MBTI: Lt. Vincent Hanna- ENTJ


If you were on the run from the law and had to have one type you’d leave out from chasing you down, which type would it be? Now this is the type you’d exclude, so you’d better make it count if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life behind bars so think carefully.

What type did you choose? There’s probably not many types that come to mind but ENTJ should be one of them. Dedicated and determined like an ESTJ but obsessive and compelled to go over their normal requirements for whatever line of work they’re in; if De Niro had just about anybody else chasing him he might have made it. Don’t doubt the power of The Pacino, even if he is in Jack and Jill.

While his rival, Neil McCauley, seems to have no problem with his heists, finding somebody to care about, and getting all of his things in order for his retirement, he hasn’t met Vincent Hanna- whose life is falling apart around him because he’s so good at his job. It’s even mentioned in the scene where De Niro’s character, McCauley, first hears about him. Jon Voight’s character lets him know that a guy whose been in three marriages and is as successful as he is at his job isn’t any more settled down than the guy he’s chasing.

That’s the thing about ENTJs, is that their life, while seemingly in order like others “Js” is still one big heap that only they understand. It’s not that it’s all under control, but they’ve got things they way they like it- generally.

Hanna, as an Extraverted Thinker has got his team. He gets loud, he knows what he wants and he doesn’t think twice about saying it, sometimes getting really loud in the process. There’s not quiet, discreet private eye action going on here but a tank invading countries that are his suspects. He goes where he wants, solving crimes with ease and getting information out of informants while treating them like he knows them and like he despises them.

We’ve talked about Training Day bad boy Alonzo Harris and his way of life. In comparison to the ESTJ, they’ve got a lot in common. They both seek some form of power while ESTJs want their power for the sake of security and having things together while ENTJs do things for power itself. Sure, Hanna could spend more time with his wife and her daughter, doing fatherly things and making his life work, but he’s obsessive.

It’s funny that ENTJs are described as loving nothing more than a lively, challenging conversation, because the most famous scene of the movie is the showdown/staredown between Hanna and McCauley where they discuss the possible future of their current situations. Evidently, that was based on real events.

And wouldn’t you know that it was Heat that helped inspire The Dark Knight. I wonder if the Joker would’ve been caught any sooner if it was Hanna heading the unit instead of Gordon.

A lot of Te users are often known for speaking loudly, and sounding pissed off when they do it. The ENTJ mind is constantly coming up with things to construct, devise and act. It’s why ISTJs and ESTJs come off like such jerks, they’re always thinking that somebody needs to be told what to do so they can do it right. The major difference with those two types and ENTJ is that ENTJ’s auxiliary function of Ni has them looking not to right now, but to the future and how they can plan for it.

Mommy, no!

Mommy, no!

So you can see why an ENTJ could not only easily control his unit but go after the baddest criminals in LA. They’re on the move, with a plan, and they think several steps ahead instead of the usual two. The only thing from catching his man in the film for so long is that his rival isn’t just any idiot criminal but the best at what he does too. While Hanna doesn’t necessarily enjoy chasing master bank robbers, he has made it his life mission to put them behind bars and at the risk of his personal life as mentioned.

“I gotta hold onto my angst. I gotta preserve it, because I need it. It keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be.” – Hanna

When Hanna releases the whereabouts of a man McCauley wants dead in an attempt to draw him out, it’s a great example of the ENTJ’s offhanded methods and techniques that draw the line between them and other planners. While many with a plan prefer to do things strictly and rigidly, adhering to a set of guidelines that they will not operate outside of, ENTJs don’t mind bending the rules of others to achieve their goals. This is rarely a good thing, and in this case it puts a man’s life at risk for the sake of catching the bad guy. Granted, the guy whose life was at risk is a total d-bag.

Buffalo Bill's cousin

Buffalo Bill’s cousin

ENTJs have inferior Fi which is what leads them to put emotions to the side. Not just their own, but everybody else’s too. To the ENTJ, putting everything else as priority over your whining and complaining. That’s how they see it anyway. In reality, it could be something as simple as say, their kid’s birthday.

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