MBTI: 16 Types, 16 Colossi…Coincidence?


Ever played the 2005 PS2 game, Shadow of the Colossus? No? Shame on you. No, shame on you, you probably sit around on Call of Doody all day screaming homophobic slurs at children don’t you? Yeah, you do. Unless you are a child, well then you’re probably too young to have cared about this game because you’re also screaming homophobic slurs on Call of Duty.

You say you have played it? Oh, then read on.While the Colossi are simply monsters, much like animals or beasts and really are untypable, each of them and their environment carries their own unique feel and it’s what makes the game fun and makes it feel new with every challenge. So it’s not so much a personality we’re describing as much as it is the “feel” of each boss.

Introverted types will be more of the solitary Colossi, the types that want to be left along outside of you messing with them while the more extraverted types are more likely to be in city ruins and be more aggressive, naturally.

1. Valus (The Minotaur Colossus, 70ft/40 tons)- ISTJ


It seems almost painfully obvious to type this guy ISTJ that I almost switched it up for the heck of it. He’s almost a blank slate while being the mascot of the game. ISTJ is one of the more common types and in a sense, a template for humanity. It’s not their bland (necessarily) but they’re pretty straightforward in their approach to life itself, as is this Colossi; trudging along after you’ve made a straight line from the temple to him.

Doesn’t get more basic and practical in this game than “Valus” but much like the ISTJ, the simplicity can be just as fun as any other beast in this game. If not for him, you wouldn’t know how to play. On top of that, being that this is the first beast of the game, you’re not certain how to approach him, much like the ISTJ that comes in so many forms from so many different upbringings, they can be tough to gauge at first.

2. Quadratus (Taurus Major, 98ft tall, 140ft long/120 tons)- ISFJ


Quadratus may have been the toughest one to fit into a type but much like Valus above, this Colossus gives us a good idea of what it’s like to fight one of the four legged beasts, Valus teaching us to fight the bipedal ones.

ISFJs themselves are all around us, yet hidden at the same time; as the Wander, if you take one wrong turn you’ll miss your stop and you could ride for forever in the rest of the forbidden land. But go where you need to and you’ll find it sleeping silently in it’s cave…until you wake it up. ISFJs are usually nice people, wanting everybody to get along- but piss them off and there won’t be an end to it, you’ve just made a lifelong enemy.

And while ISFJs aren’t the in-your-face ESTJ type, they’ll repay with you with either undermining remarks or by letting their annoyance seethe…a real pain for Extraverted types especially, who hate letting obvious problems dwell right under the surface. And whaddya know- right under the surface is where Quadratus lives.

3. Gaius (Earth Knight, 97ft/160 tons )- INTP


Gawky and awkward, this may be one of the most unique looking Colossi as INTP is one of the most unique types. He looks human to a point, but too bizarre to be considered anywhere near normal. Like the solitary INTP, you’ve got to go way out of your way to find this guy. And on top of that, you’ve got to swim in a lake to get to the ramp…that leads upward to the platform standing high above the lake. And what happens when you go this far out of your way to make human contact with him? You’ve pissed him off, that’s what.

“Gaius” could also be considered closest to INTP due to the strange way in which you have to beat him. With his humanoid appearance, he uses his arm that also acts as a sort of bat which he attempts to slam down on you. But get in just the right spot and you can cause the stone ring around his arm to break, allowing you to scale him.

The INTP is also one that requires a certain finesse around, as the general small talk won’t work with them but pretending to be something you aren’t also does nothing. Bring up just the right topic though, and pow, you’ve got’em.

4. Phaedra (Equus Prime, 89ft tall, 100ft long/50 tons)- ESFJ


While I can’t help but think of an ESFJ due to the horse-like appearance and the fact that I’ve never met an ESFJ that didn’t have a thing for horses, this particular Colossi is also in a strange area that seems peculiar than more Colossi as nobody else is in any kind of graveyard.

Something of a stretch being that ESFJs aren’t known to be particularly dark (Quite the opposite) but are some of the most social of all types, who also keep their homes as pristine as possible while Prime’s environment is among the most green and fertile; most Colossi are surrounded by places that used to have life. The ESFJ’s thinking function is also last and it struck me as odd that Phaedra would actually look for you in the tunnel you disappeared into, allowing you to attack from any other side.

It’s that lead Fe baby- taking them where they feel!

5. Avion (Delta Phoenix, 140ft long, 116ft wide(wings)/15 tons)- ISTP


One of my favorite Colossi to fight, Avion is pretty straightforward, wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t seem to be bothering anybody, minding it’s own business when ka-chow, you’re trying to kill it and it’s divebombing you.

