MBTI: Turanga Leela- ESTJ


Who ever thought a cyclops would thought of as being hot? Matt Groening, evidently.

A great fighter, captain of the Planet Express ship and self-proclaimed leader of the crew, Leela doesn’t really have any other options but to be the hot-and-cold bossiest type there is. She’s disgusted by Fry, she’s love him. She’s hard to get to know with her roundhouse kicks to the face, then she’s breaking down and crying.

Fry: My lucky pants!

Bender: They don’t look so lucky to me.

Fry: They are too lucky! I was wearing them when I found a dime in my ear, when I got a free subscription to Redbook, and when I first met Leela. 

Leela: Aw! Also, oh, Lord.

Aside from doing her job and being the most serious about it, Leela’s big goal in life is to a part of a family. At least until she actually meets them; then she wishes they were more stern on her like parents that discipline their kids. Sure, she’s an adult but she feels like she missed out on a “normal” childhood.

ESTJs, like all Guardians, value security and will do a lot of things you might not do for said security. Leela’s even willing to live in the sewer with a bunch of deformed mutants just to see what it’s like to be a part of what she feels she missed.


Yet compare this with her normal self and it seems completely off. ESTJs are thought to be cold and ruthless, aren’t they? They have inferior Fi and don’t care about other people think, do they? Well, yes and no.

While it’s true that ESTJs have a hard time caring about other people’s feelings, however they were brought will play a major part on how they view others. You could say this about anybody, but when dealing with Guardians, you’ve got special cases in your hands. A friend of mine (the same one used as an example in the Benson article) was completely uncaring when it came to people’s problems, mostly insisting that they need to leave their problems at the door and just work.

If someone needed off and hadn’t gone through the proper channels in the appropriate time, he would often be quick to say no.

Yet occasionally someone would give him short notice with their reason involving family matters on why they needed off and he was quick to become somber, and would say something like, “Family comes first.” And that was that. If you find something the ESTJ finds important, you can make a loyal friend for life. Or until you just really piss them off.

And speaking of work, ESTJs love it. While the show is about the Planet Express crew, so it’s not that weird to see them at work, but Leela is the same in both areas, bossing everybody around no matter what. There’s a reason they’re the “Supervisors.”

leelaLeela: We are not ignorant villagers, we are sophisticated New New Yorkers. Whup his butt!

Keirsey calls them the “pillars of society” and notes that ESTJs are often worried about traditions, morals, and civility dying as the years go on and Leela definitely shows that throughout the series as she joins several civil rights groups regardless of who she’s working against, often involving her co-workers on the opposing side.

Animal rights, feminism, doing things just to show her oppressors that a woman can too, Leela’s ambitions are only limited by who’s made her mad.


And her depth-perception in Blernsball.

This type, as we’ve discussed, is particularly comfortable telling people what to do as is Leela. But she’s also comfortable kicking people in the face and does so multiple times in the series. While ESTJs aren’t prone to violence per se, they do have something of a sadistic streak in them and can’t help themselves it seems when it comes to being too up front with people about what they think. Dominant Te will do that.

Or have them create an alter-ego, "Clobberella."

Or have them create an alter-ego, “Clobberella.”

You definitely know an ESTJ but here’s what will tell who is an ESTJ. If you know a guy (most likely a guy) that is never satisfied with what you do, he may be an ESTJ. You’ll know he’s an ESTJ if he’s only happy when you do it exactly like he told you and doesn’t mind getting loud about it. ESTJs are sticklers for doing things by the book, as all Guardians are and feel that looking to the past to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Also, to see if they’re an ESTJ, do they love football? If the answer is “Yes,” you’ve got an ESTJ.


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