ZRE Podcast #4- Sucky Movie Posters, Drew Struzan, Sin City 2, and Glitch Mob


OMG I cant’ baleive how mach thes thigns SUK! LOL but srsly, they’re not so great. We mostly delve into the lost art of poster art and the stories they could tell…but leave out in favor of terrible cartoon images to appeal to small children or the dumbest movie goer that happens to walk by.

00:00-7:59 Bad photoshop/Captain America Winter: Soldier Posters
Worst Posters of 2013

8:00-10:02 Drew Struzan’s Wonderful World of Awesome Posters
Best Posters of 2013

10:03- 11:06 More Bad Posters
11:07-12:41 Sin City 2 Trailer/Eva Green

12:42-13:37 Glitch Mob/ Nico Vega


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