The ISTP is much like this in the sense of wanting to be left alone, and going from 0-60 like nothing. They’ll generally hide their feelings until something simple happens to set them off and suddenly they’re flipping cars onto babies and whatnot. Avion has always reminded me of Rodan and something about it’s clear resemblance to a bird has me relating them to ISTPs pretty easily, possibly due to the ISTP’s aversion to nature.

Avion’s location is also an especially secluded one and we all know ISTPs like their privacy, seemingly choosing to settle down every time you leave it alone…but we all know that can’t last.

6. Barba (The Goliath, 80ft/70 tons)- ESTJ


Barba and Wander’s rap video

Living in an underground temple, Barba is something of a king in his own world (You see where I’m going with this), and much like the ESTJ, doesn’t mind taking the blunt route to get things done. Plowing through the low walls to get to his prey- you- Barba is described by Dormin as not being a fool but also mentions that he “lusts for destruction” which is as interesting as the ESTJ dichotomy itself.

While ESTJs like to keep it together and stay in control, they can’t help themselves but have an outburst occasionally; happy or upset hardly makes a difference as long as they get their say.

Much like an argument with a real-life ESTJ, you’ll feel good about yourself when you defeat Barba as he’s the biggest bipedal Colossus you’ve fought at this point. Funny that ESTJs are often thought of as the alpha male and Barba sports a long beard. Coincidence? Nah.

7. Hydrus (Leviathan, 280ft/280 tons)- ISFP


Quiet, graceful, and dangerous, I’d had Hydrus in mind for the ISFP but I also like that it’s the only Colossus that’s length and weight is perfectly matched at 280. The ISFP themselves is a pretty well balanced type as well being that their Fi/Se leading-selves take life as it comes and don’t really deal that well with stress but won’t go out of their way to cause it either.

Hydrus is one of the smoother-moving Colossi in a world where hulking brutes rule the land. ISFP are often labeled as hippies and/or hipsters due to their easygoing and hard-to-read nature.

And while Hydrus can definitely kill you without much of an issue, notice that it’s main attack of electrocution by it’s back spikes seems more defensive than offensive, helping to serve the ISFP typing of doing what it can to avoid a fight.

8. Kuromori (Wall Shadow, 16ft, 56ft long/10 tons)- ESFP


Oh Kuromori! Just as much of a mess as the type I’ve labeled you as! Hiding in old ruins resembling a tower, Kuromori resembles a lizard in more ways than one but it’s the electric brightness going through its legs and back that stick out more than anything else. ESFPs usually take especial pride in their appearance, even more so than their other siblings in the Artisan group.

Kuromori also can’t help itself when it comes to going on the offense, as it shoots energy blasts at you from wherever it is- often hitting the target. Not only that, you’ve got to run away altogether because the air is harmful for Wander to breathe in for a few moments after the shooting. When that doesn’t work, Kuromori doesn’t mind climbing up the walls to go after you…only to have you shoot it down.

ESFPs in real life can be like this in confrontation. With the strange ability to seethe their feelings outward, anybody that’s even in the room with them can feel their terrible angst. But often times, no seething is required as the ESFP doesn’t mind just coming out with whatever their problem is.

9. Basaran (Storm Echo, 75ft tall, 160 length/320 tons)- ENFJ


“Get off my lawn, you damn kids!”

Of the Top Three toughest to figure out for me my first playthrough, Basaran probably comes in at number three. The other two being Phaedra and Pelagia.

The ENFJ is much like their Guardian cousin, the ESFJ as far as typing is concerned and Basaran and Phaedra also share similarities, both having more natural weaknesses in their time in the game; Phaedra simply looking for you in the last door you were seen entering and Basaran walking over hot geysers, a natural part of the environment is also its enemy.

ENFJs may also find their strengths to be their weaknesses as their naturally friendly demeanor will also have them making enemies in unexpected ways because some people will just want a problem with you no matter how sincere they may be. This is an interesting contrast to many players’ frustration with the character due to its difficulty to beat.

But like the ENFJ, Basaran is solid all around. Pun? Yes, pun.

10. Dirge (Sand Tiger, 230ft /260 tons)- INFP


One of the more aggressive of the Colossi, they’re also one of the most hidden. Traveling through several types of terrain, the first time I played (Ahh…) I thought I’d certainly gotten lost- nope, this one’s just really isolated.

I sometimes see the INFP as being somewhere between the INFJ and ISFP, as well as in this case too- Dirge is a combination of Phalanx (Sand) and Hydrus’ (Snakelike), creating an interesting look that you’re also familiar with, much like the INFP that appears cordial and friendly enough, but also has their weird side you’re bound to see before long.

