MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles


One of the major criticisms of MBTI is that it only focuses on the positive. Maybe some do this, but if you’re approaching it the right way, you’re well aware of your weaknesses and are embarrassed by them; not turning them into fun, quirky side points of your personality.

Remember that you’re not going to like your actual problems. It’s what makes them problems.

Here’s a quick list of the types and some issues, whether we know it or not. Don’t get your feelings hurt and don’t even argue; just try to see how someone could view you this way.

Guardians- SJ



You’ve got to stop. Seriously. Your whole “I’ve got to do everything for everybody all the time” lifestyle not only makes you stressed out, but it’s often more about you controlling everything. Take some time for yourself occasionally and do some “soul searching.”

And no, I don’t mean “Watch more reality TV.” Understand that there’s more to life than pleasing other people so you can feel good about yourself. Read a book, watch an in-depth movie, stretch your mental capacity.

Though that last one shouldn’t be too hard for you, so you should try it sometime and better yourself in ways you’ve previously only thought nerds did.


two young girls laughing behind another girls back

Quiet, proper and annoying, I really don’t even need to say anything to make you feel like crap about yourself since you subject yourself to it every day anyway. Aw, does this hurt your feelings?

Oh, not now that it’s being said. Now you’re probably defending yourself on how this isn’t like you at all. But you know it is.

Try this for a change- try doing something for somebody because you like to do it; not because of what that person will do to you if you don’t. It’s really obvious to other people you hate being of service to them but when you’re always doing it for them, why would they stop? Sure, you’re good looking, but that’s not even for you, is it? You do that so you don’t have anyone stare at you for standing out.

Think for yourself, quit being so mopey and quit getting mad because things don’t go your way. You’ve haven’t done a single thing to control the outcome in the first place.



The good little automaton droids of MBTI, These rigid little dictators are like fire ants. Sure, a bite hurts but it takes a hundred of them to amount to anything. Stop trying to tell everyone everything like it’s your job, or like you were asked. Don’t be surprised to one day find out that all your rants on the most technical aspects of whatever subject you thought was interesting at the time was also your discussion partner’s nap time.

Having an original thought every once and a while and knowing why you think what you think might make it a little easier to not get so mad at everyone that questions you. And to elaborate, quit getting so mad that people don’t agree with you in the first place. Other people have rights too and even if they believed the same things as you, you’d still find something stupid to get mad at them for.

We all know that no matter what others do, you’re gonna whine.



Everything said about ISTJ goes double for ESTJ. Always cranky and always annoyed at every one else for thinking differently, they’ll get mad at people for being as firm in their beliefs as the ESTJ is in their own. In other words, a hypocrite. And what really sets them apart in the hypocrisy department is that they’re so loud about it.

Nevermind their own problems, they’re here to fix you…through harassment and bullying. Did the ESTJ you know recently find out about a new team, politician, or religion they’re into? Alright, well then get ready to be beaten into submission until you love it too. As an ESTJ, you might want to slow down, stop concerning yourself with what everybody else needs to think and work on your temper.

Artisans- SP


Wow, aren’t ISFP just precious peacekeepers of the arts and humanity? They’ve just got so much going on in their heads and hearts but who cares, they’ll just keep their mouth shut instead of warning you about oncoming traffic. All their feelings and thoughts must be contained for when their friend can’t take it anymore. THEN, they might talk about it but only when people are at their most fed up.

But keep in mind that the more you say, the further back this timid creature will go. Not because you’re saying anything intimidating but because ISFPs don’t understand anything that isn’t what they think. No really- show an ISFP another point of view and watch their eyes cross before they just go back to what they originally said, repeating it word for word. It’s like their functions are lined up to create a natural stoner that feels deeply but has nothing going on in their head.



Where do you start? Or rather, if I start, where do I end? ESFPs are the type to want to do something stupid and get mad at you for trying to stop them. You might get a speech about it being “THEIR life” and all that other crap that makes you feel like you’re in an ABC Family drama.

Then, once the act of idiocy is complete and the ESFP is suffering the consequences, they’ll scream about how difficult their life is and how unfair the universe treats them. Oh, also it’s your fault for not stopping them. The way they remember it (ESFPs create their own truths) is that when they needed help from you, you turned your back on them.

Oh, but don’t actually turn your back on them, because they’ll probably steal from you. Being the “hottest” person you know only gets you so far.



The “coolest” type there is, ISTPs are a lot like ISFPs in that they’ll hate everything about you but never actually say anything. Their love of remaining the level-headed one is so important to them that doing anything like breathing too fast is equated with making threats of suicide.

The strangest thing about the ISTP is their sporadic tendency of ignoring common sense and acting on whatever impulse they just received, from their genitals to their brain. There’s no good reason, they’ll just act like an idiot and claim ignorance later. In the name of making things interesting, they might start an argument over something they don’t even care about and then keep it going with points that don’t make any sense in an attempt make you feel wrong.

Lastly, be prepared to hear about their “taste for the finer things.” I.E., constant whining about how whatever you’re doing isn’t cool enough.



Possibly the loudest of all types, the ESTP is intent on convincing you of something that doesn’t matter and then talking about how stupid you are once you bought into it. That thing they said they help you out with yesterday? That thing they said ‘yes’ to? Well, you’re asking too much of them by wanting them to make good on it.

ESTPs only care about people depending on what that person can do for them. Reading that alone doesn’t sound horrible to the ESTP because they think it makes them sound cool and cold.

Well, it doesn’t, it just makes you a douche. A douche that nobody wants to be around because when you don’t get your way, you act like a giant baby. Lay off the steroids, it’ll do wonders for your brain and your testicles.

Idealists- NF



What’s often considered the most likable type, if you’re around an ENFJ for a bit, they’ll whip out their inner ESFJ and tell you what you need to do to better yourself. And by “for a bit” I mean “upon meeting you.” ENFJs are notorious for sticking their noses where they don’t belong in some strange attempt to fix you. You didn’t ask for it, but they “know” what you need.

Ultimately, the problem isn’t that they actually want you to do better, but that they don’t understand their persistence comes across as them just telling you what to do, which makes their helpful attempts pointless. The warm, fuzzy feeling the ENFJ gets from convincing you of your problem they need to correct is enough to justify their manipulation, white lies, and condescending remarks they make in the pursuit of making you better. Yeah, it’s not like they need any work, right?



Good Lord, we don’t have enough room for this one. Lets get to the point: When all you do is think about your own thoughts, you’re leaving very little to the rest of us. Don’t complain about people being so demanding when you’ve been standing in the same spot, saying nothing for as long as you’ve been around.

The magical INFJ can normally only be found online because A. They’re afraid of people, who sometimes make big, scary noises, And B. Most of those who claim INFJ aren’t actually INFJ but something else. This points to the bigger problem of so many people think INFJ is their type. Why? Because they’re supposedly so rare that it must mean you’re one, because of how special you are. Yeah, nobody else. Just you, right?

Lastly, to all INFJs- other people think deeply as well. Because this is ALL you EVER do, don’t make the mistake of thinking no one else thinks about the state of humanity or cares about the deeper side of life.




The world is a stage and ENFPs are the featured clown. The clown’s stage name will be “Intrudy” because it sounds stupid and nobody is more intrusive into others lives than the ENFP. ENFPs are so unaware of other people’s personal space, the first things you’ll notice about them is what they had for lunch because they’re so close you can smell their breath. Secondly you’ll notice that they don’t mind discussing how much you get paid or what your deepest, darkest secrets and desires are.

Hey ENFP! Not everybody likes talking about those things or even in those terms! Talk about something other than people’s most personal problems and then getting offended when they don’t want to tell you their life story…which you’ll ignore as soon as they start talking because it’s not really about bettering them but about you having bettered them.

Actually focus on the person you’re talking to, not just understanding why they love you so much.



The dreamy cry babies of MBTI, disagree with an INFP and watch their mouths and eyes open in shock that their wonderfully whimsical and spectacular idea on what to do about war in the middle east hasn’t been met with cheer and awe. Disagreeing with them will be easy because their ideas about how to get along usually won’t work to begin with.

“I’ll make everybody veggie sandwiches! I can make an average of 267 vegan sammies a week!”

Please, just come down to the real world where the rest of us live and put the castle in the sky up for sale. Not because you shouldn’t have high-minded ideals about the world, but because nothing you’re saying makes any sense. Try spending time on how you’re actually going to make your dream a reality and watch more people take you seriously. Until then, you’re just a kid in your treehouse, getting mad at the weather because it’s raining.

