Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer


If ya didn’t know, Marvel is expanding their horizons. It broke the mold with finally having a massive team movie, all with the characters’ separate films; but now it’s blasting off into the last frontier. I’m hoping this one is as good as it looks. I don’t like to report news really but this feels worth it. For the MBTI people, here they are typed.

Clicky clicky.

The tone is well balanced I think between the comedy and action. You can’t really have the bizarre characters and setting without a little bit of humor. I’m getting an Abrams’ Star Trek/Hellboy feel from what we see here.

It’s still crazy to me that they’re doing this when some of the more grounded heroes can’t even be adapted properly but hey, here’s to hoping.

One Response to “Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    F@&%k you chelios!


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