MBTI: Inception Cast

All gaze...at Burrito City.

All gaze…at Burrito City.

Just when people thought Nolan couldn’t top The Dark Knight, he goes and makes Inception. Maybe that was topping Batman but in its own way, it’s just as good. For me, it’s probably better due to it’s originality, even though some will beg to differ. Seriously, they’re begging to differ. Like hobos.

I think of Inception as the perfect movie for psychology enthusiasts, specifically those of MBTI in that aside from so much of the movie literally taking place in people’s minds, it seems that much of the work Jung had done on dreams is what made this movie possible to make in the first place. Definitely wasn’t Freud’s work or this would’ve been a Horror movie. Hey, maybe that’s what The Cell was.

Cobb- ISTP


From calm to angry with not much room for other emotions in between, it’s interesting that a Sensor would lead a group of mostly Intuitives. While it’s Si that normally relates what you’re experiencing with what you’ve experienced, Cobb’s memory of his wife is so heavily ingrained in his own mind that she presents herself as Cobb’s determinism to fail. By showing up at the most random of times to screw things up, this could follow in line with ISTP’s weakness of judging themselves only by the things they can’t do.

But other than this, Cobb fairs well in moments of crisis, much like the ISTP is. The only ones ISTPs will generally care about will be those closest to them and it’s probably not you. Cobb only cares about getting back to his kids, which wouldn’t be out of line for any type, but ISTPs are unique in their uncaring attitude for just about everybody but those few. ISTPs are risk-takers and to have used his wife in an effort to see what would happen if he messed with the rules doesn’t seem out of line. I don’t think he thought that would happen…

Damn you, Artisan- is this what you do when you have access to the dream world? Get your wife killed??

Arthur- ISTJ

joseph gordon-levitt

Arthur? You’re still working with that stick in the mud?” -Eames

Arthur was one I thought was ISTP for a bit due to his quiet demeanor and strict work ethic, but it’s the word “strict” that should stick with you. Arthur is as rigid as a metal pipe. Notice that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s back is straight throughout the entire movie. I’m not sure if that was an actor’s choice or he just felt like standing like that but either way, it fits with ISTJ’s soldier-like posterity. If a person’s demeanor represents their state of mind, count on the ISTJ to be like Batman. Not in character, but like the 90s Batman that can’t turn his head.

Arthur’s place on Cobb’s team is one of “The Point Man” which I thought sounded cool even before I knew what it was. Arthur makes sure the details of the dream are taken care of, much like the ISTJ’s penchant to focus on the details that other people have a hard time caring for, let alone getting right. Leave it to the ISTJ to essentially do the same thing in the dream world that he would in the real world.

So people talk about the boring, lameness of the ISTJ but they always get their job done. Shove it, haters!

Ariadne- INTP

"Burrito City...It's glorious..."

“Burrito City…It’s glorious…”

Leave it to the INTP to be one of the last members of the team picked up, but to catch on quick enough to be on par with the rest of the team. Ariadne is recommended by Professor Miles, Cobb’s father-in-law and is immediately drawn into the dream world. Feeling freaked out initially, Cobb knows she’ll be back for more. While ISTPs are real-life risk-takers, INTPs are intellectually dangerous, coming up with ideas others have never thought of and wish the INTP hadn’t told them.

Don’t bring up a subject to an INTP unless you’re prepared for them to rip it apart. Not like the INTJ would, who would do so for entertainment almost (the jerks), but to really know what’s going on in your head. Ariadne asks many of the questions that the audience wants to know about the dream world and it’s interesting that an INTP would be our medium.

Normally, they might be the ones explaining the complicated stuff but in this story, we need somebody that can keep up with the complexity of the job; something perfect for an INTP that revels in the “pure creation” of the dream world, as Ariadne puts it.

Eames- ENTP


Here’s one that’s hardly up for debate. Eames’ specialty is forgery or, as it seems in the dream world, just means identity theft. What people remember most about Eames’ role aside from subtly antagonizing Arthur, is what his job really was- to copy and imitate one’s appearance and mannerisms so as to gain access to places that would otherwise be impossible.