Rationals- NT



This is almost too easy a target. They’re so absent minded, it hurts. The Rational cousin of the INFP, the INTP doesn’t want to solve world hunger, they would prefer to come up with ideas to feed everybody at the same time just because it’s interesting to them at the moment. They’ll forget about it the next day and voila! Nothing has been accomplished and years have been wasted.

“Why are you doing things that way? Clearly, if you add X to Y, your obvious answer is **&#(. You don’t get this? How could you not get this? You don’t agree? You must have not been listening. I’ll go over it again.”

Also, stop trying to come up with plans on how to make things better for anybody when your only way of explaining the problem to people is by running over them with logic and explaining something that doesn’t cross most people’s minds to begin with. Then you’ll whine about the people that don’t listen. Among other things, what you’re talking about is BOOOOOORING.

Don’t spend so much time railing against the system and criticizing others for just living the way they do.



Another easy target, the ENTP is like the ESTP in that they can’t get enough of their own voice. Listen to a recording of it and hear how annoying and full of yourself you sound. No, really- try it. You’ll swear to never talk again which will last for about forty-five seconds.

Your “playful” way of arguing every little point somebody throws out isn’t always so clever as much as it is petty and wasteful. That’s great that you’ve been able to put a finger on why this movie’s plot from 1965 that no one’s ever heard of makes no sense but the real issue is that NOBODY CARES.

Oh, but you just keep on talking. When the people you’re talking to snap out of the daze you’ve put them in, you can end it with a “funny” joke about the way they stare off into nothing and how it looks like this one thing from that one time that blah blah blahSHUT UP.



Wow, ENTJs are so cool, aren’t they? They’re like human tanks; powerful, destructive, and useful in a limited number of situations. Any ENTJ you’ve ever known probably doesn’t know you unless you’re currently working for them.

The only time they do pay attention to others is when something goes wrong. Nevermind the people around you work tirelessly to make you happy with no credit, just call them out on their faults as if you did anything to make the situation better. All those times you were talking about how incompetent every around you was? Maybe if you hadn’t made acted like you were going to do everything, the responsibilities would have been more clear. But, no just keep blaming everyone else, that works.

Try and being friends as opposed to just trying to use and bully people, you’ll get better results. If “using and bullying” people sounds like a good, dominating thing, you should also know that people avoid you because they can only take so much of your crap.




Saving the worst for last, INTJ probably have the worst people skills of all types yet they’ll pretend they have this whole humanity thing figured out.

Oh you’re an INTJ with people skills? Oh, you’ve just got it all, don’t you! Such a Mastermind! Way to catch up with the communicating techniques and expressions the rest of us learned in fifth grade. Pinnacle of intellect, you are.

If you are an INTJ with friends, make sure you actually take the time to focus on others. And no, it’s not a good thing that you don’t, it makes you sincerely unlikable. No, really- I know you think this is a good thing but it’s not. Think about things other people do/say that get on your nerves and that’s how you’re seen by others. Not intimidatingly brilliant, just aggravating.

You may have a difficult time with people in part due to the fact that you’re ready to tell them their problem before they actually get anything out. Let’s just clear this up- You don’t know anything about people so stop giving advice on them. You’re not arguing with this are you? No, certainly not. You’re up to date on all of your flaws, aren’t you? Nothing we can’t tell you that you don’t already know.


Foreseeable complaints?

1. “That doesn’t sound anything like me.”

2. “No, seriously, I don’t do that.”

3. “My type’s was longer than theirs!”

Why is this being addressed at all? The point of Type Theory, aside from a slightly deeper-than-normal conversation, is to know yourself objectively. Regardless of your beliefs, we can use the different type models to observe our own behavior; the strengths and weaknesses, and move forward with said knowledge, constantly bettering ourselves.

So I do get a bit discouraged when I come across people who will fight and fight and fight to keep certain qualities to their name when in all actuality, none of us are only things we like and beyond reproach.

The problem with it? Not only does it show a major misunderstanding of MBTI, but this teaches newcomers to not know what the heck is going on. Everybody is fighting to be the “perfect” type because we’re all naturally biased to our type in the first place.

That’s normal but it’s not right. Then we’re missing the point in the first place: to know what we are and what we aren’t.

And here’s me talking about this post two years later [Updated, 9/16/16].

177 Responses to “MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    That doesn’t sound anything like me.
    No, seriously, I don’t do that.
    My type’s was longer than theirs!

  2. I’ve commented on it before, but I really appreciate your posts that point out the negative aspects of type. It adds a healthy dose of realism to the discussion, since no type is magically perfect and without flaws.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make 270 vegan sammiches. I’m trying to improve my average for the week. Would you like one? They’re cruelty-free.

    • Taylor Says:

      Cruelty-free? OMG I need eight. It’s not repetitive, trust me man. It’s much more likely to get trashed on some other site for whatever reason. so any positivity is welcome.

      On that note, it felt pretty sweet to take a huge dump on all types since at times, they’re all annoying. No “attaboys” here!

  3. Awesome-Man Says:

    Blow me. I am awesome!

  4. Maverick Says:

    ISTP chiming in…you nailed our type with frightening accuracy…haha.

    • Taylor Says:

      Heh, thanks. I’ve got experience with “your kind.”

      • Maverick Says:

        Only complaint: My pot belly ain’t that big.

        Also, there were some grammatical errors throughout.

        Sorry–it’s a Ti thing.

        • Taylor Says:

          No, I appreciate the feedback. I have an ISTP friend that helps out with errors when he can.

          By the time I’m done with some of these posts I’m blind to any and all mistakes I’ve made. It’s like my eyes won’t let me see it.

          • Maverick Says:

            I can understand that…a lot of writing to be done.

            BTW, you’re very good at what you do. Love the site.

            • Taylor Says:

              Thanks man. The reading, commenting, and correcting is always appreciated.

        • speedyblupi Says:

          Nah, it’s not just a ti thing. INTJs tend to be grammar Nazis too.

          • Ugh. Not just INTJ. Any type can be a Nazi Grammar. SJs with Si, would correct people to “write in the way it should be”, or Te users, because structure, or Fe users in a way “others write well, so I’ll write properly too” and the lists goes on.
            By the way, english is not my first language so pardon my mistakes.

      • What type are you taylor?

  5. Okay I’ll be honest…this made me chuckle. Especially the part about my type (INTJ) why? Because I recognize it’s truth. I do have friends, but I tend to act like a prick. Also based on the ENFP’s I know…their complete lack of an understanding of the concept of “personal space” is incredibly aggravating. To all of the ENFP’s reading this…when an INTJ says “Back the f**k off or I will gut you like a pig” that does NOT mean “Hug me”. To my fellow INTJ’s reading this…maybe we should lighten up?

    • Taylor Says:

      That’s the spirit!

    • Yes, we should. Especially me, I should say. Whenever someone hugs me, my first instinct is to strangle them, then I decide on judo flipping them off, which obviously doesn’t work. Though it certainly makes them back off. But seriously, if I don’t do that, they’ll hug me for more than fifteen seconds. (I can last about twenty seconds while being squeezed to death, tops.) Yeah, I’m extremist. At least now people don’t try to hug me anymore. This is one of the few things I like about people: they learn. (No, they don’t, but that’s a different matter.)

    • I live with an INTJ and the thing that frustrates/befuddles me more than anything is how obstinant he is. Yeah, I know INTJs are supposed to be “open-minded” because you can supposedly sway them with an epic presentation of logic and facts. Trouble is, yes, I can convince my INTJ that Chappaquidick was Ted Kennedy’s fault and he should’ve been given a real sentence but I can’t convince him to relate to me differently or see (i.e. feel) things from my perspective so everything is just lost on him. It’s just lost. He doesn’t get it. Then he frustratingly circles back to the logic that he understands, somehow hearing my words completely differently (and by different, I mean opposite) of how I meant them. It makes INTJs look to me, of all things, stupid. Yes, I said “Stupid”. You guys look stupid to me because I can’t fathom how a “smart” person can only understand his own logic and nothing beyond that. I equate “openness” to intelligence.

      • Just because he’s an INTJ doesn’t mean that he isn’t stupid. But I’d think that that’s a personal thing.

