MBTI: Horrorific Heroes


While the more humanistic villains in Horror can be typed, the more fun monsters, the main stars unfortunately can’t really be typed. They’re monsters, ghouls, and animals. There’s not really a personality there to fit in with the rest of us mortals. Or is there…?

Still, no. BUT! There is an overall goal for them isn’t there? Yep. Their methods and missions are generally to survive or kill. Sometimes to survive by killing, leaving us with a familiar frame of mind that Type Theory can get a hold on. Here’s a list of the other Horror freaks that have been typed.

Happy Halloween too. Boo.

Frankenstein’s Monster- INFP


“What is this cruel existence known as life? It is but a whisper that curses those able to hear it- ah crap- villagers.”

Much like The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally, this makeshift human just wants to belong somewhere, with someone. He doesn’t know how and he’s not even really sure why, but he’s going to stumble around in the proverbial dark until he figures it out. This matches the melancholy state that INFP can delve into like no other type in an attempt to figure out the meaning of life.

On top of all of this, humanity hates him just for existing. And while humanity may not hate all INFPs, there is a general sense of misunderstanding that goes on between these Idealists and the rest of the world. Look at how INFP archetypes, Edgar Allen Poe and Tim Burton, have been viewed- from “hack” to “genius,” but always “weird.”

Bride of Frankenstein- ESFJ

"Make you a sandwich? Screw you, I was born an adult, I can't do ANYTHING."

“Make you a sandwich? Screw you, I was born an adult, I can’t do ANYTHING.”

Although she rejects the mate she was designed for, nobody can argue the “perfect” romantic interest, the ESFJ. As discussed in a few articles, ESFJ’s Fe dominant lives make them eager to please. In fact, one of their biggest issues can be making their own minds up as their willingness to make everyone happy can leave them stranded at a crossroad hoping somebody will just tell them what to do.

Nobody needed to tell the Bride in the film however, that her and the monster weren’t fit for each other. If there were only two people that happened to be the same race on the entire planet, would they get it on just because they happen to be that race? Maybe, I dunno.

Dracula- INTJ


“LEAVE, Jehovah’s Witnesses, be GONE!”

This is about the only one that can be typed as a character but as a king of monsters in a way, it’s wrong to leave him out. One of the most independent type seems like the perfect choice for the man that has everything. He’s got his home, his kingdom, his constant source of blood (villagers), and his ladies. ISTP came to mind for the ultimate vampire but with all the clout surrounding the undead ladies man, it just seemed fitting to have the Mastermind personality. “Ooh look at me! I can turn into a bat, a wolf, mist, and I’ve got minions! I’ve got it all! OOooOhh!!!” Lovemaking seems to be a necessity for Dracula rather than pleasure. Not to mention the hold that Mina has on him.

Love can do crazy things to anybody, but INTJs seem to have an especially hard time getting their finger on the thing. Once they’ve made “contact” so to speak, they continue on with their plans of whatever. Point being, love is only part of what they want to accomplish, not the end game.

Creature from the Black Lagoon- ISFP


The most nature-minded type for the gill-man who is caught between human and fish, he just is. He didn’t want to be bothered either, just those hippie ISFPs, but man and their science just had to interfere.

But like ISFPs, the creature does show some affinity for the human race, as he creepily swims underneath Julie Adams as she decided to swim in muck water. He really only shows any kind of aggression toward those that mess with him or his home, much like the ISFPs who want to get along with everything and everyone. But some people just can’t let a good thing be, can they?

Invisible Man- ENTP

No mouth- that's a REAL ENTP curse.

No mouth- that’s a REAL ENTP curse.

While the original story by HG Wells may have given a personality to Griffin, the man who would become invisible, it’s the scientist’s mad hunger for “power” that really intrigues us. The cackling, the laughing- the desire to have become invisible then to do anything and everything to be noticed is a funny example of the lead Ne/inferior Si combination that has ENTPs wanting to break every rule they come across…unless someone tells them to, then you’ll meet the person that has a legitimate reason for every rule ever written.

While craving power is more of a “J” trait, the schemes of the invisible people throughout the years can easily be seen as Perceiver goals, as there’s really no end to what they plan to accomplish. They need invisibility to pull of their heists, yet at the end of the day, they’re still invisible and they hate it. What a tangled web we weave, ENTP!

Wolfman- Artisan Variety


“C’mon, C’MAWN, put’em up, put’em UP…”

If animals were people, don’t you think Extraverted Sensing would be in their top two functions? I don’t see much of a difference between werewolves and the Wolfman, save for Wolfman getting his own title in a movie. He’s not “King Werewolf” or anything.

Regular humanfolk by day, uncontrollable animals by night (or whenever their current addiction kicks in, OHHHH), the Artisan types can appear as normal during work hours but have a secret side to them that they’d be arrested if it ever shows in public. And it has, which is why so many ESFPs you’ve known have been to jail.

Hopefully, whatever SP you know has been able to contain their animal impulses around you long enough that you left with your leg intact, ISFP notwithstanding. The group is known for acting on impulses so it’s never a problem when they’re asked the question “Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?” Because as a werewolf, you can’t control yourself and you end up pissing all over a rug and eating your family. Naughty SPs…

Mummy- ENFJ



Once a king, now just some dead dude that aimlessly wanders around looking for his reincarnated woman. As a man, Imhotep could be typed sure- but we’re typing the monster. And the monster just wants booty. It’s all done for love and even though I’ve tried to separate the man from the mummy, I can’t. He was a priest in his actual life and through sorcery and occultist magic, plans to be reunited with his woman.

