ZRE Podcast #3- Godzilla Trailers, Non-Stop, Son of God, and a New Matrix?


Between all these things I just don’t know how we’re going to cover it! Hopefully we can do it all in the short amount of time we have! Will our heroes be able to okay I’ll stop. This week we go over the things above plus a little more recent movie news with Bryce and his oh-so soothing radio voice.

00:14-02:33 Nebraska and Rescuers Down Under
02:51-05:07 Godzilla! Trailer 2
05:07-07:53 New Fantastic Four Cast / Characters That Don’t Translate to Film
07:55-15:11 Bryce’s take on Non-Stop, aka NONSTOPPABLE
15:12-19:19 Son of God talk/ SOG Review/ The Problem with Christian Movies
19:20-22:30 Recent Noah disclaimer
22:31-27:34 New Matrix movies? Whaaa?
27:34-29:44 So long, Harold Ramis! Thanks for Ghostbusters!/ Ghostbusters 3
29:44-30:26 Ultimate Spin Mm good times


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