This is also a Colossus that seems to want to be alone…until you’ve wandered into it’s terrain; the INFP also needs it’s alone time to gather it’s thoughts and while Dirge probably isn’t thinking much, it’s also got the most obvious weak spot (It’s eyes, as it gets in yo’ face) like the INFP that can’t help but put all it’s emotions on the line, as they’re driven by Fi/Ne.

Oh and also? homey looks like Falcor.


11. Celosia (Flame Guardian, 12ft long, 18ft tall/5 tons)ENFP


Nobody will argue that upon meeting the ENFP, you get a feeling that doesn’t come that often- be it happiness or aggravation. The ENFP’s Keirsey name of “Champion” fits nicely with Celosia’s nickname of ‘Flame Guardian’ as ENFP’s goal of being the most fun and most original, likable person you know is often a goal they achieve.

Celosia may come as a surprise to most players their first time through because up until this point, we’d only seen massive creatures the size of buildings- but here we have the bouncing, energetic Celosia running from one end of the temple to the other, while we’re never sure where its going to stop.

It’s weakness is also interesting as none of the other Colossi seem to fear any natural element like Celosia does, also being the only one to show any kind of fear. ENFPs aren’t afraid to hide their emotions and think something wrong with just about anyone who does.

Even Dormin’s riddle points to the ENFP personality in a way- “…it keeps the flames alive…” ENFPs have a knack for stirring things up no matter where they go and instilling enthusiasm into anyone with a minute to spare. It doesn’t really take anymore time than that for them.

12. Pelagia (Great Basilisk, 89ft high, 100ft long/380 tons)- ESTP


It was difficult who showed more ESTP-like qualities, Pelagia or Argus, but ultimately Pelagia’s interesting combination of looks, environment and weakness won out for ESTP. Swimming to my destination had me fearful of what was to come next and that fact that it’s the only Colossi with no eyes made it that much weirder.

Three out of four Artisan Colossi deal with the water and it somehow seems fitting. The ESTP way of dealing with things is at once forceful and tactful. Sometimes mistaken for an ENTJ, the ESTP personality prefers to deal with things head on or not at all.

Pelagia’s offense is one of the strangest, creating an electric current despite it’s massive frame. ESTPs are also fast talkers even though they’re also thought to be one that’s more obsessed with their looks and status. But just because they’re talkers doesn’t mean they don’t have an aggressive side. This is similar to Pelagia who, while residing in the water, is so big that it doesn’t swim but walks on the surface below.

13. Phalanx (Trail Drifter, 557ft long, 200ft wide (wings)/1000 tons )- INFJ


What’s maybe the most unique looking Colossus fits for the supposed “rarest type” in MBTI. The Phalanx’s area is also a strange one as it surrounds itself with ruins in a small desert…where it lives underground…until it decides to fly out. Does it get any stranger? Yes. And what are those rings?

INFJs will often talk about feeling misunderstood and not even understanding themselves; a task they undertake the better part of their lives to complete (Not gonna happen). Phalanx is not only possibly the most different in its appearance, but to shoot it’s air sacks so it’s wings will penetrate the sand and allow you to climb onto it? Awesome. Also, all of that is what she said.

All in all, one of the most fun to fight as you hadn’t seen anything like it up until that point. When people relate MBTI types to animals, the INFJ is often grouped with a panda, generally because of how rare they are as well. And while the Phalanx is no panda, you’re definitely unlikely to ever see anything like it in any other game.

14. Cenobia (Destruction Luster, 11ft high, 18ft long/8 tons)- ENTP


Like his cousin Celosia, Cenobia is the only other Colossus to be this small (Still, they’re the size of a bull elephant), Cenobia plays an interesting role in SotC as their challenge comes in the form of destroying a whole city; messed up as it is to begin with.

Much like the ENFP, the ENTP’s energy can often have people thinking of them as being as sociable as any other extraverted types only to feel shut out on one of the ENTP’s “Off” days. Dormin’s riddle on Cenobia fits quite well also, mentioning his lust for destruction. While ENTPs aren’t known to disrupt gatherings due to emotional outbursts, they have a tendency to break down whatever barriers lie in front of them socially; be it by bringing up topics or generally doing things usually thought to be out of the norm just for the sake of doing them that way.

Many fans cite their initial distaste for this Colossus, as they did Celosia but came around after solving the puzzle of realizing to beat Cenobia, you’ve just got to let him do it himself- much like the ENTP trait of being too smart for their own good.

