MBTI: Silver Surfer- INFJ


Anybody could be a herald for Galactus if he wanted them to be. A being so powerful and massive, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work for a guy who promises not to eat your planet as long as you did what he said?

Okay, maybe a lot of people would just accept death but it’s the Silver Surfer’s willingness to take on a life of servitude only to get to another planet and refuse to sacrifice their lives too that would lean one toward Idealist.

But it’s the quiet meditator trait of Norrin Radd (He’s got another name. Whaa?) that says INFJ.

How many layers of enamel do you think he coats his glossy skin with?

How many layers of enamel do you think he coats his glossy skin with to protect himself from the sun? A lot, I bet.

One of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, Radd’s Wiki description goes a little something like this-

“One of the noblest and most tormented cosmic entities in the universe, the Silver Surfer treasures freedom above all else, but has often sacrificed his liberty for the greater good.”

All types of capable of doing something for the greater good and it’s the NFs that are most likely to lean toward a profession or simply a hobby that entails helping others at the expense of themselves. There aren’t many INFJs according to Keirsey and company, though you’ll find everyone online claiming to be one. The world might be a better place if there were.

How does this fit into the Surfer? Well if it weren’t for his reflective, sympathizin’ self, planet earth would have been the breakfast of Galactus years ago.

"Dammit Radd, you had ONE job! I need you to turn in your board. NOW."

“Dammit Radd, you had ONE job! I need you to clean out your cosmic desk and turn in your board. NOW.”

After being sent out on a mission to find a planet that Galactus could feed on, the Surfer found us. But instead of just going back to his big purple homey, he felt bad for us in that we’d pretty soon be dead. So he helped fight Galactus off with the help of the Family Circus, the Fantastic Four.

Another type may have been a little easier swayed to allow a planet where he doesn’t live to be eaten alive, simply shrugging it off as stepping on ants, killing us weak humans. Or maybe even with an “Psh. I don’t know’em.” But the INFJ’s natural response to want the best in all of humanity is a defining trait that sets them apart from any other type. More so in the delivery of said trait.

Caring for others is great but with their Introverted Intuition, INFJs have the ability to see far ahead into how their actions affect others, how others will affect them and act on this long-range information. Once the Surfer realized the kind of goodness the human race was capable of, his feeling to simply serve his master had gone away with the coming idea of preserving the human race from threats.

"Today's forecast? Gloomy with a chance of global DEATH. Snarf!"

“Today’s forecast? Gloomy with a chance of global DEATH. Snarf!”

Another interesting quote from Radd on his Wiki-

“I am not a god. I have never created life…but I have lived. That is enough. So I will fight to preserve that same opportunity — to love, to dream, to soar among the stars — for all those yet to come.”

INFJs are so deeply involved in their own thought process, it’s often as though they themselves are a thinking type. You wouldn’t mistake one for the other, say, an INTJ, but the INFJ’s willingness to dwell so much on their own thoughts and ideas on life and the people involved that the conclusion they come to on “the bigger picture” may be the same thing that a deeper dominant thinker may have come to.

Seein' every planet in existence changes a man.

Seein’ every planet in existence changes a man.

But notice that the opening lines describing the Surfer don’t just paint a picture of an creature that just cares for other people but they specifically used the word “tormented” which is interesting.

Guardian types, specifically the ESFJ and ISFJ do care for those around them and it’s possible for them to become depressed or annoyed at what little thanks they may get but the INFJ’s depression comes by way of living in a world that they feel will never understand them or see them as they are.

“Sure, it’s great to be a unique individual with creative thoughts and a love for humanity but where is this going to get me?” The INFJ might ask themselves. Everybody’s got their “Nobody gets me” days but the INFJ’s almost predetermined outlook on life that will have them thinking on this often. They’re bound to be much harder on themselves than they are on others. An INFJ I know puts much more thought on what she says than anyone I know, usually resulting in her saying very little at all.

...But with the Power Cosmic, do you really need words?

…But with the Power Cosmic, do you really need words?

Still, not to be ones outdone by their own pity (for the most part), the INFJ carries on with quiet determination. Above, Radd goes on to describe that him and his compatriots will go to live on for eternity in the memory of their peers left behind, having done great things in their time alive.

Not really the average speech from you local spandex-wearin’ superhero.


One Response to “MBTI: Silver Surfer- INFJ”

  1. As an INFJ I feel this describes me pretty accurately, minus being a superhero lol. We INFJs also constantly engage in self censorship. It takes us a while to let down our guard to actually tell someone our true feelings.

    I can definitely understand the tormented aspect as well. I often think about how much of my thoughts don’t really get me anywhere and how no one will really understand me.


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