ZRE Podcast #9- Noah; What Sucked and What Didn’t


Spoilers ahead!

Bryce and Josh discuss all that is Darren Aronofsky’s Noah film. Sure, we did the review, but you only read that to see if it’s worth watching at all. And it’s definitely worth the watch, but what about all the controversy going on with it? You can’t have a movie like this and not have the opinions fly like women’s underwear at a Tom Jones concert.

What they liked, what they didn’t, what makes it worth watching and what was just weird about Noah, just listen to it! No need for a plotz, people!

"One day son, this will all be yours. After it's all been destroyed of course."

“One day son, this will all be yours. After it’s all been destroyed of course.”



One Response to “ZRE Podcast #9- Noah; What Sucked and What Didn’t”

  1. Taylor's human creator Says:

    As a follower of Christ I love the Bible and all it’s life changing stories. So this insightful podcast was helpful in my meditation and break down of this film.

    It was interesting I had some Christian friends see the flick and were offended by the modern look at Noah’s life. I don’t think we should let this work rock our ark. After all when my friends got home the first act was get the scripture out and do a fact check. So how bad can it be if it causes us to read His holy word?

    Good insight by Brice and Josh, thanks.


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