MBTI: Scarlet Witch- INFP


Daddy may be able to manipulate metal but lil baby Maximoff can manipulate reality. Such an INFP  power, right?

While other types mood swings may result in deaths or something worse (banishment to another dimension, who knows), Scarlet Witch’s power can distort your existence through “hex bolts.” Initially causing bad luck to whoever she unintentionally affected, she eventually came to be in control of her powers…something that to this day, I don’t even really understand. But she’s powerful, right?

Christmas pajamas! Thanks Dad!

Christmas pajamas! Thanks Dad!

People’s feelings toward Maximoff are much like the public’s toward their resident INFP- intrigued and misunderstood.

I don’t like to play off of stereotypes too much but I can’t help it with the INFP- there’s always much potential in every one of them that you meet but you can’t help but be a little put off at times by their unintentionally brazen attitude to stand up to what they believe in…when nobody knows what they’re talking about.

INFP- “Like, I can’t stand it when people treat those other people like that! It makes me sick all the things that they do. When you know you’ve got to do something, love and affection is the key and I’m tired of people not knowing why!”

Other types- “Uhh…I thought we were talking about pancakes.”

"NYYYAARGH!" - INFP on their views toward humanity.

“NYYYAARGH!” – INFP on their view toward humanity.

Probability control is something that seems identifiable to the INFP personality. It’s unique, it’s powerful, yet if you were to ask a bunch of humans who would want the ability, chances are people would just go for wall-crawling or Wolverine’s claws (Psst! You need the healing factor too). Wanda and her brother Pietro were first picked up by Magneto for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants after being saved by a mob (a staple in early X-Men comics) and felt that they were indebted to him. After a while though, they get out of there and move on to more noble prospects.

All in all, you hardly ever get Scarlet Witch without Quicksilver. INFPs are immovable in terms of family and loved ones. They may come across as simply calm and caring but in the INFP head, family is their life. Not in the same way it is for Guardians, for whom family is one aspect of many when it comes to security; but family to the INFP is to be treated above just about everything else and done right.

If you’ll notice, many storylines with Scarlet Witch involve her brother, dad, her boyfriends, or someone else close to her. This, as opposed to going off and facing some threat in a distant galaxy.



An INFP friend only really seems bent out of shape when it comes to family issues, specifically someone invading her comfortable home life and threatening to upset the family’s usually peaceful balance. Leading with Fi is one bad mama jamma and you best not mess with those that use this unless you want to get verbally reamed. Or in Scarlett Witch’s case, alter your life.

And leave it to an INFP to fall in love with an android. While in real life, INFPs are often the types you’ll see protesting the murder of all the chickens each year (KFC’s Chicken Genocide) or screaming at the top of their lungs for all the gays in the county to march the courthouse steps, Wanda goes and falls in love with an android, knowing that he can’t even experience emotion, but compute it.

OMG Puke City

OMG Puke City

INFPs are also known to disappear from the world for a bit and get lost in deep thought much like Scarlet Witch’s penchant for disappearing, though usually it’s after screwing up everybody’s world and then getting her mind erased. Such as destroying her boo Vision, killing Hawkeye, and basically screwing up everybody’s good time. Then, after resurrecting Hawkeye, he finds her living a normal life as an amnesiac.

Just like a freaking INFP to turn a guy’s world upside down only to find them going on with their lives as though nothing had happened. The INFP’s ability to change and direct the attitudes and energy can make them ideal leaders, though not in the traditional sense of leading the march but by using just the right words to motivate any that would listen. While it’s up for debate, many believe Hitler himself to be an INFP.

Considering what her dad went through, is that irony?

Considering what her dad went through, is that irony?

All in all, Wanda has been a huge part of both the Avengers and the X-Men’s worlds, going back and forth between the two as an INFP often does, mixing with all types in a desire to bring their uniqueness and positive energy to whatever situation they’re in.

I’ve also put Scarlet Witch as the most powerful INFP in this post. Chiggity check it out.

7 Responses to “MBTI: Scarlet Witch- INFP”

  1. Aleks Says:

    You obviously have something against INFPs, everything here had an underlying condescending tone.

    • Taylor Says:

      ISFJ, ESTJ, ENFJ, ENFP, INFP, INFJ, ISTP, ESFP, INTJ, INTP- all types that I have something against according to various visitors at different times. Gotta learn to take a joke, sis. There’s a lot of positive stuff on here too.

    • A talking Cat Says:

      You must be an INFP, it’s just like you’re type to assume that you’re somehow more special than anyone else. While I normally like INFPs, wow you people sometimes drive me nuts with your… “speshulness”.

      • Hi. I’m an INFP, and can I just say, I know how to take a joke, I don’t get offended too easily, and I hate assumptions. So I’m sorry if this person gave off the wrong impression of us

      • Leland Chandler Says:

        And remember how INFPs are always misunderstood by others? That’s exactly what’s happening now.

  2. […] that well-developed in the Marvel movies, but it seems that the comic version is an INFP as well (click here for an article on that). Her ability to manipulate reality seems like a very NP sort of power, since Extroverted Intuition […]

  3. […] If any superhero would have an ability to manipulate reality, I think it would be an NFP. Extroverted Intuition is all about exploring the outer world, figuring out what makes it work, and seeing how it can be manipulated. Wanda’s character isn’t all that well-developed in the Marvel movies, but it seems to me she’s an INFP and I’ve read that the comic version is as well. […]


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