MBTI: Captain America- ESTJ


Democrats! Republicans! Sportsmanship! Books!

No matter what the generation, there’s only one hero that best represents the American spirit. And in a world that’s increasingly cynical and embittered, there’s only one type to lead us out of such a mess with unbridled idealism of what it means to be decent, average, and normal! Woo!

The Captain is ESTJ, as his leadership, morals, and old-school rhetoric are that of not only one of the most common types, but one of the most by-the-book types as well. Aside from wearing the American flag, of course.

As the head honcho no matter where he goes, Captain America’s first function is Extraverted Thinking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that ESTJs are always mean, but that when something seems off or incorrect, the ESTJ is the first one to point it out. Cap is definitely a fish out of water when he’s first thawed from his icy block à la Encino man, but he’s often the one getting the short end of the stick when team members or his new family update him on the way the world currently works.

The entire nature of the discussion will come about when good ol’ Steve Rogers attempts to bring up an inconsistency with someone’s way of thinking or disapproves of the slang a rapscallion might use in front of a lady.

Steve’s auxiliary is Si. His way of doing things, his attitude, his beliefs- all products of the world he used to live in. And sometimes the old ways are the best ways. The same ideas that get him tongue-tied in more contemporary conversations are the same ones that are responsible for getting him and his team through life or death situations.



Facing down a battalion of Skrull invaders, others begin to lose hope and know that all is lost- but the ESTJ perseveres. His cheesy one-liners and can-do candor are laughable in everyday situations but when you’re facing certain death, having someone say something like “You can do it!” may be all you need to hear to actually make it through.

It’s not that Captain America doesn’t care about each individual that he’s fighting for- he does- but he’s not truly doing the things he does out of a love for humanity as much as he is doing what he was raised to do in the time that he came from. Since the Captain America/Avengers movies have been released, people tend to think of Steve as quiet, mild, and a sort of puppy whose bite actually hurts. They’ve got him labeled as ISFJ which he is certainly not. Others say an Idealist.

Something about a character being nice and caring about people seem to imply Feeling over Thinking to many people, which it should not. Motivations and method are what you want to look at, people. The Captain does what he does for country and the ideals he was embedded with in the 40s during WWII. In a sense, he doesn’t think for himself.

And it’s not that ESTJs don’t, but that their Si is such a major part of them, the world being the way it is can partially be explained by how the Guardians operate- “I’m going to do this. Why? Because I’m supposed to. Quit asking questions like that.”



While that type of thinking can be very effective for getting things done, it’s also the reason change can be so difficult to advance in this world without going through the same routine as the majority- go to school. Go to more school. Graduate. Get a job. Meet somebody. Get married…. If you don’t follow this pattern or one similar, you’re not seen as successful.

That being said, ever seen a Guardian that didn’t follow this trend or has had a major change in views? I have. They’re erratic, they act out, they jump from idea to idea with no real connection to the last plan they had- it feels like all is lost for them because their way of life has been shattered by their recently perceived reality.

From feeling like their puzzle was almost that much closer to being completer…to having somebody flip the table over, pieces everywhere. This is Captain America in the new world.

L...look what they did to him...LIEFIELD!!!!!

L…look what they did to him…LIIIIIEFELD!!!!!

He wants structure, security and organization in a world where he doesn’t know how to get those things. Everything he knew is gone. Yet Captain America isn’t a character like Batman, where everything is dark, even at it’s happiest. Steve Rogers, like a classic ESTJ, emerges from the ice to lead the most powerful team on the planet. If there were two types to lead and only two, it would be ENTJ and ESTJ. They can’t live without not only have structure, but they’ve got to be the ones to keep it going.

But while ENTJ isn’t happy with the current situation and is always on the lookout for what’s next, what’s bigger, and what’s better- ESTJ is fine with their current leadership position so long as they were happy in the first place.

ESTJs also like what they know, so if you come across one and you don’t care for the same things as them- efficiency, hard work ethic, and football- you might have made an enemy.

Also, have you seen this? It’s hilarious.

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