MBTI: Starscream- ENTP


There are aspects of most people’s personality that you may never even know is there until you’ve known them long enough. For some types, this may include simply taking part in a hobby you’ll never know about because they have interests they’re embarrassed about.

But for Starscream, it’s pretty much out in the open that he’s a lying deceiver. There’s really no excuse for why Megatron hasn’t done him in when he’s had the chance other than his famous “Because I’m an idiot” line. Everybody knows Starscream is manipulative and when someone has been stabbed in the back, all eyes go to him.

No matter what incarnation Starscream is in, his character remains the same. Movies, comics, cartoons…It’s a little surprising so many have chosen to type him as INTJ given his character’s history.

A match made in hell.

Our two favorite war criminals!

INTJs aren’t really known so much for their trickery like Starscream is. And though his reasons for lying and whatnot are more for power (something the INTJ does love) than for fun like the ENTP’s usual motivation, it doesn’t change the fact that Starscream doesn’t seem to ever plan much of what he does past the point of initially getting what he wants. I assume the rest of his idea is based on “wingin'” it?

As much as Starscream’s character is about overthrowing his leader, he doesn’t seem to know what to do when he gets there, which is similar to an ENTP, who may try and achieve an objective without knowing why they want to save for the reasoning of proving their ability that they can do it even if they’re only proving it to themselves.

"Will this kill him? Let's see."

“Will this kill him? Let’s see.”

Starscream shows no leadership ability and doesn’t even really have a side- he’s worked with the Autobots before when he thought it could get him somewhere. As much as I hate to paint the picture of ENTPs being untrustworthy and conniving, this is possibly their biggest weak point and it’s what’s most likely to lead others to become aggravated with them.

Their constant back and forth dialogue and seemingly inability to just give a straight answer can be frustrating to those looking for a “yes” or “no” and often leads people to believe they have more to show than they’ll ever admit.



And while everyone has their own way of deceiving, the ENTP’s way of doing it often closely intersects with the way they interact with people on a regular basis making it difficult to know whether or not they’re just playing around in the weird way that they do…or they’re just lying to you.

An ENTP I know had to stop pulling pranks and practical jokes on co-workers and friends because when other people started copying said pranks (Crudely, I might add), all fingers were directly pointed at him.

This was offensive to him because his jokes actually took some thought while the copycats’ jokes consisted of calling girls and breathing heavily on the other end of the line. Do you get that the ENTP was annoyed about this? It was me. I was the pissed-off ENTP. The rip-off artist was just some pervert. Point being, people often don’t know how to take an ENTP’s behavior because they blend their serious side with a…less serious side.

As mentioned in previous ENTP posts, the Inventor variant has a desire, like other Rationals, to be the most prolific in whatever field they choose to go into, even if it’s just for a hobby. And while Starscream is no leader, he is one of the most dangerous Decepticons in the entire Transformers universe.

Look at this cannon. You could fit, what, three? Five humans in there?

Look at this cannon. You could fit, what, three? Five humans in there? Definitely like eight midgets.

I mean, why wouldn’t he? He takes the form of a friggin’ jet. This is the real problem with Starscream is that for all of his backstabbery he’s actually got some skill in what he does, much like the ENTP that you wish would shut up. Part of the reason is because a lot of what they’re saying makes sense it’s just that people don’t always want to hear it and many feel as though the ENTP is mocking them.

And many are. Until the ENTP realizes that you’ve got to play by somebody’s rules instead of debating and arguing against them, they might find themselves in the rut of life, and have a hard time moving forward. And until Starscream chills out for a while and just makes a decision on who to side with and follow, he’s always going to be Megatron’s bucket to kick. Hopefully he’ll be back in the next movie though. His death, I could’ve done without.

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