MBTI: Katniss Everdeen- ISTP


With Catching Fire coming out and the fact that I need variety for these posts, Katniss seems like a good one to type. Battle Royale: Future America is a decent source for typing it seems, though I’ve only seen the movie.

After initially watching it, ISFP made sense to me. Quiet, tough to read, virtuous without looking for a moral battle. Then I read her wiki page and she comes off like a hard-headed, out of water ISTJ. But it seems more likely ISTP the more I read and in a way, an ISFP and ISTJ crossed may give you an ISTP anyway. So bam. Read on!

Also, here was my review from when it first came out. I wasn’t adding pictures back then so if you don’t like reading with no pictures; I’m sorry, little eight year old girl.I can also admit I wanted to keep the ISFP/natural weapon trend going…Raiden, The Bride, Legolas, Lara Croft



We’ll go over the functions in a minute, so hold your horses, kids. Let’s first mention one of Katniss’ defining moments in the first story where she sacrifices herself for her sister to be in the Hunger Games instead of her emaciated younger sibling who would have definitely died and then there would be no story. Little sister, how lame you are. Throughout Katniss’ story, she’s shown to keep to herself for the most part, yet makes friends with a few.

While this doesn’t make an ISTP and it’s what kept me from typing her as this in the beginning, ISTPs really only care about a few people in their life and their defensiveness of those few is strong and near unbreakable. You’d really have to screw the ISTP over for them to abandon you. Not that they’ll pander or keep coming back to be abused, they just add you in their posse, which is rarely ever all together. But her sister is family, so how could Katniss not trade herself right?

Oh let me guess- someone ELSE is dead.

Oh let me guess- someone ELSE is dead.

Katniss’ demeanor comes off like she’s a shy girl and unsure of herself. Being unsure of yourself in a game of death is understandable but the more we find out about Katniss’ character the more she’s shown to be capable, intelligent and able to put those things to use. This could be seen as leading Ti, which has the user figuring out what’s going on around them, taking everything apart and putting it back together again to know how it works. Sure, she can hunt (Se, baby!) but now she’s going to be seen around the world in front of a bunch of cacophony sycophants.

Wow, those last two words were fun to type. I should try to fit them in more often.

ISTPs enjoy their one on one time, or even in a group- but God forbid everybody look at once. Considered one of the most introverted types if not the most, Katniss is from a starving district that has her killing her own food on a regular basis until she goes home to her sister and mom. So the blinding lights of the stadiums filled with people staring at her to hang on every word she says must be daunting.

My eyes!

My eyes!

This is also shown in the fact that she doesn’t care to win the approval of “sponsors,” i.e., people that could keep her alive. She hardly even shows a change when it’s made clear to her that you don’t get them to like you just to be liked, but so to increase your chances of living. Katniss’ as an auxiliary Se user would make her that much more able in a survival situation or even just her normal hunting and gathering routine she was accustomed to before the games took place.

Taken from the Hunger Games wiki (Research, betch!)-

“Katniss is very strong, stubborn and determined. Often, she will react first and ask questions later. She will do anything to survive.”

If this doesn’t describe ISTP, then nothing does. Throughout the stories, Katniss is shown to need more disciplined than she originally had been (she’s only 16) but it was this lack of discipline that keeps me from typing her as ISTJ, who isn’t adaptable though strong discipline can be a defining trait. Oh, those Guardians.

"Are you not entertained?!"

“Are you not entertained?!”

In light of her actions by the end of the story, Katniss is shown to have lit the spark for a revolution. Yet nothing she does points to her wanting to be the great leader of a turning tide or rising power- she was just doing what she had to and it turned into something bigger.

While an Idealist type in this situation may have taken the opportunity by the reigns, the ISTP is just going with the flow- not the flow of authority per se, but their own actions and where it takes them.

The Hunger Games review and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire review can be read by clicking the titles.

2 Responses to “MBTI: Katniss Everdeen- ISTP”

  1. whatevs Says:

    I honestly think she’s an ISTJ in the movie… ISTJ’s are internally P’s so that is probably why she can seem SP-ish at times but she just screams Te, she seems to need to external proof all the time for logic.

  2. Christine Says:

    Thanks for the fun read. I agree, ISTP. Especially in the books. She doesn’t care about the system… she’d rather be alone. Most of her inner dialogue is of a rebellious nature. To be honest, I’m an ISTP female and my friends who read the book (before the movie came out) pictured me in their heads the whole time, haha.


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