Resembling something between the Joker, a bat, and demon, the Shinigami that changed the world through just a drop of a notebook and a whole lot of chance is one of the most clear representations of an ENTP in fiction.

Definitely playing up to the trickster role, Ryuk didn’t have to do much for his plan to be set in motion. And by “plan,” I mean doing something for the hell of it and seeing what happened.

Ryuk's original look

Ryuk’s original look. Crazy, right?

The entire reason Ryuk even decided to drop a notebook is one that ENTPs will relate to wholeheartedly- boredom. Nothing is worse than the “B” word and they’ll do just about anything to avoid it. This can range from starting a conversation that has no end, doing something just to see how you’ll react, or doing something exhausting and near pointless just so they can have done it. Like say, driving forty-five minutes out of their way to get the best burger they know of. Sure, there were fifty other places along the way- but not this good.

Ryuk surprises Light by telling him that Light happened to find it by chance and that’s about it. But in the course of the story, look at how everything transforms. Serious crimes have all but stopped, the world looks to Kira as their guiding light and by the end there’s at least one man with a serious God Complex that puts all others to shame.

ENTPs often take an interest in the Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory, possibly due to the study of something that seems so random and chaotic and attempting to fit it in a jar as it fights you all the way. To finish would make it boring but to give up is the same as death!


ENTPs aren’t entirely heartless by any means but often times their love of something takes precedence over the feelings of others. A major reason it was time for Light to die as far as Ryuk is concerned is because it seemed the well that was Light had run dry (manga), and waiting for Light to die in prison would be the same as time stopping for this Shinigami (anime).

Ryuk leads with his Ne and as a god of death, doesn’t really have to go on much else. He sets things in motion, then watches them fall into place. Just any place, not a particular one. Being (just about) immortal, he has the unique ability to remain unharmed by all of his mischievous doings.



ENTPs in reality don’t get to share this trait and while they often make it out of situations that seemed likely that they would surely be on the butt end of, they still have moments that don’t end well for them, often by being “too” clever and not thinking through all their steps, having preferred to improvise. The closest thing Ryuk gets to this is really more of hindrance to Light, as he doesn’t bother mentioning important details or rules about the notebook to Light until it’s in the middle of a tense situation or it’s too late altogether.

ENTPs in fiction often play a cackler of sorts, as their Ne can make them appear offhanded and scattered but their auxiliary Ti gives way to a much more analytical and concise mind with something to read into. It’s up to the ENTP to makes sure they don’t treat others like idiots for not thinking the same way and the listener to see things from a different point of view. This back and forth with wordplay and multiple ideas can make them tough to read for various reasons.

ENTPs are known to do things to excess at times, be it eating (or lack of eating), exercising, or whatever their habits might be. Ryuk’s love of apples could be considered the same way as he can’t get enough of them and compares the addiction to humans’ addiction to cigarettes.

One of the most interesting aspects of Ryuk is that while he possesses Light, he doesn’t have any real allegiance to Light past what Light can do for him. If Light promises that things will be interesting if Ryuk tells a little lie for him here or there, or searches for cameras in Light’s room, Ryuk will go through with it.

But in times that Light’s either been figured out or is getting verbally roped into a corner, Ryuk keeps his smile and just thinks to himself about how much fun things are getting and wondering if Light will make it out. But never “Oh no! My buddy’s in a tight spot!” ENTPs pride themselves on objectivity and will annoy acquaintances and friends alike seeing the opposite side of things that other people just don’t care to for one reason or another. So while ESTPs are stereotypes as salesmen, ENTPs are stereotyped as lawyers, playing with the law like a cat plays with a ball of string.

This can bug just about anybody. From TJ types, who want to say what they want to say and be done with it, or strong Feelers who (understandably) misconstrue opposing opinions as an argument. While Ryuk doesn’t argue with people too much (what would you argue about?), he does get into little disputes with Light that end in him posing a seemingly empty threat about killing him in the end. Light laughs it off, but we all know how it ends…


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One Response to “MBTI: Ryuk- ENTP”

  1. Markz Rayner Says:

    I think Ryuk is ESTP. It is different from Mello and L. Mello is quite comprehensive and enjoys exploring possibilities, but Mello take what finds it necessary to situation and organizes the intuitive ideas (Te) and ends up messing with sentimental attacks ignoring important facts now (Fi ) and L is practically very analytical and rational (Ti) full of ideas and intuitions about Kira, and does not rule out any of them (Ne), with small caidas sentimental (Fe). Both when they lose sense of the facts using Si, to seek connections and facts to deduce where you were wrong.
    Well, Ryuk does not show great ideas just will. All it does is by Ryuk will. He is very focused on the now and loves to eat apples and say how much they are good (Se) than do mental activities and talk about ideas and possibilities for the future (Ne). It’s just a listener. He can not understand many Light’s intuitive theories very well, so it was shown that he was traveling in Light of explanations, only after completion or when the Light demonstrates an action he can understand as it is on the facts, the observed actions (If -You). Anyway, that’s it, I think he is a ESTP or ISTP who did all just to kill boredom without that huge need for cause in the world or serve as Light courtier to have fun and explore possibilities in the human world, only one listener that does not care about what will happen.
    Anyway, just disagree with typing Mello, Ryuk, and Soichiro Yagami. The rest, analyzing right, all right. I agree that Light be an ENTJ, for he is quite moved by Te, even showing more Fi than Se.


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