MBTI: King Leonidas- ESTP


If only America elected an ESTP president in our current situation, who knows what bounties our country would be reaping? Teddy Roosevelt may have been our only hope…

Leonidas would’ve worked too, kicking any enemies into a dark bottomless pit and just doing whatever he wanted. No secret master plans, no Illuminati- just straight up MANLINESS.

While the real Leonidas probably wasn’t as fifth as cool as 300’s was, that can’t be helped because real life is no fun. Or maybe it’s the other way around because he was a real person. In any case, the Leonidas we get is a wolf killing, in-your-face, does-whatever-he-wants-and-still-watches-out-for-his-people playaaa.

Leonidas’ firsts function is Se. It’s actually the biggest reason he screams in the messenger’s face and then kicks him. Doing what satisfies the urge to feel a rush and sending a message to the king who threatens his people and insults his wife is what comes natural for him. He’s also quick to make jokes at others’ expense when it comes to their occupation.

While an ESTP isn’t likely to just walk up an punch you in the face (unless you slept with their spouse or something), they are known to be some of the most fierce competitors as far as type goes. If they care about the particular arena, you can bet they’ll do everything in their power to best you. Heck, they might even start caring about it just so they can beat you.

Leonidas having his men give the old “AHOU! AHOU! AHOU!” is just one example of Leonidas making his opponent look like a tool when he simply could’ve responded with “We’re very serious about what we do.” But where’s the fun in that?

No fun, that's how much fun.

No fun, that’s how much fun.

ESTPs are also known to go above their superiors if they believe their way to be the right one. While many types will disagree with authority, the way they react to it can often be a huge decider of their type. ESTP is one that doesn’t mind listening to what makes sense to them and often don’t mind telling others what to do themselves- but don’t think they’re going to let somebody control them if they don’t agree.

Leonidas shows this in several moments in the comics/film but his act to disobey the oracle is one of his most significant characterization of defiance as it sets in motion the rest of the story. This guy doesn’t even listen to the “end all/be all” of his own people when they tell him not to go to war; which should pretty much tell you how he’s going to react to someone he doesn’t have to listen to in the first place.

Lucky he's a family guy.

Lucky he’s a family guy.

In the movies, Sparta itself seems to be an Artisan culture. Aside from constantly training from the time they were kids, they also had to be skilled in various forms of entertainment so as to be balanced, you could say, and not just be raised as mindless brutes. They also don’t mind completely ignoring any other messenger from the Persian empire as they build their wall of enemy scouts right in front of him, merrily carrying on.

Several of Leonidas’ lines have been immortalized but one that’s actually based off of the real Leonidas’ is his comeback after being told to put their weapons down.

ESTPs are known to be quick of the tongue and comebacks and clever dialogue is a part of their natural repertoire. It’s why there’s always the stereotype of them being good salesmen or something similar. The Se backed by Ti makes them not only good at deconstructing things around them, but by responding quickly and hitting the nail on the head when they do.

You might confuse an ESFP with a clever remark they weren’t expecting, but the worst reaction from an ESTP might just be them blowing you off as they’ve usually got something to say as well. They may be even more likely to catch you off guard.

With a big ol' AHOU

With a big ol’ AHOU

Like an ESTP, Leonidas is shown to improvise throughout the entire story. From his decision to go to war, all the way to his glorious demise. One of the ESTP’s defining traits goes in hand with this as they wouldn’t have the reputation they do if not for their ability to go with whatever situation comes their way.

6 Responses to “MBTI: King Leonidas- ESTP”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Definitely intj

    • Taylor Says:

      You sure? He had tears in his eyes just before he died as he remembered his wife, so I’m thinking INFJ.

      • fatalfuryguy Says:

        Mmm, good point. Also, he was so quiet as the hurricane tore the Persian armada to shreds. So deep in his emotions and thought, also he was nice to the hunchback so yeah def an f

  2. Fulfilled.

  3. robloxcare11 Says:

    What Was The Name Of The Character Of Leonidas…

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