ENFJs are the preachers and cult leaders of the world, don’tcha know. The ENFJ’s time with people can drain them though since their socializing goes on for so long and leads to intense solitary time, much like Imhotep’s time in the tomb.

Vampire- ISTJ/ISTP


While some vampires are fine going through the humdrum routine of living forever and killing because they have to (ISTJ), others seem to really enjoy the thrill of the kill, pretending to want sex- then getting what they really want (ISTP). While individual vampire characters can be typed (Just did Dracula, c’mon), vampires as a race are nicely summed up with these two types- solitary, sense driven, and either stiff or lazy.

ISTJs of course, carry the weight of being stiff- a undead creature that just goes on with their life, never questioning the whys or hows, but just doing. The ISTP variety however, really enjoys their immortal life and gets the most out of it- no matter how high the body count is, when they’re done, they just move on to the next city.

Zombies- Guardian Variety

"This is hilarious! Who did this? Was it Frank? It was Frank wasn't it? Frank, you're fired."

“This is hilarious! Who did this? Was it Frank? It was Frank wasn’t it? Frank, you’re fired.”

Did you expect anything else? The type most likely to go throughout life with no hint of dissent (write that down), our zombie friends just eat and decay, eat and decay, eat and…You know the rest. By the end of the day, chances are, you’ll feel so overwhelmed by the “majority rules” rules that you’ll most likely give up the good fight and become one of them.

In fact, I feel so confident in this part of the article that I’m moving onto the next.

Ghost girls- ISFJ


Too much TV.

Be it The Ring, The Grudge, Shutter, The Eye, The Return, whatEVER- these ghosts know how to keep their revenge going. Even after death, their hatred spills out into the living world. ISFJs are known to keep a grudge going even after they’ve stopped having to deal with the person in question. Their Si first leaves them with a “Never forgive, never forget” attitude.

Many of the ghost ladies don’t even go looking for their victims- the victims unknowingly come to them; much like ISFJ’s objects of hatred, who could only have met them by entering the ISFJ’s world and upsetting them. The ghost haunts the house and hey, you walked into it, what did you expect?

Godzilla- ENTJ



The most power-minded type for King of the Monsters. Introvert came to mind for this guy because he lives alone in the ocean but hey, nobody asked him to come onto land and destroy everything, did they? He just does it to show the world who’s boss.

Oh, what do you know? Some other monster has popped up and guess who comes back to defend his territory? The big green guy destroys cities like ENTJs describe making plans- creating little ones throughout the day just to complete them with no means to even affect others necessarily- they just do it. Godzilla comes on land and has to destroy something, doesn’t he? Cities, lives, other monsters.

The point is, this guy is in charge and nobody’s taking his crown from him.

Bigfoot- ISTP

Escaping a crime scene or just crop-dusting? You decide.

Escaping a crime scene or just crop-dusting? You decide.

Big balls-swingin’ Bigfoot is another one I want to say “Feeler” for, but maybe I’m just thinking of Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, who’s probably an ESFJ. Bigfoot’s a solitary man, living on his own for God knows how long, and running from the spotlight. I’m tempted to say that he actually likes the attention with how much of it he gets, but if that were the case, we would’ve gotten more than a footprint or a fossilized turd at this point.

Then again, maybe it’s the ISTP’s dry sense of humor coming out. “Stupid humans. Stumbling over themselves to encase my turd and display it in a museum. Disgusting.” ISTPs are pretty in tune with the natural, sensory world and like Bigfoot, enjoy the great outdoors. And unluckily for us, if Bigfoot really is ISTP, we only have hoaxes to look forward to; because as one ISTP said to me about cheating- “If you really don’t want to be caught, you won’t be caught.”

Loch Ness Monster- ENFP



Bigfoot may run from pictures, but this guy (or girl) has people taking pictures from the shore. If you don’t want your picture taken, Nessie, just go a little further out to pop your head up why don’t you? ENFPs love attention, that’s why. They also love people, and thanks to Nessie, people in the area have their own gift shops dedicated to the monster.

It seems more natural to label an “animal monster” or a dinosaur a dominant Sensor but given many weird back stories with Nessie, I choose Intuitive. Because Intuitives are weird and at four in the morning, I’m about ready to give up on this article. ENFPs are known to be fickle throughout life though, and while ENFPs love their attention, they’re a grass-is-greener type too, much like Nessie’s appearances. Give it up already! Let’s see the goods!

The Thing/Blob creatures- ESFP


When an ESFP is pissed, they don’t have to say it…you’re going to feel it though. And nobody can escape the horrible mess of emotions they bleed outward to make you feel as crappy as they do…then onto the next. Devastate, then assimilate, no one is safe from the unhealthy ESFP’s bad attitude.

This is similar to the Thing/Blob monster types that just make you feel like you’re skin is crawling when you watch them. There doesn’t seem to be a reason or rhyme to the chaos but it’s happening and you have to deal with it.


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