Wonder Woman is in the New Superman Movie Too


…which also has Batman in it, so it doesn’t really look much like a Superman movie at this point, does it?

The Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot has been cast as the Amazonian princess that wears an American flag as a bathing suit and it’d be interesting to know what people think.


Some of you who read my MBTI posts might remember an article from a couple months ago about Wonder Woman’s type. Aside from what MBTI type she may have been, I also mentioned the idea of Wonder Woman being more of an image and a symbol than a character. Sure, she’s got a backstory (or several) but there doesn’t seem to be much to her past her skills and the idea of a strong, independent woman.

So now she’s been cast.

Not in her own movie mind you, which probably would have been harder to fill two hours with a character as random as her (Lasso of truth? Invisible jet and flies?). But she’s going to be put in the same film as Superman and Batman, two characters who are big enough for their own series’, much less each others.

Pros and cons to this are as follows-



  • There’s not much to Wonder Woman’s character, so we might just be getting a shell of a personality for the sake of building toward DC’s Avengers, aka the Justice League; something we all know they’ve wanted since The Avengers did so well.
  • Building on that, we might be getting a rushed movie, seeing as how all the characters are major in their own rite and we’re just now hearing about this as opposed to an initial announcement.
  • Too many major characters is rarely good in movies with preexisting franchises. Cases in point: Batman and Robin, Spider-man 3, the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies, Van Helsing.
  • With so many heroes, where are the villains?
  • Consider the following-

This was a role previously discussed to star someone with a ridiculously in-shape body like Gina Carano, and what we’ve got here is skin and bones. Not to mention Gadot’s background of Jewish heritage is also a far cry from Princess Diane’s Amazonian ancestry.



  • As mentioned before, Wonder Woman’s history is so spotty, fitting in some flashbacks in the middle of the story isn’t so crazy, especially since there will be so much to cover and people know who she is anyway. Who needs another origin story?
  • Zach Snyder has proved himself on enough movies to show that while action takes precedence, story doesn’t necessarily take a backseat like in Michael Bay’s movies.
  • There are some good movies with a lot of major characters from preexisting franchises. Cases in point- The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises.
  • While Gadot is pretty thin, it’s not as though we haven’t seen actors step it up in the fitness department to achieve a more built physique. It’s wouldn’t stop her from pulling off the role.

The overall issue here is the possibility of DC getting ahead of itself for the sake of competing with Marvel, as everyone has feared since a Batman and Superman movie was announced.

We get it, they’ve gotta earn their keep in the comic book department but they’ve already got a couple amazing films under their belt to cancel out the awful ones, so there’s no need to be too ambitious and stumble over their own feet.

"Back! BACK, haters!

“Back! BACK, haters!

Other good choices would have been Elsa Pataky, Emily Blunt, and Skyfall’s Berenice Marlohe.

But oh well now! This news doesn’t affect me too much as stated, I’ve always found Wonder Woman a weak character. I’m just hoping for a good movie that doesn’t simply try to sell you tie-in products for two hours and abuse your senses with too much of a “good thing.”

Love it, hate it, don’t care either way? Lemme know what you think.

3 Responses to “Wonder Woman is in the New Superman Movie Too”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Greece and Israel share the Mediterranean sea so it’s not a far cry. Also, wonder woman was made from clay and from a magical island. I don’t think anyone alive can share that background with her. Also, I doubt you complained when RAs al ghul, an Arab was played by lliam neeson, or bane a Hispanic played by hardy. I’m sure she’ll add the 20lbs needed

    • Taylor Says:

      Ra’s al Ghul can be ANYONE! I was actually disappointed when I first watched it and Watanabe just DIED.

      You just made her even that much more ridiculous to me. Made from clay? What holds her together? Magic? I’m done.


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