MBTI: Colossus- ISFJ


Sweet, kind, and a bunch of other adjectives I hate to use but are appreciable as qualities, Colossus can also crush your head like a grape. If there were ever a type that should be able to become composed entirely of metal at will…I shudder at what could be with an ISFJ.

Sure, they’re reliable, dependable, and nice all around- but that moodiness- woo! I’d stay away from creating an enemy in that one. For fear of wondering what it was you said if nothing else. Let’s read about my main metal man, Piotr Rasputin.

As all comic book characters go, the bigger things that happen to a character change with the writer, but ultimately, the core character stays the same.

Growing up on a farm in Russia, lil’ Peter has always been a sensitive one and never wanting to hurt anyone, even his enemies but his place on the X-Men team has just about always been invaluable. Playing the interesting role of the Brick of the team and the Heart, the juxtaposition of unstoppable force of nature and nice guy brings a levity to the team that you just don’t get with lone wolf guys like Wolverine.

One thing you’ll always notice about ISFJs is that while they do care about the people around them, it’s more of a tough love scenario. If they say anything to correct at all, it won’t be said with much tact- “This is what you need to do, so do it.” When Colossus fights, it’s always done with a sense of “Don’t make me DO THIS!” …as he punches his enemy into space. Their discipline is necessary in their eyes but they really don’t like doing it.

Just gotta be done sometimes.

Just gotta be done sometimes.

But that’s given the times they do choose to discipline at all. In many cases, the ISFJ’s problem isn’t rudeness, but timidness. Often times, it’s his love for the people around him that get him slapped around like a ragdoll. I used to beat all the ragdolls I owned so I know a thing or two about them being slapped around.

Time and time again, Colossus gets his shiny metal ass handed to him because he’s got a “Thing” quality to him where he often refuses to go the distance in a fight, simply because he knows what he could to do a weak fleshling. So while “weakness” could be a stretch, seeing as how that’s actually a positive thing, when you’re fighting world destroyers and the like, you might have to do something you really don’t want to do.

The problem is that due to the ISFJ’s auxiliary Extraverted Feeling. As Jung mentioned that feelings overwhelm Thinkers and thinking controls Feelers, making the tough, logical decision is very difficult for the ISFJ as they see making cold, calculated decisions with people as being just that- cold. An ISFJ boss may refuse to fire a person on the grounds that they’re still a person with a family to feed and they’d be seen as the bad guy and it just becomes too much for them to say “Too bad. It’s happening.

"I'm gonna FIRE YOU! ...next time."

“I’m gonna FIRE YOU! …next time.”

But you can’t discount the ISFJ’s willingness for self-sacrifice is on par with that of the Idealist, specifically the introverted types; INFP and INFJ. They’ll spend long hours doing something out of their way to help someone that may not have ever (nor will ever) give back in any way to repay them. Is the ISFJ stupid, or one you should take advantage of? Nope- they just want the best for everybody. And they have a hard time saying no.

Colossus’ self-sacrifice took a turn for the literal as he actually injected himself with the serum for the mutant-killing Legacy Virus so as to cure all mutant kind of it. The man with the impenetrable skin allowed himself to be injected with a mere needle to allow all other mutants a chance to not die from a previously incurable disease. This includes his enemies.


“OMG…it was just a chest piece this entire time…”

But whatever it is your local ISFJ might help you with, be grateful, as you’re not going to find any other types willing to give up their free time to help you on whatever task you’ve asked them to undertake.

He came back a few years ago by some comic-book excuse to bring characters back from the dead (freaking clones) and he’s now rambling around with Cable’s X-Force and even became the Juggernaut a couple years back. Did you hear me? The JUGGERNAUT.



I think on a slightly deeper note, Colossus’ powers are a physical example of the ISFJ’s mentality: putting on a certain facade for the world at large so as to keep themselves guarded by whatever they see as a threat to their security. The ISFJ’s problem is dealing with the Magnetos of the world.



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