MBTI: Donatello- INTP


Donatello does machines- as you know. While all the turtles are pretty easy to choose from in their strengths, Donatello’s strengths are also his weaknesses, much like the real life INTP. Brilliant though he may be- he’s such a nerd, GAW.

Okay so not necessarily a weakness but it could be a weakness. Throughout the franchise, Donatello remains the same as he ever had, save for their original violent beginning where everything is black and white and the blood flowed like the rivers of ancient Babylon.

Need I remind you?!

Need I remind you?!

Donatello’s personality is usually the same, right? Genius in whatever field he’s working in at that time, great fighter though not as skilled as Leo or Raph. Yet in the video games, he’s always good for his reach and we know the ladies love that. He’s also got a certain relationship with little brother Mikey that stands out from Leo and Raph’s rivalry and he normally gets along with all the turtles, only getting a certain look from the others for making a joke at the wrong time.

So what’s to say he’s not INTP? He’s got all the makings of one, and the turtles never seem to delve too deeply into their individual stories. Heck, you’ve heard one, you’ve heard’em all. Turtles, in a sewer, ooze made them mutate and they learned Ninjitsu from Splinter. Yet this origin is that much more interesting in a way because it allows me to touch on whether or not you’re born with your personality or you develop it as you get along in life. I myself would argue that you were born with it, though there’s only so much to show for that idea.


You can see the Ti in those two. Ooh, look at that Se!

To start off though, there’s nothing to limit who has what type kid. An ISTJ and an ESFJ couple can have an ENFJ. An ESFP and an INTJ can have an ENFP and there’s really nothing to say who’s going to get what traits. On MBTI Truths, the author examines Joe Neidnegal who has taken to applying type theory to sports; what types will be best at what and where. He’s also been working on a way that he thinks will allow you to tell a person’s MBTI type by their blood. Pretty strange, the idea of that.

Now how is this applied to a friggin’ Ninja Turtle? Same way it’s been applied to any of these characters. While Michelangelo’s personality is the most known, being that it’s so kid-friendly and goofy, people tend to forget that Raphael has the tough Brooklyn accent going on and Leonardo has the friendly mentor disposition. So what’s our resident nerd turtle left to speak with? A nasally, straight-laced voice with no accent or dialect of any kind. Check out this pictograph a friend recently showed me.


Click on to make it bigger, but a quick run down on Donatello as an INTP by his first two functions.

Ti- Clear, concise wording that seems secure, firm and well thought out, may be read as critical or analytical.

Ne- Quick shifting voice tone is interpreted as an excited voice, surfing on new patterns and possibilities.

Donatello is much the stereotypical genius in fiction in that his voice is always going all over the place in speaking of whatever technological device he’s being shown, to which he’ll generally be met with an “Uhhh- in ENGLISH, dude??” after going on in technobabble that, now in my twenties I understand, but as a kid made Donatello sound brilliant. While Corey Feldman voiced him in the original movie, he’s always played the same role. The movies kept it surprisingly tame for a genius (aside from their existence in the first place), but he’s still the go-to-guy on whatever needed explaining.

"Well, ya see guys, whenever two turtles love each other..."

“Well, ya see guys, whenever two turtles love each other…”

In real life, INTPs are much like the above voices are described- critical and analytical, yet excitable in intellectual pursuits that other people yawn at. Though to be fair, if you get an INTP alone in a room and they believe you’re not there to torture them with small talk, they’ll really let loose on whatever has been of interest to them lately and they can have you interested too, or at the very least, seeing the side of something you never thought you’d agree with.

According to some newer incarnation of the turtles, Donatello has an IQ of 637 which is pretty ridiculous but it was Raphael who said it so it may have been in jest. In real life, these tests vary from age and if you’re above a certain age won’t be included in this other group’s scores. So the fifty-year old Masters-holding professor won’t be compared to the idiot freshman, I guess. But generally the highest IQs are right there in the 200 range, give or take.

Einstein’s (also INTP) was “only” 160 so it’s really a matter of how you use it, it seems. I would say that regardless of Donny’s IQ, he put it to good use. I mean look at this stuff. He’s like the Professor up in this piece!

He also created sentient life. With whatever it is that comes down the pipe.

He also created sentient life. With whatever it is that comes down the pipe.


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  1. […] An EXTROVERT Preference: Dominant extroverted-Feeling (eF) types uphold a wide range of values, since shared values create harmonious relationships. They tend to adopt the collective values of those in their social group, so some eFs may stress the importance of tough-minded logic, justice & scholarly debate (not usually an EF outlook) – because of the environment they’re in. eFs excel at picking up on the tone of a situation & acting accordingly, adding warmth to a cool setting or turning sour into sweet. They naturally want to know what they enjoy, what they do well, where and how they work best. They usually to have a large number of acquaintances from all walks of life & are always on the lookout for people in need so they can help out. EXP: ENFJ’s focus is on others, weaving & strengthening the collective fabric of social customs & interactions. They feel a glow when those around them are happy, & troubled when something is off. Inclusiveness is important, so they’re particularly sensitive to those who are excluded. Natural cheerleaders, they offer support, gratitude & encouragement, heaping praise onto those they appreciate. They take note of what’s being done and  what needs doing, offering their help.   ENFJs enjoy organizing group activities & tend to take their commitments seriously. In general, they’re reliable & don’t like to disappoint others. As team players & project leaders, they have a gift for rallying their players, focusing on what’s being done right, & each member’s strengths. They’re loyal & expect loyalty in return. They carry conversations well, finding common ground with their listener. They tend to find the correct & gracious way to respond in any given situation, no matter how tense or uncomfortable it is. (T in chart = Tumultuous) EXP: INFP preferences (#1=Ni, #2=Fe, #3=Ti, #4=Se)   ALSO: re.  “COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS” voice https://zombiesruineverything.com/2013/11/20/mbti-donatello-intp/ […]


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