MBTI: Obi-Wan Kenobi- ENFJ


I wasn’t going to type another Star Wars character for a while, seeing as how I just did one and I’ve gotta keep things real u no? But I don’t want to leave out any Idealist Jedi and there’s only one missing so here goes.

Of all the types and Idealists, the ones that seem to be almost factory made for teaching and leading simultaneously is the ENFJ. Their solid people skills along with their genuine nature to care about the people in their lives is a great combination for a leader and in the right circumstances, a great follower as well. Obi-Wan represents these traits well.

It seems that all Jedi are inherently going to receive the typing of INFJ due to their natural taste for the spiritual side of things, their desire to protect humanity (in whatever form), and the willingness to trust their feelings. So it’s a bit more understandable than some characters that get typed as INFJ, yet what’s described above could describe any Idealists.

As long as you don't doubt the power of the mullet, for it is righteous.

As long as you don’t doubt the power of the mullet, for it is righteous.

A big reason Obi-Wan is typed as an introvert it seems is that he’s been living in the desert for about twenty years by himself, more or less, to watch over Luke. Let’s get something straight- being by yourself doesn’t make you an introvert. It just doesn’t. Spending long amounts of time by yourself doesn’t either. Everybody is a bit of an extravert and introvert and Obi-Wan isn’t even really given a choice as to where he’s going to go and he’s in hiding. It’s not as though he landed on Tattoine and was ecstatic to be in the middle of nowhere for twenty years.

Lars also describes him as a “crazy old man” which gives the impression (aside from possibly just lying to Luke) that Obi-Wan does come off as a wacko, something that an introvert could showcase…or an extravert that’s been mostly by himself for two decades.

"You don't smell that obscene scent..."

“You don’t smell that obscene scent…”

It’s unclear to me how often he really was by himself though, as the end of episode III reveals that Qui-Gon has been able to communicate as a force ghost and Obi-Wan may be able to speak to him with some practice.

But enough chit-chat! ENFJs are known to follow the rules even when the people who made them aren’t, if they appreciate the bigger principle behind it. Kenobi’s master was a bit more standoffish with the Jedi Council while Kenobi was generally respectful of them even when he disagreed. He was also another Jedi that was against the training of Anakin, yet didn’t mind carrying out Qui-Gon’s dying wish that the lil’ loser be trained. Nobody else wanted him trained, including Obi-Wan himself but he understood the bigger picture of it. This could be considered his auxiliary Ni, seeing something positive down the line.

While Obi-Wan is never shown to be a pushover, Fe, especially leading Fe, can have a user unsure of the right choice to make when it comes to two disagreeing parties. They want to appease both sides even while knowing that both sides can’t be right but they’ll ultimately choose what would be more beneficial in the long run in their eyes, due to Ni.



On Wookiepedia, Obi-Wan is described as being an old soul, wise beyond his years and losing his youthful audaciousness especially when training Anakin later on, with their personalities being much the opposite. ENFJs are often looked at this way not in the sense that they’re not fun but that they’re value systems become so refined that they can’t help but come across as older than they are, even if they don’t appear as an old man/woman.

He’s also described as displaying the traits of the old Jedi order- steadfast, selfless and modest. Idealists themselves will generally carry these qualities as do Guardians, thought the ENFJ and their Sensor cousin, the ESFJ, have the most obvious similarities between each other; both thought to be exemplary in terms of people skills and especially selflessness. Obi-Wan’s life becomes an entire act of selflessness when he takes Anakin on as he didn’t want to train him in the first place.

But he DID collect the whole series.

But he DID collect the whole series.

And as all good Jedi Masters, Obi-Wan was much more strategic in his action; rising to General during the Clone Wars, he fought alongside his Rational cousin, Mace Windu, and as the story goes, won many battles, often due to Kenobi’s ability to speak when necessary and fight when the time would come. Not bad for a guy that prefers diplomacy over the other intellects-

For the record: SJ- logistics, SP- tactics, NF- diplomacy, NT- strategy.

