MBTI: Bridesmaids


It’s always been my biggest fear to be labeled a sexist, and I will do everything in my power to avoid that title.

If that means typing an all female cast from a movie I don’t even really care about on my little-known site, then so be it. If it means smearing myself with peanut-butter and running down my street screaming “I’M RUNNING FROM THE CLOTHES DEMON! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME! WHY IS NO ONE DOING ANYTHING?!” Well, then I already did that.

Annie- INFP


While we’re catching her at a more depressing time in her life, Annie’s attitude is very similar to an INFP. Normally thought of as moody writers, nobody can say that Annie deals with stress in the best way or isn’t creative. While her creativity with her bakery doesn’t scream “INTUITIVE!” it’s one of the best examples given to say the Annie isn’t living up to her potential.

INFPs are also introverts (duh) that can become reclusive for long periods of time if the right combination of stress and people have proven to be too much for them, much like Annie shows after her falling out with Lillian as she spends what seems like days be herself trying to stay away from everyone and make things right with the cop, played by Chris O’Dowd.


As much as they love people, INFPs are also known to be oblivious to others’ needs on occasion, such as Annie making her current problems affect her friend’s wedding.

Lillian- ISFP


Tough to read but pretty passive unless she has to be, Lillian makes the important stuff known to Annie. From her anxiousness about the wedding to Annie’s unhealthy relationship with Don Draper, ISFPs are known to honest individuals that want to keep things in their life smooth and stress free.

But while ISFJs will deal with a heart-attack inducing amount of stress before someone tells them to take it easy, the ISFP is more likely to let their feelings be known when they feel they’ve been violated in some way, such as Lillian letting Annie how much of a drag she’s been since the wedding stuff had been coming together.

Helen- ESFJ

Film Title: Bridesmaids

Traditional and controlling, Helen enters into Lillian’s adult life and becomes a rival with Annie for Lillian’s attention. Helen’s mannerisms and attitude are that of the controlling ESFJ that thinks that they only way everyone can be truly happy…is if they do things her way.

He desire to not only run things but also be seen as the perfect housewife and mother; always smiling, nothing is ever wrong, that whole deal. You also see her with her step kids and how they treat her. FJ types are all prone to following the crowd from time to time if not all the time to keep the peace.

She’s basically the two worst things an ESFJ can be- A narcissist and a pushover rolled into one. Her intro is pretty much how many people react to the sometimes-too-friendly ESFJ.

Megan- ESTP


Probably the most obvious typing, Megan’s attitude and behavior are good examples of the female ESTP. While being loud and abrasive, she’s also likable and quick to offer an encouraging word without it getting too emotional.

ESTPs are also good at reading people and other than telling Annie exactly what she needs to hear at her lowest moment, she’s also able to instinctively tell that Air Marshall John…is an Air Marshall. Despite the many times he denies it, she reads him like a book. ESTPs also have a tendency to overdo things as Megan does with the puppies.

Becca- ESFJ


While Helen represents the ugly side of the ESFJ, Becca is the uppity, obvious Fe user that wants everybody happy- whatever that means to them.

With leading Fe and inferior Introverted Thinking, ESFJs don’t worry so much about who’s right and who’s wrong in a conversation so much as they do how everyone is feeling. When Rita is down on herself about being a terrible person, Becca, who is now drunk thanks to Rita (pushover!), tells her what she needs to hear to feel better.

“You are more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles, and you have a face like sunshine!”

Ellie Kemper, who plays Becca, is playing the same role here that she does as Erin on the Office, who is also an ESFJ.

Rita- ESTJ


While ESTJs make up much of the population, they always remind me of the nuclear family during the fallout. While ISTJs can represent quiet persistence that just wants things to be done right, ESTJs often seem like they’re coming undone by the everyday chaos that is life when people aren’t putting on a show.

Rita displays this pretty well as the housewife that borders on insanity in just about every scene she’s in. She’s like if June Cleaver accidentally got pregnant before the wedding.

If she’s not talking about how horrible her kids are or what her sex life is like, she’s practically begging the bachelorette party to include naked men and anything else that can allow her to escape from her life for a few hours.



10 Responses to “MBTI: Bridesmaids”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Only a sexist will be afraid of being called a sexist.

    • Taylor Says:

      I meant to throw that in there, or some joke about actually being a racist but you know how it goes on the internet…

      • fatalfuryguy Says:

        Oh the internet. Still, you’re a bit dodgy with your response. Could it be you really are sexist?

        • Taylor Says:

          Hmm…I’ve heard about this thing called ‘projection’ where you ‘project’ your own flaws onto others so as to ward of your own feelings of the same flaw. Just come out and say it if it is, there’s no judging here.

  2. Does sexism even exist anymore? McCarthy’s salty language seems to negate the possibility of such foolishness.

  3. I have done absolutely everything Annie has done in this movie and then some. Also neurotic in all the same ways. Great post!

    • Taylor Says:

      Glad somebody got enjoyment out of this. I wasn’t sure when I was writing it who would read it, I just thought an all-female post was in order.


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