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Everybody’s favorite vampire hunter only has two settings- sleeping and killing, about the same as ISTP, albeit maybe a little more violent.

A quiet, fun-loving guy that likes long walks on the beach and meeting for a romantic rendezvous with a secret lover for a little bit of leather-bound book reading, preferably poetry from a book that has a buckle that allows for a little more security.

No, he’s a vampire hunter and is great at it. I like the idea of typing a guy that has no problems killing all the monsters that make Halloween so great. A supernatural Orkin man, as it were.

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MBTI: Ghostbusters

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Who don’t love ghost busting? It makes you feel good. I’ve always seen it as the nerdy older brother to The Frighteners. While everybody waits for a third film that’s never going to happen and since you have nothing better to do for the next six minutes, check it out.

Also, I just want to throw out there how badly I would want to be a Ghostbuster if I could be one. Of all the fictional jobs or universes to live in, I think I would enjoy that one the most. Unless of course, I could be an X-man or a Jedi or something. Then again, the Ghostbusters get paid, so… Continue reading


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Since it’s October, I thought I’d update my list of MBTI typings of Horror villains, since I just recently updated Batman as well. Several characters that are pretty well known and liked came to mind but you really just can’t type forces of nature, or demons depending on the nature of the story. Pumpkinhead, Pazuzu, and Samara for instance, are more things than personalities; like a hurricane or a rabid dog or something.

Check out these other pages while you’re at it. From most recent to oldest. I spent time on these, people and it’s embarrassing that Miley Cyrus post got as man views as it did, damn the curiosity!

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

Unsung Horror Heroes

Watching a Ton of Horror Movies- May be Depressed

Miley Cyrus Does the Unthinkable Again

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You’ve been on this site and you know the kind of things I normally publish and it’s not this. But after reading about Miley Cyrus’ latest scandal, I had to say something. It’s not like I’m immune to celebrity gossip, I just have an especially strong shield against it. Immunity and shields are two different things.

So for just a minute, I want to talk about this stupid Miley Cyrus thing and get it over with. Continue reading

MBTI: Evil Dead’s Ash, Type Changing- Part II

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So now that we’ve discussed real people not changing their type, and well-written characters (and some stereotypes) going through what should be a change in their respective stories, let’s look at Ash Williams of the Evil Dead movies. As fun as he is, as great as Bruce Campbell is in his portrayal, the writing is everywhere with this guy.

From cry baby to spaz to cocky jock, he’s all over the place. Continue reading

MBTI: Evil Dead’s Ash, and Type Changing- Part I

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A couple months ago, we went through a two-part post about Tyler Durden and his type. Every types vary in their preferences of course, it’s what makes it a different personality altogether. Yet there are many that, alongside each other, can come off as strikingly similar. Nothing fits this better than ENTP and ESTP, which are talkative, friendly, and competitive. The differences are clearly there, yet there’s enough to confuse a person just looking at a glance.

Since Halloween is coming up, and I love Evil Dead, here’s an examination of Horror’s Head Heroic Honcho and his personalities throughout the film. Continue reading

Movie Review: Carrie

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Stars: Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Judy Greer, Gabriella Wilde

Rated R for bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual content, Running time 100 minutes, Drama/Horror

Compare to: The Craft (1996), Psycho, (1998), Let Me In (2010)

Interesting question to pose, the “What do you get for the man who has everything?” In Carrie‘s case, “What do you say about the 2013 movie that’s been out since 1976?”

Aside from decent performances and special effects that are on par, everything you see here will only feel new to those it must be geared toward- younger audiences that don’t have to see the original when they can just wait for the inevitable remake. Other than that, don’t bother watching a film that’s nearly a carbon copy of it’s predecessor. Continue reading

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

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I love October. It starts getting cold, things start dying, and Halloween comes in right at the end to top everything off. It’s also the one time of the year I’m tempted to sit in front of my TV for hours because certain channels show a hundred Horror movies I might otherwise not get the chance to see.

I’ve done the article typing a few of film’s favorite madmen, but how are types specifically represented in Horror? Some usually have a bigger role than others but everybody’s got their place. And everybody dies at some point. In real life of course, but definitely in the movies. And definitely real life too. Continue reading


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Seeing as how one of my first MBTI-related posts still gets some of the most activity on the site, I figured I’d update it a bit. Not to mention that the new Arkham game comes out soon. It seemed worth it to tell everybody about it in a post but now that I’m typing this, there doesn’t seem to be enough here to make an entire post on it.

Well, here’s the whole Batman clan, as well as some individually type characters, as well as the entire category I dedicated to the Dark Knight Rises last year. Enjoy!

Ra’s Al Ghul

The Joker

Harley Quinn



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I’ve been waiting to type Mello since day one since coming back to the site in July. When he first appears in Death Note, I was laughing at the stern pronunciation of his speech, his haircut, and that these genius kids keep getting younger and younger in the series.

But as the show goes on, Mello prove himself to be more and more competent as a character and as far as I was concerned, turned out to be one of the most interesting. In a show/comic full of Intuitives, Mello’s personality is a refreshing change of pace from all the mind games as he brings the most action the entire series saw. Continue reading