MBTI: Jet Black- ISTJ


Who is to hold the great fishing vessel together if not for the serious-minded, ever stoical ISTJ? It ain’t the Artisans of the group and it ain’t the ENTP that would just as soon hitch a ride on another ship. Ein, maybe?

Jet’s determined to hold his ship and his crew together while at the same never passing up the chance to tell how his crew how irresponsible they are. We all know that ISTJs are Mister Fixit, but you also know that grumbling about kids keeping their pants up and how “You need to learn how to do this yourself” is their favorite catchphrase.

As a former cop, which is also just fitting for ISTJs, Jet’s role on the Bebop seems to be single parent of his kids, Spike, Faye, and Ed. All of the details, the mistakes and tasks the team undertakes are usually dealt with by him. He’s also the owner of the ship, which makes that much more sense on why nobody else really cares on what happens to it other than him.

ISTJs are very particular about their things and you’ll probably notice them get very antsy when you touch their stuff. Or you’re anywhere near it. This could go for Jet’s Banzai trees as well.


While Spike quietly dwells on his violent past and Faye runs from hers, Jet often brings it up to make a point or just to reminisce. Even in the episode (Excuse me- in the session) “Black Dog Serenade,” the focus is heavily on Jet’s past and how he lost his arm when in the line of duty. Guardians themselves focus on the past and use it as a guide to the future.

If there’s one thing Jet can’t stand, it’s Spike’s unpredictable nature, his penchant for running off for days on end, and his carelessness for others. Okay, so that’s three things but Jet hates them all. ISTJs and their vulnerability to hypertension and the like are more rampant than any other type and you can see why in Jet. He doesn’t appear to be the controlling type but he also can’t stand the way the people around him live.


He’s the guy that wakes you up to tell you that you should’ve put another roll of toilet paper on the cylinder. Do you care? No, but you also appreciate it when it’s done right.

Can you really blame Jet though? He lives with a dog and three Perceivers, which could drive any Guardian insane as their messy habits and generally selfish lifestyles only support themselves yet he’s there to clean up afterward. Sure, Spike’s a dominant thinker but his moodiness could be too much for anyone to bare if you’re around it long enough.

Here’s a brief examples of ISTJs and the rest of the world-

ISTJ- Hey, next time wash your dishes- don’t just put them in the sink, they all pile up.

Everybody Else- When I leave’em in there, somebody else always does them anyway. What’s the problem?

ISTJ- It’s ME! I do them! Start washing your dishes or I’m going to hide them so you can’t use them.

Everybody Else- Whatever.

*ISTJ actually hides the dishes. Everybody Else begins using hands to eat and holding the food over the floor, making a mess. ISTJ can’t take seeing the mess and cleans up angrily, ready to punch Everybody Else.*

Default ISTJ face

Default ISTJ face

One thing you can always count on ISTJs for are the details. If it’s fine tuning a car or some other mechanical piece of equipment, remembering what size screw is necessary and what screwdriver; all that stuff. Their leading Si makes them the kings and queens of factual information that nobody else seems to get the hang of.

In fact, due to the population of the type, this could easily be seen as to why everybody feels so inadequate when it comes to cars and electronics. With there being so many ISTJs running around, not being able to remember your freaking VIN number on your car makes you look like an idiot to the 10-12% who live for that stuff. Then “Everybody Else” plays along so nobody points them out for not knowing.*

*Quick life tip from Taylor- always blame somebody else- it works!

ISTJs are also extremely loyal and you’ve really got to screw one over to make him lose faith in you. Jet trusted his former partner who betrayed him and that was bad enough, but notice how much abuse he takes from Spike yet they always end up as buddies in the end. As a former cop, Jet can’t help but see law enforcement as corrupt and useless. Due to this, he sees bounty hunting as the only way to really get things done. He can choose who he chases.

What’s cool about Jet and what’s cool about ISTJs are the same things- they may be stiff but when you need back-up, when you need something done right, you can count on them more than you may be able to count on yourself.



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