      • Clayton Says:

        Just like there are multiple intelligences, there are multiple stupidities. Rational types tend to be pretty emotionally and empathetically stupid, at least until they develop their weaker functions.

      • harrisph Says:

        As any INTJ worth their grain of salt understands, there is only but one universal and transcendent logic. It is the premises and the beliefs that are fed into it which are usually suspect and prone to subjective “coloration”.

    • Lol! I read mine and at first I was like, that’s totally not me (ENFP here), but then I think about when I was kid I was like that all the time! Very cheery, bright, all in ya business 😉 Although now that I’m older it’s the same but different? Like, I love giving people hugs and being affectionate but it’s usually because people ask for my hugs (I part time as a stress ball for people at work). I also have conversations with people about personal things all the time but it’s always because those conversations just crop up around me. People love spilling their beans to me, I usually never say much it’s lile I’m a personal therapist or something which gets annoying. But I’ve also noticed the older I get and the more ENFP I become the more introverted I’ve gotten. I NEED personal space, like NEEEED it or else I get soooo fucking cranky. I love being around people but it takes a BUTT load of effort to get out of my room to be social, I have to plan days even weeks ahead to prepare myself, and when I do I need weeks of recharge after.

  6. I don’t know how accurate the INFP one is but not necessarily because it’s wrong but possibly because I actually do lack the self awareness to realize I don’t make any sense to anyone.

    You nailed it with the INTJs. I’m married to one and have dated a few others and they constantly frustrate me with their half baked assertions. Terrible listeners, they are, constantly pissing me off. Still, I wouldn’t be with one if there wasn’t redeeming qualities in there. INTJs are honest an therefore authentic people who won’t give you any bullshit. They will teach how to not take any bullshit from others, something useful to a non-confrontational, naive INFP. They’re efficient and competent at nearly everything, including parenting and sharing the responsibilities as a good adult partner. I’d love a better listener and more empathetic ear but meh, can’t have it all I guess.

    • Taylor Says:

      I’m friends with a couple as well. Interesting, frustrating people, those INTJs. But that last line nailed it- if only more people looked it that way.

    • Zaphryn Says:

      I’m also married to one, but he’s a great listener. Can listen to me rant for hours (I’m INFJ), and I was surprised you’ve met so many INTJs that are shitty listeners! Otherwise I totally agree in your assessment. Especially about not taking BS from anyone, love that. Not that I’ve learned to do so yet, but still. I’d say the empathy is a little lacking, but simply because INTJs don’t human, they robot. He does try his best though and uses his Te to understand me :P.

      • Dragoness Says:

        Personally, (I’m INTJ) whenever my INFJ friend rants I kind of blank out… and I don’t hear half of what everyone is saying. The Ni is constantly working my brain. I’ve learned to listen a bit and make comments on that, so they think I’m actually listening, but I really forget about even that the next day… unless it’s interesting. Which it’s usually not.
        I’m trying to work on that, but my brain is so much more interesting…
        Perhaps it is a skill your husband developed, or maybe he’s fooling you into thinking he’s listening. It’s surprising to hear of an INTJ listener.

        • That is not just INTJ thing, but I believe you could be the ones to master it really well.

  7. Love your site, I’ve been somewhat addicted to it since first finding it! Finally someone who’s as obsessed with the mbti as I am!

    I love to see each type being called out for their negative aspects, and bs. It can only help us grow and extra points for making it funneh! 😉

    As an INFP I could add a whole truckload of crap to my type but sometimes I wonder if it’s just me, rather than my “type” heh.

    • Taylor Says:

      Glad you like like it. Yeah I had to tone it down with my type, which I’m especially familiar with of course.

  8. Damn, and I was going to be a psychologist.


  9. Jokerandfoxfun Says:

    I’m starting to doubt my INTP-ness. I might be an ENTP, or aybe just a very talkative INTP? Well, I only talk way too much to people I feel comfortable with, But they always say shut up… And I’m always joking, to ease my awkwardness.
    So, which one is it? Talkative INTP ot ENTP?

    • Taylor Says:

      I wouldn’t doubt your introversion based on what you’ve said here. INTPs are known for going on and on about subjects they’re interested in but only to those they’re comfortable with. ENTPs aren’t ALWAYS in the mood to talk to anyone but more often than not, they can talk ears off.

      • Jokerandfoxfun Says:

        Well, thanks. Then I’m still a pathetic, not-partying, self-doubting nihilist. So close, so far.
        I also wrote “aybe” instead of maybe. Forgive my inaccuracies as well, I’m not English.
        I like your site by the way. You have interesting ideas, and you carry them through to conclusion. I enjoy that.

        • Taylor Says:

          Hey, I can’t speak anything of any other language other than English so you’ve got me beat. Thanks for commenting.

          • Jokerandfoxfun Says:

            I assume you didn’t have to. I’m Hungarian, but I live in Slovakia, so I had to learn the slovak language in school (that didn’t go well), and one foreign language (slovak doesn’t count). My choice was english. In high school, we had to choose one more beside the english. I chose spanish. I think in every Middle-Europian country is a basic thing to teach one or two foreign languages in school. Although I’m not sure. They usually are english, german, maybe french or spanish.
            Thanks for the reply!

            • Taylor Says:

              Interesting to know. Yeah, I think it would be a good thing for schools over here to teach a second language, but not in the way they currently attempt to. I’d love to know a second language even if I were to never use it. Guess it’s not too late to try.

            • Where in SK do you live?

            • Mudibarát Says:

              I live near to Komárom.

  10. INTJ here. My biggest issue is that I’m self-aware enough to realize I’m being overwhelmingly obnoxious but I don’t posses enough self-control to shut myself up. So as I’m actively being a twat I can literally see people getting more and more done with me.

    • Jokerandfoxfun Says:

      Don’t give up, my best friend is an INTJ, I’m an INTP, and I enjoy her train of thought. She is very interesting. The other day, we were discussing how would we kill somebody, and she stated, that we can’t use any animals, ’cause she loves them so much, they should not be involved, they might get nervous. Despite this, she wants to be killed by an animal, not by human. Isn’t it awesome?
      What I ment to say is that you should get yourself a rational friend, he/she may appreciate your… crazy or for others boring subjects.

  11. Hey. I’ve been a purveyor of this site for quite some time, and I have to say, I love it. Keep up the great work!

    I’m an INFP and I have to say, you couldn’t have gotten that description any better! For the most part, many discussions I’ve had with people usually end with confused glances, like I’d been talking to them in Dovahzul the entire time. I’ve also had people question my age because of how childish I tend to act.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading up to my super-special-awesome sky castle to make veggies sandwiches to end world hunger.

    *lays head on desk and falls asleep*

  12. KingCorvid Says:

    ENFP here, and I must admit that there may have been a time when I was a kid that the given flaw applied to me, I don’t think the whole “no personal space” thing does, anymore.

    Howevah, I think you did leave out an incredibly potent criticism of ENFPs.

    “Yeah, yeah, you have all these ideas and plans which you look to accomplish by reaching for the stars and clutching the hand of fate or whatever silly words you may use to describe achieving your dreams. But you never move to do ANY of them! It’s always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. That’s why you can never actually DO any of the things you talk about doing, and why people might call you a loser behind your back. Even if you do start them, you drop them within a week of starting because you are the very embodiment of ADD. Yeah, Jack of all Trades you call yourself. Undisciplined, and possibly hopeless is what others say.”

    • Taylor Says:

      Heh, not bad. But if I used that as a flaw, I’d have to include pretty much all Perceiver types.

  13. Ne226 Says:

    Ok, I’ll suggest changing the name to the overly unhealthy stereotypes of MBTI.. Most of what you described are just exaggerated malfunctioning forms of each type. Or at least that’s what I can tell from my own personal experience, and from my extensive studying of the MBTI system and real-life/fictional examples. If you’ve met types who act like that, they’re probably just unhealthy; thus are unable to utilize their functions in a positive balanced way 🙂 but not everyone has these weaknesses like it was implied at the beginning. Or at least not to that extent.

  14. I had SO much fun reading this. Thank you.

  15. Being an unrequited narcissist, I immediately jumped to my personality (INFJ) and thought it was kind of harsh. Then I read the others. I think INFJs got the least amount of daggers thrown at them (you were actually more critical of the ever-present “INFJ poser” problem than anything).

