Of all the characters in Samurai Champloo, Fuu has the least action yet she’s the only one that’s keeping the story on track. If the show were solely about Mugen and Jin, it wouidn’t have lasted long because they would’ve killed each other and that would be the end of it.

Instead, we’ve got the ESFJ keepin’ it together, no matter how much the trio hate it.

When we first meet Fuu, she’s a waitress at a restaurant that’s about to be completely destroyed. She’s shown taking a lot of crap from her patrons, as people in the service industry often do. When you go to a restaurant of any kind and your complaint was along the lines of the servers being overly cheery rather than the normal “WHUTCHOO WANT?” attitude- you’re dealing with an ESFJ.

"A large order of 'YOU STUPID LITTLE ^&#(#?' I don't know if we make that but I can check!"

“A large order of ‘YOU STUPID LITTLE ^&#(#?’ I don’t know if we make that but I can check!”

Not that I would complain about someone being overly cheery, that’s at the bottom of my complaint list actually. But in any case, Fuu deals with it fairly well as ESFJs are prone to do, leading with Fe and all.


ESFJ t-shirt

Imagine a time that you’ve felt really bad for somebody. If you’re an INTJ reading this than you need to think about what it would be like to have feelings and then imagine what it would be like to feel bad for someone. Because that’s how an ESFJ feels through most of their life. Even though Fuu is a few years younger than her bodyguards, she still takes it upon herself to lay out rules at specific times, acting like sort of a big sister or even their mothers.

She’s also labeled by Mugen as a “tease” for her way of pretending she’s more adventurous than she is. She’ll show no interest in either of the guys unless they hook up with some other woman. ESFJs are usually pretty proper when it comes to relationships and don’t take them lightly.



And much like Fuu’s back and forth attitude about her attraction to either guy, the ESFJ is like to push around any significant other that comes off too submissive, but to allow herself to be pushed around by anyone more dominating. It’s a balancing act for them but ultimately what they want is happiness- and nothing would make them more happy than for you to do what they want you to do.

And like an ESFJ, Fuu is pretty trusting of those around her, seeing as how she decided to make two strangers her bodyguards after they’d just finished murdering several opponents; but they said that they’d escort, so they’re gonna do it, right? The Provider is known to place their need for security above all else and this often leads to them being disappointed by the real world when they come to face facts that not everybody is as nice as them.

You'd have to be trusting or have a death wish to let this happen and I'm going with 'trusting.'

You’d have to be trusting or have a death wish to let this happen and I’m going with ‘trusting.’

This can lead to a sort of depressing mood for them as they stress their inferior Ti and dwell on how messed up the world can really be. But to get them back in the game, you really just have to ask for help with something they’re good at and they’re good to go again. ESFJs aren’t a type to want to sulk for too long and can easily forget their problems when they’re with the right crowd. And seeing as how they hate being alone, forgetting makes it that much easier.

In Lullabies of the Lost part II, when the group is finally reunited after their seemingly permanent separation, all it takes to have Fuu’s faith restored in Jin and Mugen is for them to keep walking on their path, casually mentioning that they’re back on the search for the Sunflower Samurai.

Come to think of it, the entire search for the Sunflower Samurai is very much an ESFJ mission to begin with. Through all the insanity that the group goes through, it’s all for Fuu to get the chance to punch the man she sees as making her mother’s final years miserable. Guardians all place certain emphasis on the past because of their high Si function. “I know what to do, because that’s what I was taught to do.”



Whatever ESFJ you know probably brings up their parents a pretty good bit, if not their childhood in general. The past is a big deal to them for better and worse.

Yet when Fuu finally meets the Sunflower Samurai, she feels guilty seeing how pathetic he looks lying on his back in his bed, about to die. As serious as she felt about carrying through with one good slug to the face, seeing him in that moment just made her weak in her widdle knees.

A friend talking to a former co-worker told her about MBTI. She tested and got the result of ESFJ. When he told her it was one of the more popular types, she actually seemed to be pleased by that. He asked her why she approved of the fact and she answered “Because that means I’m never by myself.”

Not with my multiple heads!

Not with my multiple heads!

Interesting view, seeing as how most people’s outlook tends to be “Look at me! I’m more special than even the MOST special people! I’m king of the special mountain! I WIN!” While the ESFJ says “Oh yep- that’s you! The most special! You want some coffee?”


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