“You’ve got to dream a little bigger, darling.”

This is a line that could sum up Eames’ and the ENTP’s entire character and personality. Not only showing up Arthur but simultaneously using a grenade launcher to do away with immediate enemies. In reality, ENTPs often play the general role of devil’s advocate. They’re also known to introduce seemingly extreme scenarios to whatever topic is being discussed. “I can’t believe our managers are making us wear name tags. Nazis made the Jews wear IDs y’know. They didn’t have a choice either.” It’s dramatic, but it can make the point clear.

Eames’ line of dreaming bigger also falls in line with the ENTP desire to go all out in whatever choice they make, which often end up with mistakes made from them being too clever for their own good.

Saito- ENTJ


Saito is a bit more difficult to type being that his role is equally as important as the others as far as the team is concerned but he’s not as prominent to the story. As an INTJ, Saito may have taken much the same role in the team albeit without actually going into the dream with the rest of the crew. But Saito wasn’t content on giving the team their mission then waiting for things to fall into place- he chose to dive in as well, even simplifying the mission by buying the airline that the intended target was going to be flying on.

ENTJs also respect those that stand up to them in conversation or discussion. They like to be surrounded by people who are as strong as them in their own views and tend to look down on those that may come off as weak. Saito weeds out doubters and backstabbers early on in the story as he disposes of Nash so as to assemble the perfect team for his own mission.

Saito also fits the ENTJ description of grasping complex issues quickly, as he’s a newcomer to the world of dream-thieving, yet he’s still able to understand what he’s being told in a relatively short amount of time. It’s clear that Saito respects the players around him in a discussion when ideas are thrown around, while an INTJ may not come off as smooth during interactions and may appear to be arguing throughout as though to discourage or dismay others.


Yusuf- INTP

"I also sell Avon but that's done in even MORE secret."

“I also sell Avon but that’s even MORE secreter.”

It’s rare enough for their to be a central INTP character in a film, let alone two of them. Yusef deals with the actual sleeping agent that will put the characters in a deep sleep without them slipping into a coma. Yusuf, in one of the supporting roles, still plays up to the INTP personality of having his area of expertise questioned, only to have an answer for everything…which doesn’t stop him from making his share of mistakes.

An INTJ in Yusuf’s role would have had everything in perfect positioning for the mission, Yusuf doesn’t bother with the simple task of going to the bathroom and has the first dream level soaking wet in a downpour. INTPs may neglect their own hygiene or necessities of the body in favor of whatever has taken their interest at the moment- politics, hobbies, whatever.



While Cobb’s living wife may have been something else, his projection of her in the dream world is an INTJ: knowing everything, being everywhere, taking apart whatever Cobb sets up. She’s the only thing keeping him from completing the job in an efficient manner. INTJs in reality are known to appear too critical at times- sometimes for enjoyment, but often times that’s what it’s mistaken for because they prefer to dissect everything down to it’s core to see if the idea (or whatever) works.

This can prove to be a strain for those around them who will feel harassed by being questioned so much. Strong Feeler types will be especially aggravated by this. It should be understood by both types that this is often what has the INTJs turning their project right side up with the best possible result due to their perfectionism. It should also be noted that the INTJ does take some pride in tearing others down feeling that “If you can’t take it, you’re just not strong enough,” much like other TJ schools of thought.

Widdle sweepy baby

Widdle sweepy baby

As far as Fischer goes, I don’t really think we’re given enough information to type him. When we first meet him, he’s dealing with the death of his dad, he gets kidnapped, then has to deal with knowing that he’s in a dream. Some say INFP which is all fine, but if you were typed based on how you deal with death and kidnapping, is there a type that can’t piss themselves?

I don’t know who to give credit to for this, but it’s cool so check it out.


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  3. Late comment: On reading the last paragraph regarding Fischer and thinking on it a bit, I would guess ISFJ for him. Since the entire plan involves convincing him to abdicate his duty by convincing him it’s what his father would have wanted, I think it fits on at least a basic level.


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