Zombies Ruin Everything Podcast #1!


Are you excited?! I am! OMG if you’re not, get there. Not sure if this is to be a regular thing or not, but we figured we’d give it a go. What’s in it, you ask? Fellow contributor Bryce and I discuss some recent movie news, thoughts about said news, and introducing Tom Foolery, whose actually not a bad guy once you get to know him.

Pictures and music are missing but hey, what can you do? You pretty much suck at everything you do on your first try.

00:23 New Oldboy thoughts/Review

03:22 Good Korean Films/ The Good the Bad and the Weird, The Man from Nowhere, I Saw the Devil

04:45 Ant Man movie stuff

08:45 Bad Santa 2

11:21 Michael Bay on Transformers 4- “No more goofiness”

13:15 Fight Club Sequel

15:27 Spider Man 2 Banner-


18:11 Interstellar trailer (news)

21:33 “Nolanites” unite

23:28 is where it actually ends. I told you, we’re new at this.




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