    That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at anything in written format online. Your points against INFJs were fair, and I would say the same of everyone else (the bit about ISTJs being fire ants nearly brought me to tears). Well done.

    • Taylor Says:

      It’s appreciated. That’s about exactly what I was going for; you’d think you got it bad but no one else was favored either.

    • I totally agree with your comments .I’m an Infj too and still dont get if that was highlighting a negative side or if it was an appeal to us to open up more and see that others do really care about us and the things we find important too… or maybe

  16. Jennifer Says:

    I have been tossing between ENTP and ENFJ and even ENFP for my type as I have gotten all three more often than any other type. This pretty much hit home that I’m ENTP though because it was 100% on whereas ENFJ and ENFP were somewhat there but still iffy.

    • Taylor Says:

      I’m glad your weaknesses could help you recognize. Progress! Come to think of it, ENTP’s entry is really a description of Ne so you really could still be an ENFP who has a tendency to be the same way. The difference is that ENFP’s arguments don’t go anywhere and often don’t last long while the ENTP could debate all night; both equally annoying in their own way.

  17. INFJ here. You hurt my feelings.

    But seriously, this: “Because this is ALL you EVER do, don’t make the mistake of thinking no one else thinks about the state of humanity or cares about the deeper side of life.”

    Umm, fair point.

    • Taylor Says:

      Heh, man I don’t know what to think with you INFJs. Some are affected, others say “INFJ is the weakest of all of them!” Maybe a defense mechanism?

    • i think the issue was even though we dont go as deep as you in thinking about helping our world , we do but you cant see it if you stay in your head. Im also an Infj .

  18. Brandon Says:

    The thing about your critique of INTJ’s is that, yes, we know all of that and just don’t care. We have bad people skills? No shit, we don’t care. People find us aggravating… yeah, don’t care. The thing about INTJ’s is that we are unwaveringly devoted to who we are. So an article shaming us does literally nothing. If you could provide an argument as to why the utility of social interaction is inherently beneficial… well, then we might just get somewhere. We aren’t motivated by insults, mockery, or shame. That doesn’t work on us.

    • AnotherINTJ Says:

      While what you are saying is 100% correct, I think the way you are saying it plays straight into the INTJ profile displayed here. I only bring this up because I think the careless attitude goes both ways. Eventually others are also going to stop caring about us for our way. Yes, people are plentiful and you can always find new friends but thats an incredibly inefficient way to act especially if each time you’re failing to see the value of the individual.

    • Friendry Says:

      You don’t need people skills? Then have fun living up in a cave and realising your plan goals. (XNTJ here)

    • First, lighten up a little, no one is perfect and everyone has flaws. Second, is you don’t need social skills, then have fun living up in a cave and realising your plans from there. (XNTJ here)

    • fatalfuryguy Says:

      Without social interaction your stupid ass wouldn’t be here. Don’t be such a focking moron you focking moron

    • LittleCookie Says:

      I understand Brandon, it’s sad that nobody else gets this but I see what you’re saying. Notice how you asked for an argument to prove why social interaction is beneficial and everyone’s just responding with conjectures and insults? Sadly the world doesn’t think like us, and never will. For me though, social interaction is important for learning new things, people that are different than you (even not as intelligent) can teach you many things you’d have otherwise ignored. I learned a lot about human nature just by befriending those I’d never ordinarily consider hanging out with. And the more you learn about human nature, the easier it is to find common flaws in yourself you may have missed if you hadn’t seen the exact same flaw in them. This may not be enough for you to think it’s worth a try, but what you have to lose from trying is relatively infinitesimal in comparison to what you may potentially gain by trying.

    • Another(different)INTJ Says:

      Good Lord. Fellow INTJ here. You could not be more vapid. If you cannot see the benefit of social interaction, then you can’t quite call yourself a Rational. A Rational person should be logical, and think things through. Think through the whole concept of social interaction, you may see the pros and cons for yourself. Don’t rely on someone to bring you the argument, make the argument for and against the proposition on your own, and decide. That’s what I do.
      Anyway, you SHOULD care. It’s sad that shame is such an underused thing in our society.

  19. you shouldnt make this general. its more situational

    pick a situaion for all types

    profiles switch per situation, so generalizing is redundant )

  20. Nice…I really liked this. I feel like it is also fairly accurate.

    INTJ dude

  21. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    It’s a good balance to know both positive & negative sides of our type (even other types) so that we can improve on the not so good ones.

    As an INFJ, it was spot on. A good thing to remember is not to dwell on the bad parts and actually put some action to solving it. Again, thanks ♡

  22. Was a good read, some things my be overstated but the flaws are there in a smaller or bigger amount.

  23. docbrown Says:

    INTJ here.

    I find it mildly interesting how other personalities perceive INTJs, and if their assessments are true, how discouraging it is to hear that INTJs are ‘that’ bad at social interaction – to the point of almost putting people down.

    I can only speak for myself, but I find the author’s views on INTJs a bit misunderstood. I honestly don’t care what problems people have, and only begin to care if my advice is asked for by the person with the problem. Even then, the problem itself – and pointing out the problem to the person isn’t really the target – the solution to the problem is the focal point.

    Which leads me to why so many other personality types have problems with INTJs. Stop asking us for advice, especially when it comes to your life.

    I have no idea why, but people come to me all the time to confide their personal problems, hoping I can give them a solution. I can’t. I don’t know people. I don’t try to know people.

    If you want me to give advice on how to architect a data warehouse solution for your company – give me a call.

    If you want me to work on auditing and restructuring major portions of your company infrastructure – give me a call.

    If you want me to work on developing new business-related workflows, that add efficiency and decrease company costs – give me a call.

    If you want me to tell you how you should explain the death of your son’s hamster to your son, in a way in which he will both understand and not get upset – talk to someone else – because I have no fucking clue.

    I’m OK to admit this, it’s not a strength of mine, and I don’t try to pretend to know WTF I’m doing with such situations. Just please, for the love of all that is holy, stop asking me to solve your personal problems. – I can’t solve most of my own personal problems.


    • People probably think you are an INFP then? Not that it matters in the end. Because even if INFP´s may be incredibly wise in the mysterious ways of the psyche and existance, often they can´t put it in words that will spur the askee into action – or make them understand themselves better.

      Or they can but it would be a many paged novella or short story, which only they could interpret “correctly” anyway. And sometimes people don´t want you to “fix the thing” but just support, a hug, someone who listens. And this is just the most booring ever! I mean yes, I don´t want them to hurt. But I don´t want it so strong! So after that hug and that listen, let´s get to work fixing your shit! Right? Right? Because I have this mountain of information on self-development & all that stuff, literally all of it. I bookmarked the internet. And. I´m not really using it.

      So anyway were was I? Yeah I was trying to comment something witty and short about what you said. Anyway send em to the INFP´s, at least we can feel like we aren´t completely useless in this physical word – for a little while, maybe 🙂

      PS. Life is beautiful. People are so interesting. I´m on a horse.

  24. JianGeGe Says:

    This was actually posted in a Facebook group awhile ago, and it sparked something of an altercation (one which I’ll admit to adding fire to).

    While I wouldn’t say that all of the problems you listed are the biggest issues that each of the Types face, you obviously know how to go at this with no bias, and all the descriptions are, true to the title, brutally honest.

    In fact, and I’m not quite certain if it was your intention, I applaud you on the basis of how these descriptions are precisely what would hit closest to home for the majority of persons of the type, such that most of the less emotionally-developed persons of a certain type would consider it a personal attack of sorts. In fact, one of the participants of the altercation I mentioned earlier (an INFP) made the claim that you ‘obviously disliked INFPs’ when really, I have no reason to think you’re anything but ambivalent towards them.

    I think a number of the other comments you’ve received speak for the amazing power of your descriptions considering how emotionally invested a lot of the criticisms are. I can certainly tell you that when I read my type, I had to chuckle nervously just a little because I knew precisely how a less emotionally mature me would have responded to it, and it definitely was not pretty.

    Overall, I’ve gotta tip my hat to you on this. You set out to make something that strikes at the heart of people, and this achieved it. No apologies, no fluff, just pure hard honesty with genuinely good advice to encourage growth. That’s something I can get behind any day.

    • Taylor Says:

      You get this. I think a lot of people commenting are newcomers that haven’t seen the other posts so they just figure I’m doing a bad job at trolling or something. I do get the “you obviously have a problem with our type” thing a lot but hopefully more people see it similarly as you.

