MBTI: DKR’s Bane- ENTJ or ISTP? Intuitive VS Sensor Part II


Spoilers Ahead! But how could you not have seen this movie yet?!

Continued from PART I.

In the comics, ESTP is my initial thought for Bane, being a conqueror type and all but upon closer inspection, he’s got more going on in his head than his body would lead you to believe, with no offense to ESTPs.

So you could argue that ESTPs would put the body before the mind and ISTPs put the mind before the body. Not to say whatever is secondary is superfluous to the user, but when priorities are taken, something will have to come in second.

And though the Batman & Robin would have you believe Bane is a monosyllabic moron, the real character is the only one to have “broken the bat.” After deducing who Batman really is (It’s Bruce! Bruce Wayne!), he systematically destroys him. Moving into Gotham and just outright attacking him is seen as stupid by him so he releases Arkham’s criminals first so as to wear him down. Then he goes in for the kill and we get all this gloating.

See what I mean? He hasn't even broken Batman's back yet and he''s already claiming Gotham.

See what I mean? He hasn’t even broken Batman’s back yet and he”s already claiming Gotham.

The point being, ISTP is a more fitting type for Bane in the comics as leading with Ti would have the user making the more balanced decisions before acting, rather than leading with Se which could have easily in resulted in Bane directly attacking Wayne head-on and possibly losing the first round. Ti is taking things in and breaking it apart to see what’s on the inside and how it all works which is what Bane does when he decides to snap, crackle, and pop the dark knight.

So where does this leave the Dark Knight Rises Bane? He’s extroverted isn’t he? The speeches! The confidence! That style!

Well, it seems like it…but not necessarily.

"Whutchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

“Whutchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

As mentioned, Talia revealing that she was the mastermind, that she was the one with the plan, and that she had all the motivation to do what was being done changes Bane’s character. He’s not the one holding the strings, he’s the puppeteer’s assistant. The plan they enact takes a whole lot of hate but Bane isn’t the one with all the hate on his shoulders, it’s Talia. The batty man killed her daddy and ruined his life’s work and you know the drill…she didn’t like that.

So everything Bane doesn’t isn’t his plan or his doing, he’s just a guy taking care of a loved one, as he sees it. Sure, he probably believes in what they’re doing; he would have to- but it’s made clear that he’s carrying out Talia’s wishes not his own.

I like a woman with her own armed guards. Such a pimp.

I like a woman with her own armed guards. Such a pimp.

So how would this lead us to ISTP? Why not INTJ? Why not an NF? Well, he’s as M describes Bond in Casino Royale- “A blunt instrument to be used and thrown away.” And while M wouldn’t necessarily throw Bond away (shoot him, but not throw him away), Talia doesn’t plan on throwing Bane away either…they’re all going to die together.

ISTPs are known to be as cold as ice to even loved ones and even though these loved ones often get the cold shoulder, the ISTP still thinks of them as being the few worthy of their time. Not because ISTPs don’t care about anybody else but…uh…let’s just say it’s tough for the ISTP to care at all.

So when the ISTP does care about someone or something, it’s not uncommon for them to take it more seriously than you would think they would. This could be a relationship, this could be an idea, this could be a belief; the point is that their love of something or someone could easily result in Bane’s devotion to Talia. Much like a ISTP mother that was pretty cold in her younger days but took the time to understand human life can matter once she had a kid of her own.

Bane never had a mommy OR a supporting father figure. NOW do you understand?

Bane never had a mommy OR a supporting father figure. NOW do you understand?

When you look at things from this perspective, it makes sense why Bane was leading his group and doing all the heavy lifting- he was just another member of the group. He spoke, he had the leadership skills, but he wasn’t really in charge, Talia was.

ISTPs can often be credited with, not creating new ideas or coming up a mind-blowing piece of data that will make you see things in a different light, yet their leading Ti allows them to understand what information they take in more easily than most types. Bane wouldn’t have to necessarily agree with Talia to take Batman back to a prison to let him suffer, he would just have to do it as part of her plan.

I’m not relegating Bane to THUG #37 or anything. In the comics, Ra’s al Ghul compares him as an equal to Batman, though he considers Batman (an INTJ) to be refined and trained as opposed to Bane’s animal-like instincts. Think Batman’s classical music to Bane’s [Insert contemporary music you like here, preferably an aggressive style].

Bane has created his own form of martial arts, learned multiple languages, and is at peak human strength, as well as competing with the dark knight in various other specialties. This again, speaks to the ISTP, that chooses to focus on practical hobbies and skills, even if they are dangerous at times. The Bane Wiki page even compares his skills to that of Bruce Lee, also thought to be an ISTP.

Though this is also heavily disputed as online nerds love the idea of Lee being an intuitive, though all of his pursuits were almost entirely physical.


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5 Responses to “MBTI: DKR’s Bane- ENTJ or ISTP? Intuitive VS Sensor Part II”

  1. I remember people, even after seeing the entire movie, still tried pinning Bane as ENTJ. I had seen him as ISTP after the end. I think the other N’s wanted to hold onto an awesome character & him being a sensor seemed blasphemy in their eyes. But some NF’s irrationality does get the best of them in a logical argument.

    • Taylor Says:

      People in general will allow their irrational side to take over when it comes to type! Some folks will always look to validate themselves when they really need to be breaking themselves down. Saw the Joker typed as INFJ and Tuco from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly typed as ENFP. The heck.

  2. Joker? INFJ? I think I just got dizzy from the overdose of irrationality. Hahaha

  3. Unlike the intuitive, one of the worst tortures for a dominant Sensitive is the sustainable confinement without any good sensorial stimulation. Like a panther in a cage. Bane’s (ISTP) decisions make sense.

    In fact, I don’t like Batman. He is like a judge. He is the dominant system. An sanctimonious eagle perched far from realities.

  4. ISTP has a strong personal vision but narrow, especially around the principle of revenge. So, they are actually often seduced by the NT and can embraced a broader and transcendent vision.

    In fact, knowing that Bane was essentially introverted and sensitive while supporting a huge project, we could know that he had another person behind, an NT.


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