ZRE Podcast #12: Good Movies, Unfitting Roles


Of all the movies you love, which roles in them could have been replaced by a better or more fitting actor. We discuss this, the strangeness of Schwarzenegger, and if anybody could be Durden better than Pitt.

00:00-09:12- The News!
09:13-11:58 Taylor’s first choice
11:59-17:01 Second Choice
17:02-23:03 Third Choice
23:04-27:52 Miscellaneous Choices
27:54-29:54 The Amy Adams Conundrum
29:55-32:56 The Arnold Schwarzenegger Phenomenon
33:57-34:46 The Tom Cruise Imaginarium
34:47-37:13 Tyler Durden Casting (Perfect or the worst casting imaginable?)

Mentioned Articles- Jason Statham is Man’s Last Hope

Anybody you think could’ve been replaced to make that particular going experience complete? Let us know!


2 Responses to “ZRE Podcast #12: Good Movies, Unfitting Roles”

  1. Pink Mama Says:

    PBS News blows you socialist!


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