MBTI: Leeloo- ENFP


Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Seba may be the key to the fifth element (or is the fifth element, whatever) but it’s her personality that makes it so.

The ENFP’s natural predisposition to meet new people, spread all those warm NF feelings and generally just make things happen can all be seen in the form of Milla Jovovich’s biggest role- other than the awful Resident Evil movies.

Leeloo’s attitude toward everything is one of fun and curiosity. She takes enjoyment in learning about the world around her with a childlike demeanor and is really is the embodiment of everything good that humanity is supposed to be about. This is all after she gets over that whole “OHMAHGADHOWDIDIGETHEREWHATISTHISPLACEI’MGONNADIE” episode she has when she was created in a big ol’ tube.

But we'll forgive her I guess, being born an adult and all.

But we’ll forgive her I guess, being born an adult and all.

This is much how the ENFP is, wanting to know about everyone around them, why people do what they do and so on. Not in a scientific way mind you, but in a way that desires to know the emotions that drive you; much like they’re interested in the emotions that drive them. People are their lives and they just can’t get enough interaction. You’ll know them when you meet them because nobody will have more energy than them and nobody will be more interested in what you have to say.

…At least for a short time.

The ENFP leads with Ne and and their backed by Fi which can make for a very fun but very shifty person. Not to say they’re untrustworthy but they can have a habit of falling through on their commitments. Seriously, their brains are like getting one of those guys from the Power Team to throw a superball against a tiny room..in space. And the Power Team guy is on crack. And he’s just gotten super powers that give him superspeed.

Do you get the idea? This ball is going to be destroyed.

"I had a family, but then I got hungry and had to weigh my options."

“I had a family, but then I got hungry and had to weigh my options.”

ENFPs are all over the friggin’ place and it takes a lot to slow them down. Some might say they’re the ultimate extraverts. So much so that they’ll break boundaries and ask you highly personal questions after they’ve only know you a short time. I’d just begun training an ENFP at work a few years ago and while the personal questions didn’t come until later (Like, the next day), he shared a very personal, very disturbing story within the first few hours of knowing me.

It was the first time I’d be shocked by a story like that because normally I’m the one offending people. But that’s the ENFP for you. Personal boundaries were made to be broken because hey, we’re all friends here.

Leeloo displays this is the simple way of disrobing in front of her male peers without even thinking about it. It’s not in her brain to have drawn the same lines as us regular humans that want to keep our clothes on in front of strangers. But to the ENFP, perfect humanoid or simple mortal, you’ve got to quit being so uptight.

How the majority of the world looks to the ENFP.

How the majority of the world looks to the ENFP.

In fact, speaking of the ENFP and lines, ENFPs (as other posts will mention) can have a hard time staying with one partner. There’s just so much to give, they may end several relationships looking for the “right” one. I mean, look at Leeloo- gettin’ it on with literally the first guy she met. Then again, he’s Bruce Willis, so who can blame her. It’s also a good thing she was meant to love and save the human race because had she been constructed with another personality, we might have been screwed.

And notice that Leeloo begins doing her online searches about humanity which eventually leads to how destructive the human race can be. This breaks her down at different points in the story and even carries the big question of the film, (As per writer/director Luc Besson) “What’s the point of saving life when you see what you do with it?”

"...You buttholes."

“…You buttholes.”

ENFPs place enough faith in those they care about that to be let down is down be truly broken down. Come to think of it, it seems to be an Idealist thing in general to search so deeply for the answer to a question they have that at some point, they come to a depressing standstill in their search, often times because they’ve actually found the answer.

If we’re all there is in this life and the earth itself is even dying, why should we care if we live on or not? We’re despicable to begin with, aren’t we? I’m disgusted with myself.”

*Friend calls to hang out, Idealist forgets about moral conundrum*

But as we see, Leeloo ends up saving the day (with Bruce, of course) and humanity continues to thrive, building even taller buildings and even floatier cars with even bigger spaceships.

And Ruby Rhod's show continues to rule the airwaves.

And Ruby Rhod’s show continues to rule the airwaves.

4 Responses to “MBTI: Leeloo- ENFP”

  1. You should type Iron Man. You already typed Captain America, Thor, & Hulk. Why not Iron Man. Some say ENTJ or ENTP. E N & T is quite clear. Some say ENTJ for his physical enjoyment seeking & the way he led the Pro-Registration forces in the Marvel Civil War. & they say ENTP for other reasons.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, I’ve pretty much left him out so far because Downey Jr. pretty much solidified his character as an ENTP with his smart guy rambling and disregard for political correctness. That and to complete a stereotype; he’s an inventor, whaddya know.

  2. Not a comment specific to this post, but more of a general comment on your writing on MBTI: while I don’t agree with all of your typing choices (Loki is one in particular where my thoughts differ), I very much enjoy your writing and find your explanations well thought out and well argued. I enjoy reading your work on this subject.

    • Taylor Says:

      Thanks, man. Yeah it’d be a little much for me to expect everybody agree with everything I said, but if you enjoyed any of it, that’s definitely appreciated.


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