MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP


Quick to make a deal, slow to care about the feelings of others. Don’t say his name three times or you’re asking help you won’t want.

Before Tim Burton and Johnny Depp decided to team up permanently, and before Alec Baldwin came across as one the angriest guys in the business…there was Beetlejuice. Or Beetlegeuse, whatever. Nobody says the B-word, c’mon.

“C’mon kids- what do I haveta do to strike a deal with you two?”

Nope, not THIS Beetljuice-

The star of the film is only in for 17 minutes, but it was enough to make a long lasting impression that inspired a cartoon, a Universal attraction, and possibly a sequel in the near future. And evidently, it’s Keaton’s favorite film of his own. But with the love Beetlejuice gets outside of his film, in the world set within, he isn’t met with the same affection. This is similar to the ESTP even in this way. Reactions to their behavior can range from amused to repulsed by their often fast-talking, quick thinking nature. I don’t imagine they could help it, given their first two functions.

Se and Ti as lead and auxiliary functions in that every fast motion and one liner serves their purposes in a way that benefits them because it sounds good to you. As soon as we meet Juice, he’s like a morbid Bugs Bunny- rambunctious enough to make a head spin. His own in this case.

Beetlejuice’s limited screen time still gives a major picture of his personality. When it’s not him showing us, it’s the way the other characters are weary of him and saying his name. Because he’s trouble of course, but because annoying you even further into your grave is his specialty. Se doesn’t make a person annoying per se, but being that it has the user living in the moment entirely, they can be a bit much for those not used to the excitable and unpredictable.

But who really gets used to the unpredictable? That’s what makes it what it is, right? ESTP and ESFP lead with this, making them the most excitable of all types in some ways, while ESTPs display this with a little more foundation, in a sense. ESFPs may be going with their gut to do what they want right then, be it telling a joke or binge drinking. Extreme examples, but you get the point. ESTP on the other hand, not only lives in the moment, but their Ti is the wheel to their Se engine.

“Oh you like that jacket, huh? I know a place where you can get a jacket like that but for HALF that price. All I need is a 10% down payment…”


Not that they’re always trying to sell you something necessarily but they’re always on the move for what gets them what they want as soon as possible. In Beetlejuice’s case, he wants to stay out of the grave by way of “exorcising” the house of it’s annoying, living inhabitants.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to stay in a coffin until someone else decides they want to let me out. As frustrated as he makes the Maitlands, you’ve gotta sympathize with him to a point. He’s been so bored, stir crazy is an understatement. ESTPs are known for being a bit unaware of others feelings at times, partly because they wouldn’t have been offended had the tables been turned and you’d remarked that to them.

In retrospect, this isn't really the most appropriate subject for a kid's cartoon.

In retrospect, this isn’t really the most appropriate subject for a kid’s cartoon.

And in his own way, B-Jizzle also displays the ESTP characteristic of being too generous. This can be a good thing of course, come Christmas time or your birthday, but there’s a tendency to do it to the point where bills should have paid first or perhaps if you’re in a relationship, they’re using your money too.

Beetlejuice is willing to not only kill the residents that are meant to simply be scared out of the house (bad enough if you think about it), but he also refuses to quit even though it’s obvious that he shouldn’t have even started. In that sense, the real problem would be that the ESTP isn’t doing these things for the receiver as much as they are themselves. That much becomes clear when he tries to keep everybody’s mouth shut so he can get hitched to a living girl that will get him out of his purgatory. If only they could’ve called the Ghostbusters…




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