MBTI: Bilbo Baggins- ESFJ


You can’t have a character that cares about his and others’ health, hates change and anything else that’s out of order and have them typed as anything else. Bones, The Thing, and friggin’ Superman are all characters with their own pasts, abilities, and unique traits, but they’re all ESFJ.

But Bilbo doesn’t have Starfleet, the rest of the Fantastic Four, or a million super powers to back him up. Just one broken down old wizard telling him “No, you’re good. You got this.”

But is Sting ergonomic? This is key to the story.

“Sure it gets the job done but how ergonomic is it?” Wait, that’s ISTJ.

Do you really blame him for being as paranoid as he is? He’s tiny and shoeless in a world where everybody else has claws, magic, or at least a sword. But that’s the ESFJ for you in the face of uncertainty- “Well, if you say so…”

It seems the Hobbits themselves are made up of the Guardian variety mostly due to their love of what they know; they stay in the Shire and don’t really care to go anywhere else. Bilbo isn’t an exception as it’s difficult for him to be convinced to do anything other than stay at home living the good, simple life. He eats, drinks, smokes, sleeps and works when he has to- not much else to it.

And like Everlast, he smoked the finest green. I'm sorry, I won't ever do that again.

And like Everlast, he smoked the finest green. I’m sorry, I won’t ever do that again.

If there’s one things the Guardian types have a hard time with, it’s change. Change to them is like turning a train around. Straightforward and backward? Sure? Turning left or right slowly and steadily? Of course. But this thing is on rails designed to take it very specific places that if the stop isn’t already on the way- it ain’t going.

And while Gandalf having a bunch of strangers show up at your house could confuse/annoy/frighten anyone, it’s the Guardian, specifically, that still attempts to be hospitable as the intruders make themselves at home. Yet past feeding them, Bilbo prefers to be left alone because leaving his home is unfamiliar and scary to him. Nevermind that he’s never been anywhere and seeing the rest of the world would do him some good, he just refuses.

Then again, can you blame him? I mean, he pretty much sucks compared to a dragon.

Then again, can you blame him? I mean, he pretty much sucks compared to a dragon.

One reason Bilbo is the most fitting for the protagonist in the Hobbit (aside from the name of course) is that he’s the least likely to be involved in the actions taking place and he has the most to learn from it all. And the most likely to die. But that’s something to be said about the ESFJ themselves.

While their love of people would have them making their loved ones as comfortable as possible, they still have a quiet (more or less) distaste for anything uncertain. Taking care of people is just what they do but they’re going to do it the way they know, not how you’ve told them. And that’s if you’ve been deemed worthy to begin with.

ESFJs can often get themselves in places mentally that others consider everyday life; people can be cruel. While some can balance this out with understanding that people can also do good. ESFJs on the other hand often think about how great people are all the time.

Tom is so wonderful. Even if he did steal my ale and my wife I know that deep down, he's a big ol' softy.

“Tom is so wonderful. Even if he did steal my ale and my wife I know that deep down, he’s a big ol’ softy.”

Seeing only the good people have to offer, they can get pretty depressed when it comes to realizing that not everybody is as nice as they are, leading to the idea that they’re are no good people. This isn’t true of course, but good luck getting that through to the Providers. Everyone they know is amazing and great! Shut up!

Bilbo sees the Shire as his way of life and doesn’t really care to experience much else which is vital to his character and how he progresses over the story. ESFJs are likely to do great things in their life even when it comes to the simple things of making sure those around them just have their basic needs. Bilbo’s role as a thief is, in a sense, this.

Sure, the warmth of Mother Earth is great but the location next to this pristine swamp could be a problem if you plan on having children.

Sure, the warmth of Mother Earth is great but the location next to this pristine swamp could be a problem if you plan on having children.

While the Dwarves are loud, cantankerous and strong; Bilbo is meek, mild and unsure. These things a thief do not make but it’s his opposition in personality to the Dwarves that make him much more likely to see things they don’t and understand things they look past. While Bilbo wouldn’t make it on his skills alone, the trip to the Misty Mountain wouldn’t have gone too far without him; especially with Thorin’s arrogant attitude. I suspect the Dwarf race to be a combination of mostly TJ Guardians and TP Artisans.

But as the fans know, Bilbo ultimately understands his priorities. Taken from the 2012 film-

“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right… I often think of Bag End. I miss my books, and my armchair, and my garden. See, that’s where I belong, that’s home. That’s why I came back… ’cause you don’t have one, a home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

"...Even though you all smell like rotting Wargs."

“…Even though you all smell like rotting Wargs.”

Even though the ESFJ hates the unknown, they hate letting their friends down more and will go further than most types to see that everybody makes it through the day in one piece.



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