  25. This was amazing! My INTP husband and I (ESFJ) were cracking up! Amazing job : )

  26. […] you so much, zombiesruineverything.com! Nathan and I were cracking […]

  27. Clayton Says:

    I was wondering how you knew the problems of INTPs so accurately and could state them so elegantly, and still could phrase and articulate the problems of all the other types as well! True mastery of concepts, must have been an INTP!

    • Clayton Says:

      Also, with the INTP description, i found myself thinking, “but, but, but….ok…”

  28. Note on the INTPs: The worst you can do is “you come up with good ideas but you lack execution”. No. Fucking. Shit. Is that supposed to be insulting? Lol. You slay me.

  29. Note on the INTPs: The worst you can do is “you come up with good ideas but you lack execution”. No. Fucking. Shit. Is that supposed to be insulting? Lol. You slay me.

  30. […] of zomebiesruineverything, here's an excellent post about immature manifestations of each type: MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles | Zombies Ruin Everything Just a warning, it is incredibly harsh. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who is especially […]

  31. I LOLed reading the INTJ part although I have to disagree with it.
    I am very aware of the fact that I’m incapable when it comes to social interactions, I can’t do small-talks nor can I sugar-coat anything. But I am not socially-disabled to the extent not understand what makes others uncomfortable! I am not rude at all, I am very kind and gentle, I know my limits very well, I only mind my own business, I don’t care about gossip, and I never build judgements based on opinions. The base line, if you don’t come to me for help, there’s a good chance I’d never know about it, and you wouldn’t hear a word from me. I don’t claim to know much about how people think or feel, and frankly have no idea why people come to me for help. But I can guess, it’s either they want someone trustworthy to only listen (which INTJs are good at), or they’re looking for a rational, honest opinion. Either ways, it’s not me who seeks out these situations, nor do I feel comfortable in them.

    As for my friends and family (who come always in 1st in my priorities), I tend to be very caring and protective. If they come to me asking for help, there’s no way I’d turn them down, their problems become automatically mine, and I go out of my way (even if it means learning a new skill, studying a new subject or investing my money) to provide them with solutions. and I don’t back off until the issue is solved. But again, I don’t share my opinion until I’m asked for it. I admit though, there were few times(3 or 4 really), when I went few steps ahead of my friends, just to prevent them from making mistakes. Like I would prevent them from getting a specific short-term opportunity for the long-term one. I know I have no right to do this behind their back and without their permission, I hate myself for it sometimes.
    I really do think very deeply , very very much, before I do such things, and I’m not proud of it (but I do think it the right thing to do. I can’t just stand aside watching them suffer knowing I could’ve helped).

    I know my cold rational thinking is not a journey in the amusement park, nor are my sarcastic and honest comments, and on top of that I can’t be emotionally supportive, or express emotions of excitement/empathy/happiness, although I do try to.
    I watched a lot of people walk away because of this, which is totally OK with me. But Sometimes I feel sorry for my friends, who I think deserve a better friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very confident, very supportive, reliable, and understanding, but the look I get from them when I fail to communicate/support them emotionally, shakes me a bit inside. (Here’s something not every INTJ admits XP) But hey, no one’s perfect. (INTJs are the closest though :P)

    I’m doing the best I can to be a better person, I’m working on becoming more mature and understanding. But frankly I don’t care what people think of me or how they view me. I’m only responsible of my own actions and thoughts, and peoples’ opinions are absolutely not included. I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
    I’m very much in peace with my self and thoughts, and If I weren’t an INTJ, I’d wish I were one. That’s as modest as I get.

    I enjoyed reading the article, made me rethink some things, and hopefully it’d help me in my growth-journey.

    • Taylor Says:

      Man, what a comment. Thanks for reading. You’re taking it the right way. Too many people getting butthurt over a post that evidently sounds “nothing like them.”

    • Beegee Says:

      I’m INTJ and I don’t even have to reply because this person above just explained me. Lol. It actually freaks me out a bit.

  32. Wow… I’m an ISTP. It’s frighteningly accurate.

  33. Stormblessed Says:

    Yeah… I see what you mean. I am ( and I half regret it) INTJ. You nearly were spot on. Often I am aggravating, ask my peers, I pretend I know best and in history and politics I actually do. However I lack inter personal skills, my closest friend is helping me with that. Trying to improve myself. As a footnote, I took multiple tests after seeing someone and answered truthfully… Like I said, half regret the result

  34. Tanninglillie Says:

    Looks like someone has a personal grudge against INTJs. I also think that the person who wrote this is an ENTP so it would make sense.

    • Taylor Says:

      Nigel. Buddy. Your syntax is a dead giveaway. What’s the problem here? You don’t like the site? Message me.

    • miriamrburden Says:

      As an Intj, I rather like Entps. I don’t think I could live with another entp roommate again, but they’re fun to talk to. It made me feel like a mom, because they have no desire to take charge in any capacity or have responsibility when it comes to the household, and I ended up yelling at them. They have a sardonic sense of humor, though, and they’re quick witted. They crack me up.

  35. mariella Says:

    This was actually a rather informative post! I’m an INFP, and your advice was bang on. You should start a column 😀 Just out of interest, which mbti type is yours? Will try to put ideas into actions in real life, haha.

    • Sorry admin for dual post. But. Mariella, can I just quote you on this? This way I can just use one single comment on every single website or forum, and be done with it. Imagine how much time I could save!

      “Will try to put ideas into actions in real life, haha.” This 😀

  36. Alex-and-ra Says:

    It’s so funny you said that about ENFP. Today I was thinking about this, specifically maybe my questions are too much sometimes and I don’t notice? I don’t know.. On the contray I do think that I am aware of personal boundaries. plus it’s not like I want people to be a open book… Ah then again, Maybe I’m just fooling myself Still an Interesting insight

  37. Elizabeth Says:

    I have to say that while for the most part I enjoyed this, i found my own type’s description (ISFP) a bit too harsh and misguided. The first half I will concede was pretty on point, but the rest felt kind of insulting. I think that it might just be a misconception held by people who don’t know much about the isfp or haven’t paid enough attention, but we are actually incredibly deep thinkers (not in the T-function sense but just in general) that just don’t feel the need to push our views on others, so most people miss that. I understand that this was done in jest, and I am not truly offended or anything, I just wanted to make sure you were aware since I noticed no one had made any comments about it.
    (Also the sheer thought of putting my views out in writing made me cringe when I first thought to write this comment, which i guess only goes to show some validity to your statement that we don’t think to express ourselves until it’s too late, and shy away from things we don’t want to address!)

  38. joey salads Says:

    Doesn’t the guy who posted this have a type?
    He’s bashing himself.

  39. Lindsay Says:

    Damn, I feel like dick.

  40. INFP here, i’d say you nailed it. (And yes, I literally have a treehouse-I built as an adult for myself- ‘A Room of One’s Own’ so to speak.)

  41. Marlena Says:

    What’s your type? The INTJ collective has a guess. We know everything.

    • Taylor Says:

      ENTP. But if you ask the INTJs on several forums, I’m an ISTJ or an INTJ that hates himself. Surprise, I’m just a jerk!

  42. INTJ here. Woe, you are sooooo right. So very, VERY right.


  43. siracusa72 Says:

    Uh oh, INTJ therapist here. My poor clients. Ha ha!
    Actually, I apparently do well. My clients stick around to do their personal/relationship work (vs. bailing and finding someone else) and the INFP founder and INFJ director want be to take the place over.
    I appreciated the criticism and have been/am self analyzing… pretty much all the time… I’m working on handling intellect, perspective, and being an annoying know-it-all. At least I’m told I hide my social awkwardness well and that I genuinely care (I do). My beliefs play a major part in that. It helps that I’m female and decent looking in coming off as more likable/caring, I think, too.
    It’s the darn Fi though. The “human” tertiary is self focused. Empathy is great but only goes so far. Then I fall back on academic knowledge in relating to people.
    I definitely see that you’re ENTP. One of my best friends is ENTP and she takes joy in trying to destroy me. Ah, our nemesis…
    It’s late and I’m no longer making sense.
    Thanks for this. It’s a blast. My ENFP husband fits this well.

