MBTI: Guardians of the Galaxy


Well, Thor: the Dark World is out and as just about all Marvel movies since 2008 have done, there’s inevitably going to be a scene at the end leading up to the next Marvel movie.  This one may lead up to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that’s due out next August.

Don’t know the Guardians? Think misfit Avengers in space. Don’t be too ashamed that you don’t know, I’m actually more surprised that they’re getting they’re own movie due to the fact that so many more simple characters can’t even get greenlit. Seriously, how hard is it to make a movie about Luke Cage?? Black dude, science experiment, bulletproof skin- c’mon!

Although the series recently went through a reboot and the backstories of the characters have been changed, their personalities remain the same.

Star-Lord- ENTP


Quote: “…You really shouldn’t trust anything I say. Most of the time I just make stuff up.”

Abilities: Element gun, Expert in hand-to-hand combat; his suit allows him flight and the ability to breathe in space.

The leader of the Guardians, Peter Quill was born of an interstellar king and an earth woman. After his father leaves and his mother is killed, Quill eventually makes his way to space and makes himself leader of the Guardians.

Quill’s defining trait is his cleverness. Through lies to get the team together, or making his way out of what should be impossible-to-escape scenarios (Cancerverse!), Quill always lands on his feet and usually has a joke to go with it- doesn’t matter if anyone laughs, okay?

Quill also follows the ENTP character trend of relying more on his gadgets, weapons and tricks to get him through the day. He is a pretty accurate marksman and a fencer as well (classy), but his element gun, strength augmenting suit and sentient ship are what he really relies on. A more negative ENTP trait is manipulation, something Quill isn’t above and makes him untrustworthy at times.


Still, Star-Lord gives off the vibe of a man who leads because he doesn’t believe anyone else to be fit enough rather than an overwhelming desire to, a trademark ENTP trait.

Gamora- ISTP


Quote: “Who can stop me? WHO?!”

Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, healing and durability. Master of unarmed combat, various bladed weapons and guns; anything she can get her hands on.

“The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy” has earned her nickname. The daughter of intergalactic warlord Thanos, Gamora was found by him at a young age and trained to be a living weapon- which she is. Like a true ISTP, Gamora isn’t one for small talk but one for gettin’ down to business- and her business is death. Trained by Thanos himself in various forms of combat as well as a vast array of weapons, Gamora eventually took revenge on the entire cult that killed her parents.

She did that to Thanos! And NOBODY Does that to Thanos! But SHE did!

She did that to Thanos! And NOBODY Does that to Thanos! But SHE did!

Much of Gamora’s character is in what she does and not what she says. Like ISTPs, talking isn’t what she does and using her hands is more natural. The Crafter variant is generally adept at using tools and whatever else will get the job done the most efficiently. In Gamora’s case, knives and daggers are a favorite. And because Marvel loves the idea of tying the comics and their (successful) movies together, her and Tony Stark just recently got it on.

For better and worse, Artisans and ISTPs especially place emphasis on the “physical” side of a relationship; it’s not so much their outlet for affection as much as it is for fun.

Stark will never be the same.

Stark will never be the same.

Rocket Raccoon- ESTP


Quote: BLAM! I just murdered you!”

Abilities: Master of multiple advanced weaponry and gadgets, general abilities of a raccoon including senses and feral nature

A genetic experiment shot into space, anthropomorphic raccoon Rocket is gruff, tough and obviously scruffy. Aside from being a normal raccoon with his animal senses, Rocket is an expert with handheld projectile weapons. His attitude is normally a friendly one but once a fight breaks out, he may be the most vicious. Ever seen a rabid raccoon? Nasty little guys.

This is pretty much all you need to know.

This is pretty much all you need to know.

ESTPs are known to not only be friendly people on a regular basis, but people are their life in a sense. If they’re not trying to sell you on an idea or product, they’re selling you on themselves. With the personality of your nonstop yammering action hero, the only difference is that he’s a raccoon…in space.

