MBTI: DKR’s Bane- ENTJ or ISTP? Intuitive VS Sensor


Spoilers Ahead! But how could you not have seen this movie yet?!

As one of the most quotable villains in recent movie history (Maybe ever, we’ll see), Bane had many viewers quickly forgetting the Bane of 1997’s Batman & Robin and many typists thinking a definite extravert regardless of what he was in the comics.

His theatrics, his bravado and his sheer power with actual brains to control the muscle, he had to be an ENTJ right? Maybe even ENFJ some might say. But the ending seemed to change everything about his character. When we realize he wasn’t the brains behind the operation, but simply the well defined muscle.The ENTJ has the reputation for being exactly what Bane is throughout the majority of Dark Knight Rises. He’s intimidating and steals all the scenes he’s in. He’s seems to show a preference for Te in the film as evidenced by how much talking he does. Not that this is Te alone, but he has several public speeches that ENTJs are usually pretty keen to giving.

The one at the football stadium. The one at Blackgate Prison. How about the fact that he was talking the entire time he was beating Batman to a gooey pulp? He talks almost as much as the Joker. His quotes are just as memorable too in their own way. Bane’s lines about the self and the Joker’s about society just resonate.

And we all know the ENTJ has a gift for just convincing those around them that their way is the right way. Or the only way. If you don’t agree with them, you’d better get out of the way because they’re not stopping.

And jeez, even after he breaks Batman’s back and flies him to a supposedly inescapable prison, he gives him the reasons why like a true Bond villain. He doesn’t want to just kill Batman, he wants to break him, to humiliate him. His apparent Ni would give him the insight into what the symbol of the Batman really is and when you go after someone’s home, you’re going after the person who lives there as well.


“Nisch Shewer! I’ll take two!”

This is something that doesn’t really befit an ISTP, whose laser-like focus isn’t one for games and toying with the enemy so much as they are bringing the hammer down and being done with it, taking pride in the action itself rather than the enjoyment of truly breaking down another’s beliefs like an intuitive is more likely to do.

When in an argument, Sensors will fight fire with fire while Intuitives hope to find the button to unleash the Hoover dam on your flamethrower. The Intuitives say “Fire does nothing to fire!” while the Sensors say “You’ll never find that button!”

What works and what doesn’t is dependent on that specific user, not one being more effective than the other. This is something people often mistake type theory for; they’ll use it as a way to validate themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard “officially” rather than say “Oh, so we’ve ALL got strengths and weaknesses?”

Some have a harder time with this than others.

Some have a harder time with this than others.

But a plan like Bane’s takes time, precision, vision, and a whole lotta hate. Sure, they claim the goal is to rid the world of such a corrupt place because of the infection that could take place on the rest of the world but you can’t blow up an entire city without having a personal axe to grind either; you’d have to really mean what you were doing. And it seems Bane does, right? He’s not just going through the steps of a plan but he’s also relishing in the glory of his mission.

That is until we realize that it’s not his plan he’s carrying out. And this changes just about everything about his character.

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One Response to “MBTI: DKR’s Bane- ENTJ or ISTP? Intuitive VS Sensor”

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