  44. einzinger Says:

    Damn…these are frighteningly true, Had an Entj friends that so fuckin two faced ,foul-mouthed and always blaming others behind their back,but they’re so popular nontheless….infj here,should i dispose of them for a greater good? 😀

  45. einzinger Says:

    These are frighteningly true…had an ENTJ friends that so fucking two-faced, foul-mouthed,and always blaming others behind their back…INFJ here,should i dispose of them for a greater good? 😀

    • Taylor Says:

      Only if the good outweighs the bad, Einzinger.

      • einzinger Says:

        hahaha,btw correct me if i’m wrong,but don’t you think estp and esfp profiles are switched? i think it’s the other way around..my esfp friends are very loud,while estps are frequently doing idiotic things

  46. So logic is wrong in some situations, and you should be allowed to get away with illogical statements or actions? (INTP description) Bollocks! You just hate losing to logic, because it exposes your view as invalid. I have no respect for your kind.

  47. Arcee Says:

    Still not sure what mbti type I am.
    But, I found this to be abso-friggin-lutely one of the most hilarious articles I’ve ever read.

    • Arcee Says:

      PS.. Thank You(!)

      • ananimoius Says:

        I cant seem to find who said this maby i made it up but i think someone one said somthing along the lines of logic can prove anything(similar to how a good lawer can get someone out of a bad situation) and i agree with that if you have an opponent who is not good at logic or worse then you then regardless of what vew is more valid you will most likely win and then you start thinking your right about anything.
        i am an intp this isnt some salty remark this is based on my observation of myself and others

  48. justsomerandominfp Says:

    Infp here…you nailed our type pretty well hahaha,i’m very imaginative and sometimes forget about the “real” world.
    Btw I got a question…i had a friend that has an exceptional people skill,very charming and sociable, but he is HIGHLY manipulative,can turn people against others, and easilly ruin other people’s reputation ,what do you think his mbti type is?

    • INFJwannabe4today Says:

      your “friend” sounds like an ENTJ to me. personal experience talking here : |

  49. […] “INTP — This is almost too easy a target. They’re so absent minded, it hurts.” – Brutally Honest MBTI Profiles. […]

  50. Amber Mitchell Says:

    Wow man…way to drag me. It feels good to hear some truth laid down by a stranger, so thanks for that

  51. Peter palmer Says:

    Absolutely love this post!

  52. That was a fun read!

  53. Henry Says:

    The infp bit about not making sense stung for me, definitely spoke to some of my innermost doubts. However I cannot regard it as a problem in the sense that I must embarassingly acknowledge this ‘flaw’, whilst hoveling in a corner silently cursing myself for being so painfully aware of my problematic existence. Rather I think that harnessing the art of making sense provides us INFPs the path for success. It is the defining practice of our lives as INFPs to bridge the gap between our feelings and our thoughts. It is our unique joy to interact powerfully in this world through our intuition and to strive to develop a striking sense of wisdom (Si) or awareness. And that we infps can write so well is a testament to our continued success in pursuit of making sense.

  54. I truly can relate when you say “powerful,destructive, and useful in a limited number of situations” about ENTJ. We are just too brilliant for this world. But that’s okay. Not everyone needs excellence and brilliance to live a happy life.

    Anyway, i bet you hurt some NF and SF’s butts here.

  55. fuckyou Says:

    This wasn’t funny, and you’re a disgusting fucking faggot for trying. Each a bag of shit and blow your brains out, you horrible excuse for a pile of horse shit.

  56. I am an INTJ and I approve of this message.

  57. As an INTJ I was somewhat amused. Holding true to the stereotype I would like to clarify something. It’s not that I suck at listening, that I’m trying so hard to care about your precious feelings but just can’t quite make the cut. It’s that your presence annoys me. Let’s face it, you, your feelings and intelligence are beneath me and I don’t care to pretend to be your friend. Unless it benefits me to listen, I simply won’t. Now go rage about that while I go argue with myself for a few hours.

  58. I think this blog is written by some illogical shithead, who thinks that the intp and intj should stop using logic and reasoning and start to agree with whatever people say

  59. Kristen Says:

    wait a minute, are we suggesting Bruce is INTJ?

    • Taylor Says:

      I didn’t but I guess whoever makes those posters thinks so. ISTP for Lee, SP at the very least.

  60. I’m pretty sure most people here are mistyped. I’ve seen many polls on “what’s your type” and intuitives are the most common. My biggest struggle? INxJs. Seriously, they are what… 1-2% of the population? Yet they are everywhere. I think they don’t even look at the cognitive functions. In a way someone would say: “I am different. I also think I’m smart. So this INTJ result I’ve got must be true. Wow, I’m a special snowflake.” And this keeps happening, till a point a forum made for INTJs was made.I’d bet half of them pretend to use “Ni” and may well be sensors or feelers. The same goes for INFJs.
    I blame MBTI tests. Specially this one from humanmetrics… It lacks accuracy. I did it and got INTJ. I didn’t care at the moment, but then I realized I used Si and that I was ISTJ. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in deep stuff. I’m anything but shallow.
    I know there are more chances on intuitives being interested in MBTI, but this is just ridiculous. Either you are wrong, or the percentages are wrong and there are actually way more intuitives in the world than what was thought. I think both possibilities are correct.
    By the way, if there are spelling mistakes, sorry, english is not my mother language.

  61. Girardi Says:

    I had to read the ISFP one a couple times, then I smiled — maybe because I just didn’t understand your difference of opinion at first 🙂 So, fair assessment, I would say, although we ISFPs may not warn you of oncoming traffic, because we’re too busy pulling you out of it. As well, we’re not so silent to everyone, as I give my nearest and dearest an earful whenever the opportunity arises — to the point where I thought I might be INFJ; but I think it’s just tertiary Ni emerging along with normal type development that happens in one’s adulthood.
    Only thing I disagree with: I don’t think people mistype themselves as INFJ as nearly as often as people love to call themselves INTJ. Just take a look at the comment section — here and elsewhere — on type. Filled with self-professed INTJ-nitpicking everything to death with reckless abandon. But guys, anybody can do that, given the right mood they’re feeling. It takes a true INTJ to do this every, single, precious day to everyone who is welcome into their small, elite circle. I dated an INTJ for years. Not a bad guy, but just too demanding for me — and pretty shitty to most of my family and friends.
    Lol, I read my comment again and didn’t mean to sound so serious. I got a big laugh out of this piercingly accurate description of the types. But I just love talking type.

  62. I think there are a few things to address, firstly, I thought this article was actually pretty hilarious. I know what I struggle with and I spend a lot of time trying to improve in those particular areas, many of which are written here. The reason I think some may find a prevalence of NTJ’s on forums/commenting on articles like this is because NTJ’s crave knowledge, not only about other things but about themselves. It’s the first avenue we go down when we have a question. Whether it’s something about the mechanics of a car or why we can’t seem to interact in social situations as well as others. Why does this work the way it does and how can I improve it? Another point is that INTJ’s and the like do have a really hard time picking up on social cues and conversing normally with peers and in groups. It’s not impossible and it can definitely be learned, but it usually takes years of practice and observation. I think that the internet can be a tool to find like-minded individuals who share the thought patterns we have that have labeled us a ‘freak’ by our immediate peers. In my experience, there are good and bad things about every personality type and I think it’s important to recognize everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

  63. Kenny Says:

    First things first, this article was hilarious! As an INTJ, it is very true and maybe well known that we are arrogant. But I find solice in the fact that our profile unlike the others sounded more like a rant, than a real list of definite flaws besides horrible people skills which INTJs tend to come to terms with eventually. I took our profile as a compliment. I guess i fall into the 3rd category of complaints lol

  64. I don’t know why a lot of the criticism of the other types made me cringe but when I got to my type (ENFP) I just laughed because that’s totally me

  65. Hi, swedish INTJ here.
    Seemed to me like you’re an INTJ because of what you wrote about us, and how you placed it last in this context.

  66. Kathy Says:

    Intp here – I love the honesty in your post. Exactly spot on. I know I bore people to tears but I think “oh well”. In my 40’s, and aside from being a mom – I feel I accomplished nothing major in my life. I simply can’t get grounded in anything. I’m just now getting to the point where I feel I have to do something pronto! Hurts but so true.

