MBTI: Qui-Gon Jinn- ENFP


Regardless of type, it seems the best Jedi, at least on the light side of the Force, tend to lean to the Idealist side of things. Something about being one with the universe, respecting all walks of life and having vaguely awesome super powers just gives them an edge other types don’t have.

Qui-Gon bounces back and forth between a couple strong possibilities but ENFP seems to be the best fit, as he’s in tune with the living force, has the best in mind for all, yet is often described as a maverick- great at what he does, but the guy just won’t follow the rules. What Qui-Gon? You don’t want to be on the stuffy council?

"Not if I have to sit next to the speedbag behind me."

“Not if I have to sit next to the speedbag behind me.”

If you didn’t feel like you got enough of the character in the dreadfully mediocre Phantom Menace, fear not! There’s plenty of novels and comics that feature Neeson’s character and rightfully so, as he was one of the few highlights of the film. Qui-Gon is seen to be a man of great insight to his current situation, but little foresight. Or maybe his regard for foresight isn’t held as high as his regard for insight? Mind-bender right there.

Jinn’s first function is Ne. He’s seeing possibilities in everything and much of the story in Episode I and even the entire prequel trilogy stems from Qui-Gon’s actions. If not for him, Anakin would’ve never been trained as all the other Jedi saw it as a huge mistake, while Qui-Gon saw the potential in the slave loser. Everyone else told him no, yet Jinn follows his gut instincts.

"You wanna get out of here, kid? These houses are made out of poop."

“You wanna get out of here, kid? These houses are made out of poop.”

What separates the ENFP’s Rational cousin, the ENTP, from them is that ENFPs love people. ENTPs can usually be fun to talk to but there’s more logic to their discussion and they can’t be accidentally rude by way of stating the facts or just forgetting there’s someone else in the conversations beside them. ENFPs, however, are entirely focused on the person at hand; what they do, what they want to accomplish, how they see the world…it’s all there for the ENFP to learn.

Qui-Gon’s description on Wookiepedia cites that Qui-Gon had an “overwhelming compassion for all life-forms.” I hate to be the guy that divides dominant thinkers and feelers by who’s nice and who’s not, but would a dominant thinker have put up with Jar-Jar’s crap? Qui-Gon demonstrates at several moments of Episode I that going out of his way to help a “lesser” creature is part of his personality and not just his good deed for the day.

"Heema so so sorree for savin' me lyfe!"

“Heema so so sorree for savin’ me lyfe!”

Qui-Gon’s Fi would be the core reason here. No matter how many people around him or above him tell Qui-Gon not to help some downtrodden lil’ wiener or to stay the course, he can’t help himself- he’s gotta go with his gut. Fi can be difficult to understand but it’s ultimately being more diplomatic in your own feelings. While Fe wants to please others, Fi stays true to themselves. The upside is getting something done that you know is right, while the bad side is ignoring others completely. It’s what makes an ENFP value people but also has them preach about an issue the listener has absolutely no interest in hearing.

Qui-Gon’s lightsaber style is also described as unpredictable and unorthodox to go along with his personality. Shunning many techniques used by his predecessors, Qui-Gon was known to adapt his style whatever the moment needed. This fits with the ENFP’s ability to adapt to most situations by way of taking on whatever qualities the job calls for.



It’s thought that had the Jedi focused more on the real problem (Palpatine sneaking around behind the scenes) instead of the Separatist threat to the Galactic Republic (yawn), the Emperor would have never taken the control he did. Qui-Gon studied what’s described as the “living force” and had this been utilized by more Jedi, the problem would have become clear much sooner than it did. I.E.- not everybody would be dead. ENFPs are thought to be able to read into the present so well that seeing around the corner to what could be is a gift not many others have. Not that Qui-Gon knew what was coming, but had he been around a little longer, who knows what tragedies he might’ve stopped?

But on that note, it must also be mentioned that just about every horrible thing that happens in either trilogy is also because of him. He just had to get Anakin trained, didn’t he? He just had to be the rebel, going against what everybody told him and train the kid that was too old, too powerful, and ultimately just had them negative vibes goin’ on. Personality Page puts it best as they say that the “ENFPs sometimes make serious errors in judgement. They have an amazing ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, but when they apply judgement to their perception they may jump to the wrong conclusion.”

If only Qui-Gon had known his type, he could’ve prevented everybody getting murdered in all six movies and just killed Palpatine early on. And then dance with the Ewoks on his grave.


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5 Responses to “MBTI: Qui-Gon Jinn- ENFP”

  1. Just about my favorite Jedi. What I liked about him most was a kind, heart-based nature, yet he wasn’t a kiss ass to the council.

    • Taylor Says:

      Oh yeah. Gotta love a rebel Jedi that isn’t a Sith. It helps that it’s Liam Neeson.

  2. That’s also true. One of my favorite actors. I mean he can pull off a rebellious Jedi and Ra’s Al Ghul, who is epic enough to train Batman. ’nuff said.

  3. […] already has an excellent article on Qui-Gon Jinn as an ENFP, so I won’t bother repeating an argument for his type here. I […]


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