot with ENTP traits.( I really like to think I’m Jack Sparrow,Captaink Kirk,Tony Stark, Saul goodman 😉 they are my favourites ..childhood hero is jack sparrow) … So Maybe I am an ENTP afterall ..
    But There’s feeling there too man🤒😳
    It’s Just there are everything I can relate with ENTP … But I like to think I’m more of a people person…it’s like my ENTP has quite a well-developed and obvious Fe function. In its positive expression, he enjoys company and makes friends easily… morally decent …
    So it’s hard to tell am I an ENTP
    or ENFP?

    and by the way Man I gotta tell ya’ that You are srsly talented … I like it you do mbti about movies and characters… It’s really enjoyable..
    I’m Just opening unlimited tabs(hope there are unlimited articles)
    and probably planning not to get out unless I finish all of em’🤗

    • ENTP’s have emotions, strong ones at that. The difference between an ENTP and an ENFP is how they analyze situations. ENTPs understand their emotions by thinking them through, ENFPs understand their thoughts with their emotions. As tertiary Fe users ENTPs instinctual manipulate others until they learn it’s wrong. An ENFP is charismatic, but not specifically manipulative.

      Looking at your writing style, I’d say you’re more “S” than “N”.

      As your favorite characters are ENTPs make sure to answer test questions with what you truly do, and not what you wish you did in order to emulate your heroes.

      This sight will help you understand the functions and how they differ for each type: http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/12/how-each-cognitive-function-manifests-based-on-its-position-in-your-stacking/

      Good luck!

      • Muhit Says:

        it’s not about honesty in tests..
        I answer truely..
        well I was manipulating you to
        tell me I’m this and that…
        I have the ship
        I am the Captain…. Just making it sure..
        😛 and yeah I am now feeling relieved..
        as I want sometimes people to think me as sensors.. It’s fun ^_^ (I know who I am what I do..from the very past)
        I am ready for an interesting reply B|
        which will be probably with a theme of me being a “Narcissist “..
        I don’t mind.. I am just alaways hearing I am this Sarcastic Asshole 😉

        • I’m not saying you’d be dishonest on a test, it’s about age rather than honesty: at 17 you haven’t fully developed you personality. If you read MBTI and Jung Cognitive Function theory, you’ll learn that functions develop as you age, at 17 a person only has two and they often miss asses their extraverted function as their primary. Once they develop their third function in their mid twenties they can pinpoint their MB type.

          For example at 17 I typed as INTJ every time. At 19 I tested as ENFJ, at 22 it was ENFP, and at 23 I typed as ENTP, I’ve had it checked by a few experts, and the consensus is I truly am an ENTP. Now why did I type so differently when I was younger? Well at 17 all I had was Ne and Ti, which mirrors a Dominant Ni, thus I tested as an INTJ. As my Fe began developing I was very aware of it so I tested as a Dominant Fe: ENFJ. Once it settled in and was no longer the forefront of my experience, My Primary function clarified (Ne) and because my F is extraverted it seemed more prevalent than my T, which led to a mix up in Fi vs. Fe. I tested as an ENFP. As soon as playing with my new function was out of my system, I was able to step back and observe my true behavior and functions, which are the of a female ENTP.

          What aspect of ENTP do you identify with most? Most fictional characters typed as ENTP are caricatures of the assumed goofy side of the ENTP, and mistyped. The character who best represents ENTPs is Tyrian Lannister. Jack Sparrow is more of an ESTP, Kirk is closer to an ESTP than an ENTP, Tony Stark is more ENTJ (his Te is much stronger, and he has Ni not Ne), and Saul Goodman is more likely an ESTP (I haven’t seen Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, so I can’t speak definitively on him).

          Remember online tests are quite unreliable, and the best way to figure it out is either tuns of research, or consulting those experienced in typing.

          Good luck in finding you true type!

  10. Muhit Says:

    then ENTP????!
    you’ve gone through a lot..
    well I’d say in my country
    there’s a lot of chance to get mature by the age of 17 😉
    it’s like what have I not done..
    or what have I not seen..
    I’ve a tendency to devour much *_* ( well in the matter of food too)

    I’m not much of weak or disable person.. so I’d say I think mine(ENTP) is Sparrowish.. but I’ll definatly make it better..which is kirkish ENTP..

    sorry if I get too much personal.. I thought the site
    was ran by one person?
    looks like there’s you “an ENTP”
    and “an INFJ” there too?

    • Types don’t change, but as you grow, your understanding of you own process does, that’s why people often end up different that they tested as a teenager. I was also very mature at 17. By the age of 21 I’d experienced more than every adult I knew. But you won’t develop functions early no mater what you’ve been through. It’s a different type of maturity that only comes with time, not experience. You should be getting your third function in a couple of years, I know it can be hard to wait, try not to get stuck in a box too young.
      The thing’s you identify with in these characters are ESTP traits, they are very different from true ENTP traits, but are very often miss interpreted as ENTP traits. And remember since characters can’t take the MBTI, their types are widely debated, and you can not rely on them to type yourself.
      Jack Sparrow and Kirk are doers, they are invested in the experiences of the external world, adventurers if you will. Thats an ESTPs. If you identify with them you are too. They are what we considered extroverts. It’s how you know you are a miss typed ESTP. An ENTP will almost always think of themselves as an Introvert, it’s how you can find them, and quite a useful piece of knowledge in typing. Their extraverted function is about ideas, not experiences. So while the will observe the world around them, diving into an experience is often uncomfortable for them, or leads to a complete lack of self control (perhaps Jack Sparrow is and ENTP, but his copious consumption of rum causes him to behave like an ESTP, sadly you can never know as he is fictional)

      The traits you are identifying with are ESTP traits, and very easy to mix up when you first start typing. You specifically bring up food, that is very “Se”. “Ne”s are far more likely to forget to eat, or wish they didn’t have to so they don’t have to interrupt their project.
      If doing and seeing are very important to you, you are an “Se”, dominant or secondary. An “Ne” can learn to appreciate those things, but as “Se” is what they call a deamon trait, it’s basically the function ENTP’s are least equips to use.

