Since Thor: The Dark World is being released tomorrow, and I recently typed Loki, it’s time for the god of thunder himself.

What else would fit for a spoiled god that controls a hammer made from the heart of a dying star? His Se sensibilities are his strength and weakness by jumping into battle without a second thought. Aggression can work to his advantage in many ways, but it’s also what gets him cast down to earth or beaten by someone he could’ve bested by just putting a bit more thought into it.

But when you’re a god of thunder, do you really have to think?

One of Marvel’s most powerful characters is unsurprisingly an Artisan, given Marvel’s love of assigning major flaws to superhuman characters. Yet Stan Lee upped his game with Thor, who isn’t human at all. So we’ve got an arrogant, child-like god with seemingly unlimited power. And with the ESTP personality, it’s a mystery how the Marvel U. has survived this long.

Like we’ve already begun discussing, Thor’s first function of Se is fitting of the Norse hero to lead with. He can’t help but get into a good brawl which is fun for us to read about, but usually with negative consequences that Odinson doesn’t think about until it’s too late. The 2011 movie captured his initial character well but then seemed to think that caring for humans causes your balls to drop off.

"My love- ye hast stolen mine heart and my manhood. I want the manhood back. Please. If you're not busy."

“My love- ye hast stolen mine heart and my manhood. I want the manhood back. Please. If you’re not too busy.”

With Ti as their auxiliary function, ESTPs are a bit more composed than their feeler cousins, the ESFPs. While ESFPs do something, then attempt to justify it to themselves, ESTPs justify things to others and themselves even before doing it so they can do it with no regard to what comes after but hey, this is really fun now!

What’s difficult about typing Thor through personality is that he’s really more a character of action- discussion and ethics aren’t his strong points. Beating the ever-living hell out the Midgard Serpent? Sign him up. Ask him his thoughts on the universe and you’ll get a relatively simple answer if he doesn’t make fun of you for asking in the first place. But accepting the challenge of a drinking contest out of the ocean? Oh yeah.

Oh big man, big hammer! Daredevil's a human! He's not even peak human strength! Pick on somebody your own size you JERK!

Oh big man, big hammer! Daredevil’s not even peak human strength! Pick on somebody your own size you JERK!

But it’s these actions that make his character one with the ESTP personality. ESTPs (like all Artisans) are people of action- thinking about something for too long takes the fun out of it and if you’re going to do it, then do it! There are revelations to be had for Thor but they come in the form of giving a crap about other people- something an Idealist type probably wouldn’t have had to learn in the first place.

Thor has been typed as many different things but often an Idealist. Along with the bit of information given above, There’s nothing intuitive about Thor- for better and worse. The amount of information Thor knows or has access to as a thunder god is insurmountable- yet it still took him becoming a crippled human so many years ago to figure out that he’s not the only one that matters. This is something an Idealist wouldn’t have struggled with as their life is people.

Another interesting aspect that fits nicely with the ESTP personality is that even though he is the son of a god and a god himself- his weapon is a hammer. A freaking hammer.

What's that, Thor? Comic Sans MS? Huh.

What’s that, Thor? Comic Sans MS? Huh.

What are you saying to yourself? “Yeah- it’s awesome!” Well, you’re right. It is. But this is an immortal being. Of all the things you could have channeled your power through, he chooses…a blunt instrument. This is not very far from the Marvel version of Ares, who uses an axe. While there’s a vast amount of weapons and tools out there to use, he uses something that’s essentially made to beat things down with. Something a little more up to date perhaps? No? The hammer is still awesome? Okay, cool.

Thor is also prone to Warrior’s Madness- basically the Norse god version of Wolverine’s berserker rage. You thought Wolverine was bad, did you? Swinging his little claws around and screaming about his eighth dead girlfriend? Try leveling cities when you’re pissed, controlling the weather, and beating an ice giant to death.

"Forsooth, son!"

“Forsooth, son!”

Aside from not naturally understanding the feelings of others, ESTPs also have a hard time expressing themselves emotionally. Similar to the ISTP, emotions are a no-no to the less-than-fully matured ESTP who thinks that things should go his way or there will be blood. It’s not that the ESTP is looking for a problem, but when one pops up, they’re less than likely to do anything that will make the situation better.

Can I also just throw out that the movies seem to think Thor and Loki are about even in a fight? There’s a reason Loki uses tricks to win.


“Thor, you fool! You thought brute force would defeat m-HYUK!”


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