15. Argus (The Sentinel, 75ft/180 tons)- ENTJ


One of the most intimidating Colossi, Argus is also one of the last. But unlike Malus, who makes you go to him(?), Argus doesn’t stop pursuing you until one of you is dead. And what’s the first thing you need to do? RUN. Using his massive hoof, hand, or his cleaver (He’s got a cleaver!), Argus will use any means necessary to put you in your place.

Admit it- when you first see that giant hand reach over and smash down on the ground, you wet yourself a little. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. This is often how people view the ENTJ; they’re a bit overwhelming, aren’t they? Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon, Magneto, and whatever other warlord you can think of be they fictional or real, all ENTJs have a presence about them that can’t be denied.

But unlike the Guardian Barbas (Who we’ve typed ESTJ), whose means of defeat are relatively simple, Argus’ weakness is a bit more difficult as is the ENTJ way of defeat. His sigil (weak spot) is on his head, but you’ve also got to make your way to the palm that holds his cleaver. ENTJs can often be mistaken for an ESTJ whose way of dealing with things can be just as brutal, though the ENTJ isn’t as blunt in their methods.

15. Malus (Grand Gigas, 197ft/870 tons)- INTJ


Another one that seems obvious, due to the fact that Malus is the very last Colossus to fight, which makes it appear as the “Boss of all Bosses” but it just fits too well. Surrounded by obstacles, a cliff, and one of the toughest Colossi to scale, it seems this one has everything working for him and everything against you. Including the fact that he can shoot lightning (or whatever) at you.

As you very well know, INTJs in real life have everything planned out to the friggin’ tee and don’t do anything without having all their bases covered. The black sky and lightning flashing also adds to the “Mastermind” reputation as it creates that much more of an intimidating appearance- as if it wasn’t tough enough to climb this guy, you’ve got to get through all of his crap before you finally get to his actual self.

And like real INTJs, when you get down to it, they’re not much different than the rest of us.



6 Responses to “MBTI: 16 Types, 16 Colossi…Coincidence?”

  1. How far have you gotten on Supernatural?

    • fatalfuryguy Says:

      The older one is estp, the younger one istp. What do you think?

      • Dean (Older) being ESTP makes sense.
        Sam (Younger) being ISTP is possible but I’d also look at INTP. Sam is one to think in moves ahead & strategy from Season 3 on. He looks at possibilities in ways to solve situations… no matter how controversial they may be.

  2. I’d like some input on a person’s type…

    “Now, I’ve posted before about my hatred toward alcohol & drugs & my family’s chaos causing me to take action & prepare to stop them, should they try to kill each other. But, now I can’t keep committed to it. I keep flip flopping between 2 things. I desire to have fun but then, I feel like I have no impact or importance. I want to have that importance but then the commitment makes me feel trapped. It’s like I can’t settle on one thing. I have always gotten vibes for what is going to happen & 99% of the time, I’m right. I’ve always enjoyed acting because it allows me to be in any world I want to be in. I also like to write for the very same purpose. I also enjoy activities that involved a sense of danger. Like hunting animals that can potentially hunt you back. Or racing 4 wheelers or fighting for fun. I play video games that either put me in an interesting fantasy world or put me in a very action oriented situation. Like Super Mario or Legend of Zelda, I enjoy the fantasy world aspect. But games like Doom or Resident Evil, or Call of Duty Black Ops (1 or 2) I enjoy the action & thrill. I also enjoy playing video games with other people, in cooperative modes because versus modes just bring out my competitive streak.”

    So, what’s his type?

    • Madison Says:

      It looks like this person is feeling pretty conflicted, so it’s hard… But my guess is
      I- enjoys being alone and inside of their imagination. (Video games)
      N- vibes on what is going to happen, generally right, although the interest in “danger” involving video games is a common trait for an S with underdeveloped rational thinking skills.
      F???- strongly effected by families conflict. Not enough information for a real conclusion.
      J- 1- planning on how to deal with family beforehand indicates preference for structure, along with that their N (?) seems introverted.

    • swellbeth Says:

      Hmm. Of course, I can’t type a person 100% correctly from just a paragraph, but I can try.
      P–Can’t commit, even though he has a strong desire to. Wants fun. Openly competitive.
      Te–Needs an purpose, an end goal. Wants to do something active concerning family problems.
      Se–Loves action, danger, excitement
      Strong N–predicts the future well, loves imagining things.
      Ne–Many interests.
      Strong F (not necessarily Fe)–Cares deeply about family. Open with emotions.
      Fi–Still wants what he wants.
      Though he has strong N, he also has strong Se and P traits, so that means SP. He has Te and Fi, but stronger F than T, so SFP. I don’t know enough about him to tell whether he has more Fi or Se, whether he’s E or I.


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