If you were to have an android, which personality, would you give it? An ISTJ? Sure, if you could be certain it wasn’t a terminator. An ENFJ? Ugh, no- you might accidentally fall in love with it and be branded robo-sexual. Maybe an ESFP if you plan on a malfunction .

Whatever you would choose, you can be certain that an INTP android would do everything in their power to understand their situation and environment. You would get the most advanced robot ever created…and you’d also get one with their own agenda.

In what may be the most praised portrayal of androids since Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Michael Fassbender’s depiction of an android that comes so close to being human yet is missing that key ingredient is at once familiar and creepy.

Does THIS look like the face of an obedient robot?

Does THIS look like the face of an obedient robot?

He has a certain slyness about him that makes you wonder if he’s the only one you may be able to trust aside from Shaw…or he’s going to stab you in the back just to see your reaction. INTPs don’t have the reputation of stabbing backs but they do have a reputation for bending the ethics from time to time for the sake of the bigger picture.

If there’s a stereotype for mad scientist, nobody fits better than INTP. Maybe ENTP, but they’re just closer along the lines of “mad.” Watch this commercial for David, the helpful android.

“I can carry out objectives my human counterparts might find…distressing. Or unethical.”

I find that line particularly intriguing. While it’s reasonable to think that since David had a plan all along, INTJ works. Or because he can only carry out things he was programmed to do, ISTJ. But David’s personality goes beyond a “normal” robot’s missions. While he does serve as helpful assistant, an emotion to be observed in David seems to go deeper than that of a machine, clearly.

The quoted line above makes sense for David as an INTP, a type where independence matters almost as much as oxygen. If you know an INTP, if they believe you to be controlling them in anyway they will do everything ridiculous thing in their power to get out from under your grasp. In their rebellious days of youth, this could mean rebelling.

"Why can't I touch it? because the MAN says it's dangerous? Psh!" INTP, 1979-1997

“Why can’t I touch it? because the MAN says it’s dangerous? Psh!” INTP, 1995-2013

But while young Artisans are rebelling for the pleasure of the rush of their unlawful act, young INTPs will do so for the sake of testing boundaries. No Rational blindly follows anyone rule, mantra or person of authority unless it has proven itself worthy of being followed. So if the INTP drinks and hates it, you’ll have yourself an INTP free of alcohol; but it needed to be tested first so they themselves could know.

They’ll protest marijuana laws with no intention of smoking or argue to the death for a principle they don’t even believe in- they’re just saying there’s a different side to it.

Like seeing the different side of life with no body.

Like seeing the different side of life with no body.

Dr. Holloway is an interesting contrast to David in that while Holloway searches for the answers to questions he has about where his race came from, he doesn’t really care past the point of saying “I did it!” While David isn’t really tied to anything yet has deeper motivations than the human.

This could be said about the INTP and much of the rest of our population. While the INTP longs (oh yeah) to have the answers to questions, they often come to a result that really has no definitive answer. On the other end of the spectrum are the many Artisans and Guardians that do what they do, live their lives and go about their routine, many never questioning why they do what they do.

Like the INTP, David understands more about his surroundings without actually being apart of them than those who don’t even think about another way of living.

Another scene that sticks out as David’s “Engineer” role (Tie-in!) is his willingness to cross the line just by asking a simple question-

“How far would you go to get what you came all this way for? Your answers? What would you do?”

He asks this to Dr. Holloway who responds with “Anything and everything.”

To David, this is permission to poison Holloway’s drink with the alien life form. While it’s certain that Holloway wouldn’t have wanted that, his answer fits with David’s question. And as far as David is concerned- this is part of “anything and everything.” Remember- he’s working for his “dad,” so the rest of the crew doesn’t mean much past them getting him where he needs to go.

And we would've never known that if it hadn't been for David, so thank him, class.

And we would’ve never known that if it hadn’t been for David, so thank him, class.

Let it also be known that INTPs are among the types with the highest IQ and while it’s somewhat cheating to add David in there, seeing as how he reads by “scanning” the pages, it’s clear his intelligence far surpasses those of his human counterparts. Director Scott gave a general range of around 300 or so while the highest in human IQs stops around 200.

So does this answer your question as to what type you would want your android to be? Or does it at least have you marking off the INTP? Even as a robot, these freaking guys just won’t listen.

"For science!" *moans orgasmically*

“For science!” *moans orgasmically*

Also, check out Bryce’s theories on David’s “sister” possibly being an android as well.

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  1. Excellent INTP break down and insights on the film.


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