  67. Dragoness Says:

    Hello, INTJ 5w4 here.
    I’ll start with other types. I have so many friends who are INFPs, and oh my god INFJs… They’re probably the most infuriating type that I can tolerate. You were spot on for both of those. INFJs tend to be VERY NEEDY and think everyone hates them all the time, constantly think something is wrong with them, and need constant positive attention. “Oh don’t worry, you’re really unique and it’s an amazing thing.”
    At least INFPs can shut up about it for a few minutes and just accept what I’m telling them without much argument over pointless emotional fairy dust!

    ENFPs… seriously. You couldn’t be more right about personal space. One LICKED MY FACE. I cannot even describe how angry… *constant mangled growling noises*
    Their sick fascination with INT types is insane. I cannot comprehend why they feel like hugging me every five seconds. There I am, minding my own business, reading, or glaring at people. Then there they are, on top of me. I try to look scary for a reason, pal.
    That being said, if they can stay at a respectful distance for 5 seconds, no one else has the capability to make me smile the way ENFPs do. They’re kind of like puppies. Hyperactive, annoying, but nevertheless I love them all the same. Even if they do annoy the fuck out of me.

    Now for INTJs… think you were spot on but you also could have gone further. Personally I act like being alone is a good thing because it hides my insecurity for being unrelatable; I can’t handle the fact that I’m bad at something (social skills) and it ticks me off in a cycle of constant hate. I don’t know if this is common for INTJs, but it sounds like it.
    I’m working on improving my people skills, but damn, everyone is so infuriating. I’m infuriating, they’re infuriating. Hate all around.
    But I assume we’re arrogant because of deep rooted insecurity. Growing up, we’re told to fit in, to be like everyone else. That just isn’t something we’re capable of. Because I was constantly asked “what is wrong with you?,” I shrunk back into my own space, the only place I felt I fitted into. This caused me to develop hatred and the sure belief that nothing is wrong with me, that something is wrong with them instead. When I found that I was not the only one, I was overjoyed. And the description of INTJ was so powerful and intimidating, I threw myself into it, believing that, finally, I wasn’t alone. That’s why I am now proud to say “I’m an INTJ.” One can develop quite a bit of an ego that way.
    I assume that this has been the case for quite a few INTJs, who are really just feeling lonely and misunderstood. But since we tend to deny our emotions before we even know that we’re feeling them, they will not have realized this. It took me three years to realize what I had become, and I’ve been studying myself the entire duration of that.
    Hopefully that helps understand why INTJs can be such arrogant, hateful, know-it-alls.
    So thank you, sorry for the rant, and I will continue to try to better my flaws.

  68. I think the INTJ segment was mostly accurate but if anything rather mild. To say I don’t understand people is an understatement and I spend most of my time asking my very few friends (who I each see about once every couple of months), how I should respond to other people. I don’t have a fricking clue.

    Utterly useless and frequently pass my phone to work colleagues asking them to sort my online dating profile for me. Which works for a time, then I go on a date and my flirting skills can be summed up as either “nope” or “I like you. More than you’d like me to so suddenly. And in a slightly creepy way.”

    I’m genuinely surprised you’ve had bad feedback from INTJs as I always thought one of the strengths of the type was to seek out criticism upon which to base potential improvements without any of the hysteria of more emotional types (like my mum ENFP).

    I’m sorry INTJ’s have been humourless insecure little shits and apologise on behalf of my type 🙂 Make it harsher next time so I can learn more 😀

  69. BananaBreeze98 Says:

    The MBTI system was never meant to solely focus on the positive, but rather to focus on one’s thought process works, faults included.
    From reading the descriptions, it seems you haven’t looked much into the MBTI types beyond their stereotypical descriptions and the overrated (not to mention inaccurate) E-I S-N T-F J-P dichotomy. Perhaps if you want to add something to the conversation that isn’t misinformation based off of more misinformation, look into cognitive functions.
    You could do a whole rant about how ESFJs should try to develop their Ti function so they can hold up their arguments more often.
    Just not this… whatever misinformed article this is supposed to be.

  70. Anonanonanon Says:

    I’m Intj and yup you’d be correct. I suck socially. I mean I do try but end of the day, yeah not very good at it. Also I tend to talk more than I should mostly because when I find someone who’s interested in a topic I am I get so excited I forget myself and then later I’m like “why the frick did I do that”.
    Admittedly though you can usually tell us when we’re being fuck-ups and we might get upset for a few days but we’ll get over it and try to be better. Key word being try.

  71. I came across this article in curiosity. I read the negative statements on several types. They all made sense to me. Honestly, I had a hard time understanding the humor, but that is also a flaw of mine. It wasn’t until I watched your added video that I understood exactly what you were, personally, doing. My first thought to reply before watching was to ask why the INTJ wasn’t given a harsher comment on flaws. INTJ’s are bad at communication, so to me, it seemed you were being rather nice in your statements.
    You’re video explains you were using the biggest known flaws of each type. And I believe you were quite accurate. I am an INTJ type. We are not without flaws.
    I also wanted to add in, after your additional information on the feedback you have been given, I now wonder how mature the other INTJs are. You are also a personality type. Which one, we don’t know, but you are one of the 16. This means you were also “picking” on your own types major flaw. You did not leave that out to attack the other 15.
    To me, I would have expected those who share my type to be a little more accepting due to the nature of analyzing the information and coming to the conclusion. Which can not be done without all of the information. You can’t exactly have an INTJ completely perfect. Perfection is an impossibility. Ok they can be brilliant, but apparently they can also prove how they don’t always use their brains nor their analytical process to take in a negative view of their own capabilities. I find that to be a serious shame.

    Nice article. Thank you for sharing.

  72. Eye-rolling Cunt Says:

    How are INTJs the worst? Have you MET an ESFP? They are absolutely terrible. Hollow and blank as anything. They only care about themselves and their parties.

  73. Intp female.
    pretty accurate. I can think of better insults when it comes to our type (laziness) but the whole thing about us saying shit and then it passing over the other persons head is probably the biggest reason we’re quiet.
    Probably your most accurate/offensive comment was the fact we have an idea to do something, then we just think about doing it for like a week and then it never happens.

  74. Foreseeable complaint number one and two.

    ENFP. Aware of stinky breath issues. Love to have other people be touchy feely toward me, but am painfully aware of keeping my own personal distance (learned in childhood? Maybe). Goofy but not clownish. Talks deep but only asks questions about others to ensure I am not talking about myself too much. Knows social rules like not to ask people personal questions about income.

    I wish this said something really brutal that was spot on so that I could add it to my personal development. So far the only thing I am getting is that I am “intrudy.”

    I think my more offensive issues is that I am a know it all who wants to change the world by providing my hard won info and gently causing others to think about their actions and come to their own awareness that they need to change, without me forcing it.

  75. Amber Says:

    So, I’m an INTJ, and no I’m not here to hate. I just find it really ironic that you were talking about how little people skills we have and there are INTJs that misinterpreted your mild humor for hate. You also forgot to mention our arrogance and our stubbornness. So yes, INTJs like myself are insensitive often and me personally I do need to pick up a book to learn social skills because we are insensitive. I’m sorry on behalf of the real INTJ community that actually considers all arguments and takes all criticisms (maybe not act upon it but are aware of it).

  76. bahbahblacksheep Says:

    INTJ here- I find this so funny. Bravo!

  77. Shit, man, the feels in here were too damn high for this to be called anything approaching objective. My guess is that you, Mr. Writer, are an ENFJ. Nice try, but the bias is obvious. Although I too have biases, (I’m an INTJ), I’m willing to admit mine. I contend that most people tend to dislike INTJs because we are logical and rational, but unbiased and believing firmly in the motto, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” The reason being the man we now have in the White House, whose campaign manager said we need to look at the, “alternative facts.”

  78. You are very rude! I happen to be an INFP and I am a good person who has stopped fights and I’m a honor roll student. I do live in the real world and yes I may day dream but for you to say that us INFP need to come down to the real world and quit being kids who get mad at the weather is very offensive don’t you care about how people will feel after reading something like that. I know you were being brutally honest but you could have done it in a nicer way. By the way I’m 13, so yes I’m a kid but I’m about the most mature and reasonable kid you will ever meet. So that is what I have to say about what you said about INFP’s.

    • Taylor Says:

      Abi, you need to come down from the clouds and put the castle in the sky up for sale.

    • Kristen Says:

      Get off the internet whiny preteen and do your homework. All you’re doing is proving INFPs are butthurt babies.

  79. starlord Says:

    ENTJ here. Humour was good.

