MBTI: RocknRolla’s Wild Bunch


Don’t tell me you forgot about this movie. Shame on you if you did. I’ve probably seen this Guy Ritchie movie more than any of his other films and it’s just tough to get sick of. A lot of interesting characters doing a lot of stupid things- all for our enjoyment.

But one of the best things about Guy Ritchie’s movies is that the characters are great examples of their types without being stereotypes. Though you’d really have to go with the smaller details of their personality seeing as how every single one of them are bad guys doing bad things.

One-Two- ESTP


“You know what, darling? I’m just gonna leave this laundry bag here, under the table for you, okey? Goodbye, sweetheart. You’re way too dangerous for me”

The groups leader (more or less), One-Two is the Wild Bunch’s representatives with any outside contact the group may need to deal with. As described in the Action Heroes article, it’s the ESTPs that go in for the kill, whatever their quarry may be. Not the type to stand around and let things happen to them, the ESTP wants to be the initiator. It’s One Two that does the talking and walking and his larger stature may give the impression of a more serious thug type.

And it’s not that he’s not past putting a beating on somebody if he has to; but while their Guardian cousin, the ESTJ, may exude a military like stiffness that would intimidate most, the ESTP is still a jock but with a more unorthodox style. It’s the attitude that separates the players from the coaches; same game, same team, way different position.


Compare One Two’s reaction to finding out Handsome Bob is gay compared to Mumbles’ attitude. One Two gets out of the car, yelling and making Bob feel like an idiot-

“Dirty bastard… You dirty bastard!”

Compare this to Mumbles’ “Yeah, you didn’t know?” demeanor.

ESTP also don’t mind doing things for a rush and aren’t always the shyest about whatever skills they have. Even when on the run from the Russians, he can’t help but mock the man that nearly killed him moments earlier.

Mumbles- ISTP


Mumbles: Who the fuck is Sydney Shaw?
One Two: No, Sydney Shaw is a pseudonym, you idiot. They never use their real name. Look, get around here and let me have a look, okay?
Mumbles: All right… Where did he learn a word like pseudonym?

Cool and calm, it’s tough to say whose actually running the Wild Bunch. While One-Two is the talker and played by (at the time) the biggest name, Mumbles attitude lets you believe he can stare an oncoming train down without breaking a sweat. ISTPs may not be as cool under conflict, but under pressure there is none cooler.

It seems it’s only natural for Elba to speak out of the side of his mouth in film like real ISTPs often do, as well as speak in a low tone which could account for his name to begin with. While Mumbles doesn’t seem to be any less ready for combat than One Two, his approach is a calmer one, preferring to let One Two do all the talking.

Still, Mumbles usually coming off like he knows something more often than One Two doesn’t necessarily make him smarter.

ISTPs are all about a physical rush, as are any Artisan, but their rush comes in spurts; do nothing for hours- now time to go running!

As mentioned with One Two, when Handsome Bob’s sexual orientation is brought up, One Two is pissed he didn’t know while Mumbles seems to be entirely understanding of the situation. ISTPs generally prefer a live-and-let-live approach to life and can be harsh on others standards of living at certain times but usually leave others to their own devices.

Handsome Bob- ISFP


Whoever thought that the smallest prettiest member of the Wild Bunch would be playing Bane less than four years later? Hardy’s portrayal of Bob gave us a smooth talking, laid-back driver with a few skeletons in his closet that don’t necessarily make for the toughest reputation in the gangster underworld.

Yet Bob perseveres with quiet coolness. Similar to Mumbles but with a bit more of an “feeler” edge. His obvious shame after telling One Two “I want you” is that of a guy who wasn’t using much logic at the time and his reaction all the more pitiful looking as though he may cry and yelling “I told you, you wouldn’t understand!”

While any type can keep a secret, ISFPs are notorious for never saying things that go on in their brain for now reason other than…it just didn’t come up. It’s not that they thought you shouldn’t know, it just wasn’t asked and they didn’t think about it.

Like other SPs, Bob is prone to sensory pleasures and doesn’t mind dropping by a party and getting familiar with a gay lawyer for information. He hits all the right buttons to get what he wants, never letting his “prey” think that he doesn’t mean what he says.

ISFPs aren’t teases by trade or anything but they do have a way of being so naturally friendly in such an aloof way that they leave many of their acquaintances wondering what’s going on in their heads.

All in all, it’s pretty clear that this is an Artisan’s movie- fast, fun and violent with a bunch of guys who aren’t smart enough to cleanly pull of any heists they’re attempting to but clever enough to make it fun.



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