MBTI: Why Typing TV Show Characters Sucks


I’ve been emailed a few times as to why I don’t type characters from several ongoing series and the answer is pretty simple. It’s also the same reason I don’t really watch much TV in the first place and it all has to do with being abused as a child.

I’m just kidding. But really, I don’t care much for TV past certain exceptions. Of course, Breaking Bad, Death Note, Dexter (ugh) and others make their way into my life but typing them is something you can really only do once the show has really shown you what it’s made of and some of them don’t even do this until they’re finally cancelled?

What do I mean exactly? Keep reading, dog.

My problem with TV shows in general is that unless you already have an idea of what you want to do, what you want to happen, and how you want it to end, there seems to be a huge chance that not only is your show going to make promises it won’t keep, but many of the characters become written based on fan favorites.

Not that movies are absent of that.

Not that movies are absent of that.

Now I don’t mind the creators listening to fans and writing partially based on what they want to see but often times, it’s the loudest, most obnoxious people that repeat something until they run it into the ground.

As an example of how this can affect a show, take the thankfully deceased Dexter- sure, Dexter’s a serial killer. Yes, we accept him as a character and what he does and in many cases, we all want to get rid of the child molester or take things into our own hands. Those parts of the show were great.

"Oh hey guys. Sup. I was uh, just doing making up lies as we speak. You're never going to catch me, let's be honest."

“Oh hey guys. Sup. I was uh, just uh, making up lies as we speak. You’re never going to catch me, let’s be honest.”

But eventually, the writers were running out of ideas and you could tell. Dexter went from antihero who always walks the line between what we want him to do and what he wants to do to doing what writers thought people wanted to see.

Take the good things about the show and shove them in our face as if to say “Oh, yeah you like this show don’t you? Yeah, you do. We know what you like and you like KILLING.”

At a certain point they wanted us to entirely condone Dexter’s murders. Why else would they have presented a girlfriend character that had done the same things as Dexter and have them live out the season like Bonnie and Clyde? There were constant references to others “not being like us” and blah blah blah… Numerous mentions of others not being able to do what they do were made as if others didn’t have the guts to kill.

"You can have my heart...it's been in the refrigerator for weeks."

“You can have my heart…it’s been in the refrigerator for weeks.”

What is this? This is when writers don’t have anymore ideas and they’ve taken a good one and run it into the ground. They started writing based on what they thought people wanted rather than being true to the tone and characters they were originally writing.

Lost is another example though I’ve never watched it myself. I just know that nine out of ten fans I know that watched it feel like they wasted a lot of time on a show that didn’t know where it wanted to end and they’d started writing in circles to keep the seasons going. Some will argue and that’s fine, I’m not against that particular show but you get my point; shows have a tendency to run on long after writers run out of ideas. With Lost, I’m going off of what others have said and I recognize the feeling.

Andy from The Office was a particular character that lost his voice throughout the series. He started off a kind of frat guy d-bag whose misery you could laugh at because he was such a jerk in the first place. Then we got to the point where we’d seen enough of him that we wanted to see him to some good things in the course of the show…then it went down hill. Due to Ed Helms’ commitments to The Hangover movies, there would have to be plot points involving Andy leaving…to which they decided to write Andy off as an idiot again whom we were supposed to laugh at.

Wasted potential right here.

Wasted potential right here.

Well, that just sucked; the writers trying to get us to laugh at Andy again after so many episodes where we were supposed to root for him. But that’s what happens when a successful show keeps going.

The best ones either have a certain ending point or get cancelled before they should have.

I say all this to bring to light why there aren’t more TV shows on here with typed characters- there’s not much definition to many of these shows where the beautiful detective hooks up with the other beautiful detective to solve crimes and there’s so much wit and irony from these people who have accomplished all these things in their lives that would actually take a couple more decades. And like, are they ever going to really hook up or just keep us waiting??









You get the point. Okay, one more-


Okay, done.

Not to mention, some of the stereotypes many shows present are just that- stereotypes of types that aren’t much fun to type. Or worse- they’re everything. They embody every trait that would be put into one human to make the perfect being. That’s no fun. I’d rather stick with the mediums that are more likely to give us more refined characters with layers if possible.

Sure, there are good shows out there. I’m not saying TV itself sucks, I just mean to say that two thirds is just garbage.

Here are some typed TV shows below-

Dexter Cast

Death Note Cast

Breaking Bad Cast

Michael Scott/ Erin Hannon (The Office)

Haruko (Fooly Cooly)

Regular Show

Jet Black /Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Fox Mulder (The X-Files)

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  1. I still am working on a giant compilation of Transformers types based on G1 and the aligned continuity. It wouldn’t be perfect, but sort of scrounging up the “Best-of’s” in the TF universe and making a giant chart, so I can giggle at my friends.


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