I love getting to type a character that plays up to and simultaneously defies stereotype. Walter White, Vergil, and Batman all fit the bill of the Mastermind personality yet none of them have gone the classic route a la Doctor Doom.

So now we have Ma-Ma from last year’s Dredd. She too, can claim the bragging rights (among other things) to being almost entirely responsible for her own rise to the top- though if you’re rising in Mega-City One that really just means keeping your head just above the smog.

Ma-Ma’s first function would be Introverted Intuition. From prostitute to kingpin, this wasn’t just some ordinary hooker (are any of them) that decided to take over one day. When you’ve got multiple gangs in one huge building, you’d need to have a plan of some sort to decide that you’re going to run things. And the one we’re shown her plan taking place, she does so systematically and calculatingly.

Gotta dig that Warriors music.

There’s a reason Keirsey called them the Mastermind and from Ma-Ma’s takeover, you’ve got to give her the same title. She seems to be the only woman in the gang and like you may have seen in the video, it’s a pretty big gang. “Join or die” seems to be the motto but shooting first seems to be their MO.

It’s pretty clear from Ma-Ma’s chosen words that she doesn’t mince words and doesn’t care if you don’t like what she has to say. Te is to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush with anything the user has in mind. If they think you look hideous in that shirt, the most you’ll get from a Te user is about like this- “You don’t think you look ugly in that shirt?”



She lets a lackey know that the only reason shes’ not going to kill him at the moment is that because of him, a lot of bad things have already happened and it would be too much of a waste. Not his life, but to her profit.

One thing that should always stick out to you about an INTJ is their profound use of logic. When I say “profound” in this case, that can be positive or negative. Trying to complete a project, you’ll want the INTJ on your side to help pick out all the things that won’t work, enabling you to see what will work. In a relationship with one? Don’t expect to be won over by giving gifts like flowers because “What? They look nice, but they’re going to die in a couple days.”


What’s interesting about Ma-Ma’s character and the INTJ in the first place is that no matter the sex, you get a personality that defies standard gender roles. In men, masculinity and the physical side to life has almost zero appeal.

They won’t necessarily present any feminine qualities but it’s all about the mental side of life for them; what stimulates them cerebrally and gets the gears of their brain working- while the ISTJ, their Sensor cousin, digs into manual labor whether they’re getting paid or not. Hands on activities are usually a past time.

While INTJ women on the other hand exude a more dominant quality than most others of the same sex do. Not over masculine, but the desire for control is always there.

Except when doing Slo-Mo. There's no desire for anything after that.

Except when doing Slo-Mo. There’s no desire for anything after that.

While an ESFJ wants a certain amount of control in others’ lives for the sake of taking care of them and making sure they do the right thing, the INTJ wants control for the sake of being in charge. Don’t expect to have a conversation with them where they are interested and at the same time listening. They’ve got too much on their brain to be quiet and you need to hear what they have to say. Yet if the subject or activity is no interest to them- it’s all you.

Ma-Ma is a mother alright but not the kind whose roof you want to be under. Her drug Slo-Mo is helping keep a stranglehold on an already wasting-away city and it’s Ma-Ma’s that controls the hand. So you could say control is a part of her character.

And everybody else in Dredd's world.

And everybody else in Dredd’s world.

But unlike the ISTJ who wants things to be right for the sake of working properly, INTJs want to make sure their opponent (or victim) is even worthy of their time. When Dredd begins to make his announcement to Peach Trees about being the law, Ma-Ma doesn’t show any anger or fear. Quite the opposite. “Let him talk” she says to her minion who could easily pull the plug on the speakers.

The INTJ is generally confident in their ability to overcome the most difficult of issues as all Rationals are, but their confidence can often be mistaken for arrogance…which it sometimes is.

Ma-Ma didn’t think that Dredd was going to make his way up her building and definitely didn’t think he was going to take out practically all of her men. But even as he was “sentencing” her, at no point does he get the best of her character; a true INTJ trait of never letting their enemy get the best of them- even if she wasn’t going to live.

Dredd- ISTJ

One Response to “MBTI: Ma-Ma- INTJ”

  1. Here’s another take on it. ESTJ, ESTP and ENTJ are common as hell in real life and fiction to be in leadership roles. Everyone knows almost what to expect from their demeanour etc. INTJ “behind the scenes” approach and a bunch of other tactics are unfamiliar with most and they don’t know what to expect at times, to say the
    least. They really can’t put their finger on how this person thinks because as you have said about the thing about going against stereotypes etc.


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