ZRE Podcast #11- The Winter Soldier and Where to Go From Here


Spoilers Ahead!

Yeah, sure, it came out- but do you care? Is this another big-budgeted turd begging to climb back up your toilet? Get a visual of that and then proceed.

You can read the spoiler-free review here or you can listen to a more revealing look at Marvel Studios’ newest movie and what’s good about it- and not so good.

Get a little history on the man that would be The Winter Soldier, why Chris Evans works as Captain America past a totally slammin’ bod, and what sets this movie apart from the rest of that Marvel schlock.


Winter Soldier? NOOOOOOOOOOO

2 Responses to “ZRE Podcast #11- The Winter Soldier and Where to Go From Here”

  1. mitchell davis Says:

    Great stuff. Love the reviews


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