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38 Responses to “MBTI: Obi-Wan Kenobi- ENFJ”

  1. Another one of my favorite Jedi. With my birthday tomorrow, I don’t know how to spend it.

    • Taylor Says:

      There ya go- a high end hooker! Weeee! But is that the Jedi way, Nick? It might be the Sith way.

      • Of course not. I have much more willpower than that. Plus, I have much more useful ideas with $2000.

      • Like getting a car. (Ideally a bat mobile). Or getting some fool to be my sparring dummy. Things to where I can keep prepared for any future disasters that I have to fight.

        • Taylor Says:

          Hey, whatever works. And if the car works, drive it. That’s what I always say. Not really, but you get where I’m going.

  2. fatalfuryguy Says:

    $2000 a night call girl should do the trick.

  3. That sentence talking about being an old soul. I’ve been described that way since age 5 or 6. I understood my values by then. I understood the big picture then, so I led a one man war on bullies in my school. The way to stop it was to go on the offense and not let them get away with it just because they don’t target me.

  4. […] this is function related Yet his Fi has never played into account when dealing with the council. MBTI: Obi-Wan Kenobi- ENFJ | Zombies Ruin Everything Reply With […]

  5. I find it interesting how so many see Obi-Wan as ISTJ all because he fought in a war (So they assume Te) and he once left Qui-Gon to be with a woman he loved, when he was an Apprentice (So they think Fi 3rd). They don’t take in account that Obi-Wan had a feeling that Palpatine could not be trusted (Ni in my eyes). Plus, someone with Fi might rebel a little if they must do something that they are against doing, like assigning Anakin as a spy to keep an eye on Palpatine. But he did it due to his Ni not trusting Palpatine & he wanted harmony between himself and the council.

  6. Plus he has once said in The Clone Wars TV Series that the Jedi Code is his life, a set of abstract principles. He understands the meaning of the code very well.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah I think people get stuck on minor details and forget the big picture. Like a tattoo artist that focuses so much on a letter that he misspells a simple word, screwing it all up. Obi-Wan is definitely not an ISTJ, who is interested in having people do things properly but by instructing them not mentoring them. He wouldn’t have put up with Anakin’s crap either, among other things.

  7. With Obi-Wan having his value systems refined to the point where he acts older than he looks, the same thing happened to me. I grew up in a family of selfish Artisans (Primarily XSTP’s.) And I was (& still am) the only one with any values and moral integrity.

    Their motto “Let’s all betray each other, but then we can laugh it all off while we get hammered together.”

    I’m the black sheep because I see them as corrupt scum. And I have ideals that I came up with myself to follow (My own vision of things) and I don’t sacrifice them to blend in, yet I have the skills to say the right things to persuade & charm people. And they must comply with my principles if they wish to be around me.

    So, in a way, I’m an “Idealist” in a world of realists (& pessimists, but the terms might be one in the same.) I find it interesting. Do you find things like that interesting, Taylor?

    • Taylor Says:

      A little difficult to say. You’ve said a mouthful. What exactly are you wanting to know?

      • Isn’t it interesting how an entire family of realists and selfish opportunists can end up with a much more idealistic person in the family? How 1 child can be the total opposite of what his entire surroundings are? How that child wasn’t influenced at all from his elders, but had his own mind made up about things at age 7?

    • Taylor Says:

      I pretty much find any result of any upbringing interesting in one way or another. No matter how you turned out, the differences and similarities you keep from your parents and family are an odd combination. How many brothers and sisters? What are their types you say?

  8. Dad: ISTP (Get along with him)
    Mom: ESFJ

    (Mom’s side)
    Aunt: ISFJ
    Uncle: ESTP
    Grandfather: ISTP
    Male Cousin: ISFP/INFP (A brother to me)
    Female Cousin: ESTP (Get along good.)

    (Dad’s Side)
    Older Uncle: ISTP
    Younger Uncle: ESTP
    Aunt: ESTJ

    Male cousins: All ESTP or ISTP. 1 ESFP.
    Female Cousins: ESFJ or ESFP.

  9. A couple others. But, I don’t really interact with them much anymore.

    • Taylor Says:

      So do you find yourself interesting?