Risk-takers, as are all Artisans, Rocket Raccoon is the first one into battle and often with a gun that’s bigger than him. Raccoon is a drinker too and it’s not unlikely to find him in a space bar getting his buzz on. As we know, Artisans love their good time.

Drax the Destroyer- ISTP


Quote: “I’m a destroyer. I was made to destroy death.”

Abilities: Super strength (Almost on par with the Hulk), invulnerability, indestructible dual knives.

After Arthur Douglas and his entire family were murdered by Thanos (The purple-faced guy you see at the end of The Avengers movie), he alone was resurrected by a group called The Eternals, with the sole purpose of killing Thanos.

Initially, Drax could’ve been typed ESFP back when he first came out. Heck, just look at him.


But these days, he’s sporting more of a “Space Kratos” look and the attitude to finish it off. Much like a male Gamora, Drax is very much an ISTP these days in the sense that he’s skilled in many different weapons and enjoys the thrill of the fight without much linguistics involved.

Drax’s abilities aside from enjoying the use of huge knives in combat (also a Kratos trademark), Drax has superhuman strength, durability, and can project concussive blasts from his hands. If any group’s powers were to manifest themselves in such a physical way, it would be the Artisans.

Violence is happening, that's all you need to understand here.

Violence is happening, that’s all you need to understand here.

Much like the ISTP’s need for efficiency and logic, in the most recent issue of GotG, a super-powerful being is caught by the team. While the team is uncertain of the figure’s intentions and origins, Drax simply says “Toss her into the nearest star and be done with it.”

Gotta love the ISTP’s drive for the quick solution, even if it’s not the right option.

Groot- ISFJ


Quote: “I am Groot.”

Abilities: Plant control, super strength, near invulnerable, size manipulation

“I am Groot” is the single line you’ll read for this guy. Highly intelligent and coming from a long line of royal tree aliens (I know, right?), Groot is actually saying something different every time he says what we interpret to be his name over and over. Kind of like Chewbacca’s snarls and warbling.

While there’s not much to go on with Groot as far as personality, he has been extremely helpful on several different occasions for the side of good although he was originally not much more than a monster sent to kill.

While ISFJ is more than just a tool to be used, they are known to do more than their fair share of work with no complaint.

It makes that much more sense when you realize that Groot comes from royalty, is as intelligent as he is, yet makes no attempt to let his status be known or to use his lineage to further himself.

Jean Grey listening to Groot's thoughts.

Jean Grey listening to Groot’s thoughts.

He seems fine with simply working, unpaid, with the Guardians, doing what’s right for the galaxy by protecting it. ISFJs are known for having a strict moral code that they adhere to regardless of what the majority says- if it stuck with them to do good, by God, they’re gonna do good.


10 Responses to “MBTI: Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Man, TWO istps on one team?! Overkill.

  2. Never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy until now. I’m definitely intrigued. This is a badass group. No NF diplomacy so you know this team will fight.

    • Taylor Says:

      Amen to that! I figure they’re going to go for a Star Trek appeal. I expect to hear more about them in the next year, though Rocket Raccoon seems like the toughest sell.

  3. Speaking of Marvel, what would you type Ghost Rider?

    • Taylor Says:

      I’ve been meaning to type him but I’ve got an over abundance of ESTPs and I’m trying to spread them out. Johnny Blaze is ESTP and while Ghost Rider is more of an entity than a personality, I would say the drive, the style and the goals are ESTP all around.

      Now Nicholas Cage’s Johnny Blaze? Not touching that…

      • When I 1st saw that movie, I thought Cage could’ve done well as Johnny Blaze because he did well as a cocky character in the 1997 movie Face/Off.

        • Taylor Says:

          Yeah but 90s Cage is wahaay different than modern day Cage. I believe 90s Cage could’ve done it properly but that whole movie was just a mess.

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