  80. Reblogged this on She-Who-Hears.Net and commented:
    INFJ in acute “hiding online because people make big, scary noises” mode confirming accuracy for INFJs, INTPs, & INTJs.
    Good Lord, we don’t have enough room for this one. Lets get to the point: When all you do is think about your own thoughts, you’re leaving very little to the rest of us. Don’t complain about people being so demanding when you’ve been standing in the same spot, saying nothing for as long as you’ve been around.

    The magical INFJ can normally only be found online because A. They’re afraid of people, who sometimes make big, scary noises, And B. Most of those who claim INFJ aren’t actually INFJ but something else. This points to the bigger problem of so many people think INFJ is their type. Why? Because they’re supposedly so rare that it must mean you’re one, because of how special you are. Yeah, nobody else. Just you, right?

    Lastly, to all INFJs- other people think deeply as well. Because this is ALL you EVER do, don’t make the mistake of thinking no one else thinks about the state of humanity or cares about the deeper side of life.”

  81. ceirra j buell Says:

    I’m an INFP (married to INTJ) . I so don’t make sense. That was on point.
    It was definitely a funny article.
    A note, I love living in my ‘tree house’.
    I think some INFP’s could agree that when we live outside the treehouse or the castle in the sky, the world seems completely bleak and depressing. That’s how it is for me, anyway. Either I’m hopeful and the world can be a better place – or – I see babies getting raped and murdered by their parents in the news, people laughing at war without a care in the world about the children and families that have nothing to do with it are destroyed by it… Dark, dark, dark. It’s like I have no in between.

  82. Damn it seems like you ripped ISFJs the hardest. Geez.
    I’m not even sure what my type is, INTP, ENTP, ENFP, something like that- but your INTP and ENTP descriptions weren’t burns at all really. ENFP was because it actually fits me. Hmm.

  83. INFJ Chick Says:

    Brilliant! I laughed so hard! Spot on! Especially about INFJs!

  84. Wattle Says:

    ESTP. Really enjoyed this! It actually helped me to identify the people around me better than anything else I’ve ever read – perhaps because, in my eyes, it’s the negative that defines a person. 😀 But I would’ve liked something more brutal for the ESTP. TBH I’m pretty quiet and many say too reserved. Houdini in getting out of difficult situations, though. Gift of the gab is always there, nevertheless. It is accurate.

  85. Hannah Says:

    I applaud the searing accuracy of every one of these, including the one for my own type, INTP. While I honestly don’t see the paradox in the third paragraph between thinking no one listens to me and the rest of it, I trust it’s there and I’m just missing something obvious along with plenty of other INTPs.

  86. Janelle Austin Says:

    Hey, if your enfp friend gets too far in your bidness, just politely ask them to back off, and we totally will. We might cry a little, but only because we’re mortified by our own lack of self-awareness and not because we think you’re “being mean”. Besides, we cry about tons of stuff, including good stuff.

  87. suraparadox Says:

    this was some epic laugh

  88. Suzanne Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha omg!!! This was great! And absolutely true… for every type but me, of course! Loved it, thanks for the laugh – sometimes it’s fun to rag on people in very pointed ways (INTP who’s *not at all* long winded, weird, and obscure). 😀

  89. This is amazing and accurate (even though I got roasted pretty damn well myself).

  90. TiredOldINFP Says:

    These were amazingly spot on for all of the types that I have known well. How did you get to know all the temperaments so well? That’s my question! My own type, INFP, was a bit stereotyped but I get it. I do create my own world of harmony to live in but that’s for survival sake. I’m a realist about people, my friends call me ‘the worst case scenario person’. I am hyperaware of the brutality and ugliness around me, feel like I live on the cold steel edge of a blade. No offering of vegan sandwiches here. But a kind word if you need it, for sure.

  91. Moons & Junes & Ferris Wheels Says:

    My castle in the sky is made of ice cream & wishes & space raccoon secrets— I’LL NEVER SELL IT! YOU’RE NOT IN CHARGE OF ME! I will continue to fight the brutal war on rainclouds all by my lonesome, using my tears & the power of flipping the bird. I heard if I internalize my rage hard enough, it turns into a chaos diamond that can vanquish whatever ails the world. Healing through nonsense.

    Spot on with these, fella. Actually, if you wanted to rip us INFPs a new asshole like 100% harder, I’d be into it. We think we’re more unique than we are, too. And our adherence to our principles is as negative a trait as it is positive, and when we interact with other people about that subject, we almost always come off as self-righteous. Then, when we realize how self-righteous and judgmental it can seem, we get sad about it. It’s so fucking stupid that it’s hilarious.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    I feel like I just got cyberbullied by this article

  93. There is no perfect type. Shut up whiny cry babies. Grow up. You’re not perfect. You’re not a unique individual. You are one of 16 types of human beings on this little blue marble. You aren’t better than any other person. You will die someday. You will be forgotten someday. Everything you ever were will disappear over the course of time. Of course you know this deep down and cling to the notion that you are different and special because it’s all so futile. Accept your flaws, embrace them. It’s what makes you “you” and all that matters is how you live your life right now. No one will care a hundred years after you die. So enjoy yourself. Accept your fate. Yes, it’s unfair but we’re all in the same fucking boat as you buddy. Make some room and pass the flask of whiskey.


  94. Anonymous Says:

    For ISFPs two conflictual things are said:

    — They’ve just got so much going on in their heads and hearts but who cares…
    — …a natural stoner that feels deeply but has nothing going on in their head.

    So which is it?

  95. Laura Says:

    As an INFJ, this made me cry. I’ll show you what’s what by thinking so hard on this that I’ll not sleep for days! You’re a mean man (or woman, or other, I don’t gender-discriminate like I should), and I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you! That’s mean of me. You’re forgiven.

  96. Fuega Perra Says:


    But, Oh my LORD the INTJ was too funny. This is coming from a person that had to get a degree in psychology to barely understand people and I still get the “you have a degree in this shit and yet you still don’t get it, huh?” from my boyfriend! And it’s true, I’ve had to learn that just sitting there, listening to people’s [insert one: problems, thoughts, ideas, etc.] is more often than not, the best solution to whatever situation I find myself in (Hint: it’s actually the easiest! Who fucking knew??).

    Keep trucking on, man. Don’t let the haters get ya down. We’re all special snowflakes in some way or another. I’ll take bets on who melts first ; )

  97. MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles | Zombies Ruin Everything

    […]You’re taking your intuition as a right as being a part of your makeup.[…]

  98. I’m just an ISFJ working for a bunch of ENFPs currently hypnotized and ruled by the most ruthlessly manipulative, sociopathic INTJ ever. A close runner-up to the INTJ is our resident con-job ISFP, but don’t even get me started. And I directly report to an ENTP who thinks he can turn on cringe-worthy hollow charm at the drop of a pin to get what he wants. Guess what? It actually works with the ENFPs who think EVERYTHING is the most brilliant idea ever!! He proves everyday that when you have blind confidence in yourself, almost anyone will climb aboard your sinking ship. (As an ISFJ, I will feel bad all day about saying this.)

  99. Belinda Says:

    INTJ – accurate! I don’t have people skills or many friends and shock, horror, surprise! That’s the way I like it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Not my fault people live in denial and don’t want to hear the actual truth 🤣
    I try to understand feelings…sometimes.
    Why are we the worst?
    Lucky there aren’t that many of us huh.

  100. INTJ here….you are cute…a bit too passionate about the obvious…

  101. justsomeENTP Says:

    ENTP here.
    Husband is an ESFP… While per example this might be true,

    “ESFPs are the type to want to do something stupid and get mad at you for trying to stop them,”

    he’s never blamed me for anything – I’ve never heard him blame anyone else either – it seems to me like a lot of these exaggerated types might just be assholes? I don’t know, I mostly notice this about the types that I personally know. About INFP, being a dreamer doesn’t mean that you lack reality check to the point of idiocy. It’s way more logical to get depressed, being a dreamer and also being contemplative and serious as INFP’s are. ENTP was great though, I laughed my socks off. While I enjoyed debating and it happened to me to debate about petty things in the past, I don’t debate people really now, something changed in my mid-20s when I realized, watching people argue on the internet, that they don’t want the truth when debating, they just want to parrot arguments and satisfy ego, and not establish the truth, so 99% of debates are a waste of time to begin with. I can win any debate, but what for?

  102. im entp and i can reffute everything you said to me


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