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MBTI: Figuring Out Your Type

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….And it’s probably not what you think.

Notice how many INTJs are online? Several of the rarer types seem to live online though you never meet them in real life. I’m sure part of the reason is that the more rare types are also a little more cerebral in their general activities. Reading, writing, scouring the internet for more than just a Youtube video, etc.

But are there really as many as it seems in the world? The usual percentages given don’t match with the sheer number online that claim what they are. Are the numbers wrong or is it that highly accessible tests with questionable results are everywhere? Continue reading

MBTI: Detective Somerset- INFJ

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If there were one man going around your rotten city, solving crimes with a heavy sigh, giving each case his concentrated, undivided, ever-increasing attention, only to end his day with throwing switchblades at his dartboard and flickin’ a metronome, wouldn’t you want it to be Morgan Freeman?

The answer is “Yes” and his depiction of Detective William Somerset in Se7en is a great view through the eyes of an INFJ that’s seen it all and hasn’t given up. Continue reading


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Similar to Two-Face’s ESTJ personality, Sally resembles the INFP inside and out in a way that most stories don’t really get the chance to display. Held together by her stitching that makes you feel like she could fall apart at any moment as they say or do what no one else had the guts to.

A Nightmare Before Christmas’ lead female can pretty much be described exactly as an INFP would be- independent, morally conscious, and unique. And despite the flaws it seems they can’t help but project, INFPs are likable whether you admit it or not. Continue reading


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Everybody’s favorite vampire hunter only has two settings- sleeping and killing, about the same as ISTP, albeit maybe a little more violent.

A quiet, fun-loving guy that likes long walks on the beach and meeting for a romantic rendezvous with a secret lover for a little bit of leather-bound book reading, preferably poetry from a book that has a buckle that allows for a little more security.

No, he’s a vampire hunter and is great at it. I like the idea of typing a guy that has no problems killing all the monsters that make Halloween so great. A supernatural Orkin man, as it were.

Continue reading

MBTI: Ghostbusters

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Who don’t love ghost busting? It makes you feel good. I’ve always seen it as the nerdy older brother to The Frighteners. While everybody waits for a third film that’s never going to happen and since you have nothing better to do for the next six minutes, check it out.

Also, I just want to throw out there how badly I would want to be a Ghostbuster if I could be one. Of all the fictional jobs or universes to live in, I think I would enjoy that one the most. Unless of course, I could be an X-man or a Jedi or something. Then again, the Ghostbusters get paid, so… Continue reading


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Since it’s October, I thought I’d update my list of MBTI typings of Horror villains, since I just recently updated Batman as well. Several characters that are pretty well known and liked came to mind but you really just can’t type forces of nature, or demons depending on the nature of the story. Pumpkinhead, Pazuzu, and Samara for instance, are more things than personalities; like a hurricane or a rabid dog or something.

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Miley Cyrus Does the Unthinkable Again

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You’ve been on this site and you know the kind of things I normally publish and it’s not this. But after reading about Miley Cyrus’ latest scandal, I had to say something. It’s not like I’m immune to celebrity gossip, I just have an especially strong shield against it. Immunity and shields are two different things.

So for just a minute, I want to talk about this stupid Miley Cyrus thing and get it over with. Continue reading