      • Yeah. I’ve met a lot of people over the years who all sound a lot like each other, in terms of their life & I’ve been the one unique man in a large crowd that has lived an average life, no extraordinary tragedy or achievement, etc. No trying to sound like a narcissist.

  10. fatalfuryguy Says:

    You haven’t met ME!

    • And yet you didn’t believe I was telling the truth on my Batman post. Why should I believe what you tell me?

      • Taylor Says:

        I’m getting mixed messages here; so you’re saying you’re unique because you haven’t experienced tragedy and by living an average life makes you stand out?

      • Taylor Says:

        Ah, wait I see now. Do you mean your family or people in general haven’t achieved anything?

  11. I’m saying I have gone through severe tragedies and endured dark times that would send most people howling to Arkham Asylum. No one else I know has, therefore I see myself as unique compared to their easy, average lives.

  12. 1. Mother & father nearly murder each other at age 7.
    2. Losing my grandparents 2 months apart at age 8.
    3. Betrayal & abandonment by nearly all of my family members immediately after.
    4. The remaining that did speak to me would have my electricity shut off just for pissing them off.
    5. Growing darker inside as the years go on. Yet I take it upon myself to stop any family members that turn bad as a way to feel a purpose in life & prove I’m better than the treacherous scum that I regret being related to.
    6. Being bullied on a daily basis, until I gave them a concussion at age 8.
    7. Having The Joker for a brother and a self centered super villain for a sister.
    8. I’ve denied myself any fun activities in exchange for training vigilantly & now, I have only 1 friend left.
    9. Becoming so depressed that I nearly killed myself at age 15.
    10. Nearly having to kill my father on my 16th birthday.

    These are the ones off the top of my head.

    • 11. My near death experience at age 18, (which was included with 2 weeks of slow torture. Suffering from unquenchable thirst, inability to swallow, so I couldn’t eat for 2 days after losing 42 lbs. Docs tell me I shouldn’t have survived.)

      • Here’s a part of narration on my life…

        “It all started when I was 7 years old. My life at home is in utter chaos. My father was into drugs and every other member, except for my mother, dad and dad’s parents, were all drunks. They were all mad at each other. Arguments leading to threats and possible violence. It escalated to the point where I decided I have to prepare for the worst. I started training myself in combat, stealth, detection, anything I could use to stop any murders within the family. As I continued my training, in secret, I started feeling a darkness around me. An aura that was strong. I felt a sense of purpose. As my anger toward alcohol and drugs grew, so did the dark aura, with a cause to fight for. I prevented any possible massacres from occurring.

        But the dark feeling continued to grow. It helped me endure the horrific times. I had realized I’m not the average child. I was bullied, though not for long when I fought them and won decisively every time. Any time I saw any alcohol consumed around me, or a person who wasn’t sober or was high, it instinctively lit a fire inside myself and I feel the urge to either get away from it or lash out, aggressively and combatively, at them for having it around me. The thought of these things corrupting people, making them selfish, arrogant, for a lack of better term, evil. It angered me, it caused me to isolate from nearly all of my family. Frustration grew as I realized I am the only big picture/moralized one in a family of opportunists, liars, drunks, and a lone stoner.

        But when I realized how many people fall into these categories that I have hated, my heart sinks. But my anger toward these things give me hope that I can eradicate these things from my life. I decided to influence the younger members of my family to see the way that I do. So, they aren’t under the temptation of corruption through these vices. I was able to influence only 1 but I’m so proud that I was able to show him that these vices are like a plague. The other influential people in his life would’ve made him a criminal by now.

        Even after 13 years, the anger toward alcohol and drugs still remain and have grown stronger in my subconscious. Today, my father had basically said to me that I cannot stop people from doing what they do. I took it as I am powerless to keep alcohol and drugs away from my life. I grew enraged and I had to fight the instinct to beat the holy hell out of him and go somewhere. This sense of morals or ideals in an “evil” environment has me feeling trapped and day by day, my anger grows.”

      • fatalfuryguy Says:

        Man at least you have a family, I was raised by wolves.

      • Taylor Says:

        Okay, well you’ve put some thought into this. What would you like me to do with this information?

  13. Whatever you want to do with it.


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