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The Problem with Christian Movies (From a Christian)

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It was bound to happen. As soon as I saw the poster for the recently released Son of God movie, I knew exactly where this was going to go. Church groups would buy advanced tickets, it would be talked about by anybody that even heard a movie about Jesus was coming out.

It’s already much closer to being under the radar than Passion of the Christ was but then again, this wasn’t directed by Mel Gibson and acted in a completely different language.

And it doesn’t need to be Passion. I don’t hold that as the standard for biblical movies as much as I do the standard for movies featuring Jesus but even still, it’s difficult subject matter. But why couldn’t it have been better?

And for that matter, why can’t so-called Christian movies just be better? Continue reading

Movie Review: Son of God

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Stars: Diogo Morgado, Joe Wreddon, Darwin Shaw, Roma Downey, Amber Rose Reven,

Rated PG-13 intense and bloody depiction of The Crucifixion, and for some sequences of violence , Running time 138 minutes, Drama

Compare to: The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), The Jesus Film (1979)

When it comes to adaptions, I’m not sure if any book is more difficult to take on than stories in the Bible. Whether the viewer is a believer or not can have a major impact on how you appreciate the movie itself. In comparison, The Hunger Games movies may still be enjoyed by people who aren’t fans of the books.

How you felt about this movie from the trailer or even the poster, will determine exactly how you feel about this movie. Did it seem idiotic? Then that’s how you’ll feel about it. Did it look captivating or enthralling? Then that’s how you’ll feel when watching it. Did it seem like it had a powerful message wrapped in corniness? You get the idea. Continue reading

MBTI: The Wizard of OZ

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Hopefully you’re familiar with Keirsey and the absolutely bangin’ work he’d done over the course of his 91-year life. Keirsey passed away last July but isn’t that normally when a person’s work really begins to become appreciated?

For all the character typing we’ve done, much of the research goes back to Keirsey as well as the idea for typing characters in the first place. And who did Keirsey use as model for his different groups? The Wizard of OZ of course. Each of the core characters played a specific part in the story much like each group (no matter who annoys you the most) plays an important role in society. Continue reading

Is Don Jon’s Excessive Use of Porn Justitied?

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Don’t you just love sitting in the theater with your significant other, watching the movie of your choice when suddenly bam! POW! Boobs and butts are all over the place!

I have a tendency in those moments to push my seat back as far as it will go and peer out of my peripheral so as to gauge the reaction of my loved one, who is now undoubtedly shaking their head (mentally) as they think “He had to pick THIS one, didn’t he?”

But can you argue for it’s decision to show much of what the main character watches? Continue reading

MBTI: Why ESTJs are Always Going to be Bad Guys

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You know an ESTJ and he is a jerk. I know it’s tough to hear, right? Maybe your friend but probably your boss- is a big fat jerk, isn’t he? He’s crass, loud, bossy and always see people as being with or against him. If you don’t know an ESTJ, there are one of two reasons for that.

One is that you have distanced yourself from so much of society that you’ve actually managed to avoid this type (Sensitive, are we?) or you just are that guy that people run from. But it doesn’t have to be this way, does it?

Pretty much. Continue reading

This Movie SUUUCKS: Never Back Down

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Maaan…I remember when I was the new kid in Jawja. I had no friends, no social skills, and no teacher to guide me in the right direction. But man, did I have a mean right cross. Hoo boy. And everybody recognized it.

Sure, my anger problem made me undisciplined but dude…C’mon…I had heart. And when you have heart, there’s no telling how far you’ll go. Yeah, I mean, I would lash out over the most insignificant thing, going into a berserker rage but don’t you think having an anger problem is kinda…I don’t know…cool?

This is the set-up to Never Back Down and it’s pretty much exactly what Tokyo Drift was if you replace cars with MMA. Or Karate Kid. Continue reading

MBTI: Eren Yeager- ESFP

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While they’re often considered the most fun loving, ESFPs could just as easily be considered the most hot-headed. While their thinker brothers, the ISTP and ESTP have their moments, it’s the ESFP male that may have the hardest time keeping themselves composed in times of stress and it’s often times the ESFP themselves that create the situation.

Eren is a great example of the “hero” ESFP and another display that the anime/manga world is the most diverse in terms of protagonists. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

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If ya didn’t know, Marvel is expanding their horizons. It broke the mold with finally having a massive team movie, all with the characters’ separate films; but now it’s blasting off into the last frontier. I’m hoping this one is as good as it looks. I don’t like to report news really but this feels worth it. For the MBTI people, here they are typed.

Clicky clicky. Continue reading

MBTI: The Dark Knight’s ISTJ Versus the Comics’ INTJ

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Fresh off the heel’s of last summer’s hottest blockbuster release comes a little known character named Batman and he’s really rockin’ the comic book boat thanks to this indie publisher known as DC!

While the most recent film version of Superman took to the skies and turned their good ol’ boy into the rarest of introverts, Nolan took a different route with the Mastermind detective and turned him into the everyman that couldn’t let him or his fellow man be abused anymore. How did they do this, you spake? Click on the link and I’ll stop typing like Jar Jar. Continue reading

Movie Review: Robocop

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Stars: Joel Kinnamin, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Michael K. Williams, Jackie Earle Haley, Samuel L. Jackson

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action including frenetic gun violence throughout, brief strong language, sensuality and some drug material, Running time108 minutes, Action/Sci-Fi

Compare to: Dredd (2012)

While making some changes to the original, this Robocop remains relatively the same. Not much is improved on from the original save for new age technology that doesn’t seem as far away as it once did.

But is it good? Can you watch it and feel like you’re watching a complete movie on it’s own? More or less, sure. Continue reading