      If you identify with this sentence you are not an ENTP: “I want to sample all of the experiences that are immediately available to me and see where those experiences lead me!”

      If knowing the abstract is most important it’s “Ne” (this is what most people miss when typing, it’s about ideas and possibilities, “Ne”s don’t actually have to do anything, some times talking about it for hours is all they need).
      If it’s seeing how things connect it’s Ni (or a combo Ne/Ti).
      If it’s understanding the logic, it’s Ti.
      If it’s getting things done it’s Te.
      If it’s the memories you have from the things you’ve done it’s Si.
      If it’s creating harmony around you it’s Fe.
      If it’s understanding your own feelings it’s Fi.

      And remember it’s about how your brain gathers and processes information, not how you act. Which is again what makes typing fictional so iffy.

      This is an open forum, so anyone can respond.

  11. Muhit Says:

    man what I was telling!
    I lie a lot..
    I do palmistry just to get people’s
    attention.. I am constantly telling what I know about them.. I don’t know anything..
    it just clicks.. but there’s logic behind it..
    I’m convincing people that I’m spiritual..psychic type….
    things are like just coming in my head and
    I just tell them… the stories.. and they are always about me.. ESTPish stories =D
    but most of the time I stay indoors..
    just always watch tv series, films or reading books… or online reading about many things… but when I got out it’s like I seize the day from everybody 😉
    it’s not like ENTP’s don’t play sports well.. they are just disable..
    I play cricket,badminton,football very well
    … But most people isn’t aware of it..
    just some friends know…
    it’s like going out a waste of time when you
    can stay inside and see a lot around the world in your pc
    (yeah.. go on get some planet earth)
    I just talk crazy whatever comes to my mind… then if it gets out of controle I say them I’m playing with them.. you are in my trap… and alas! I convince them fools.. with not much of efforts
    about my lying to people..
    people just tend to believe me..
    whether it’s because I look innocent or
    I’m convincing I don’t know..
    I just met new people and there are only lying and lying.. and I made myself a bad ass character to them *_*
    my background is books, films nerd shits..
    but people think..
    whoa! he’s got a lot of experience..
    but it doesn’t take much time to them typing me as asshole..
    but I did nothing wrong lying.. making me bad ass to them…
    I’m just outsmarting then constantly..
    some find me as I’m clever… but still they hate me…
    and some people just really loving me and just always around me…
    I find them stupid too…
    constantly using metaphors in my dialouge… and always using slang type humour… I can’t controle it.. I know it gives a bad impression..
    but I’m a people person too..
    I’ve a wide circle of friends..
    I empathize with them… (well mostly I don’t really feel it.. first I’m like “aww”
    then just giving them solutions)
    well that’s just I want to be a ENFP..
    but I’m still hated for being too nosy..
    I can adapt with anyone..
    talk about anything…
    besides I don’t like what other people likes necessarily…
    but when it comes to girls I’m just getting along *_* that’s ENFP right?
    I like sci-fi movie most…(but 85-2000s movie too.. maybe it’s because of the rawness)
    When my friends don’t understand a movie like triangle or mr. nobody in 4-5 watches..
    I just understand every movie and it’s inner details in just 1 watch.. It looks easy.. but people just doesn’t understand..
    I told you many things about me..
    but still I’ve few more tricks more 😉
    still I want to be an ENFP..
    and want people’s admiration and appreciation..
    I’ve known mbti for preety much 2 weeks..
    cognitive functions are clear to me..
    but I’m afraid I can’t speak of them like you do.. so forgive me..
    I find mbti not much of reliable type..
    it’s like anybody can be anything using it..
    what I answered is right though in the tests.. because I’ve been always like these from childhood..and will never change.because I’m very much in love with who I am..maybe I’ll just pretend to be a feeler to get along with people.. mischievous naughty type.. But as I grow older my interests seemed to have no limits…

    • Muhit Says:

      And I lied then again *_*
      I am actually 17 years 10 month old
      I lied because I thought “17 again”
      was cool and I just want to be between 17 and 34 😀
      I’m getting 18 in June 9..
      (Johnny Depp’s birthday) o_O
      well my intuition mostly
      developed in these 10 monthes..

      • I am more than happy to help someone who is genuinely interested in discovering their type, but it seems you’re more interested in proving something, which I have no interest in dealing with. Perhaps someone else on this sight would be more interested.

        • Muhit Says:

          that’s the spirit.. 🙂
          you’re being way too good with me 😀 I just can’t stop smiling.. :v
          thanks for taking it seriously 🙂
          and helping me…


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