ZRE Podcast #16: Amazing Spider-Man 2- Pleasing the Fans or the Mainstream?


Spoilers Ahead! That is, the few things the trailers didn’t already give away.

Being fans of the comic, Josh and I are a bit more torn on how to approach this movie. As comic book fans or as a movie alone? Are they the same thing or do they need to be separated to be critiqued fairly?

We also discuss villains we’d like to see adapted regardless of…uh…adaptability.

All in all, tell us what you thought.  Did the trailers give away too much for you to care? Are you sick of Spider-Man altogether? Either way, prepare for like, 12 more in the next several years. Or until we’re all dead.

In a surprising twist of events, Josh’s mind actually changed about the movie and he’s officially given the movie a B. OMG FLYING PIGS OMG

You can check out the review here which is different from my personal grade of B+. Often times the movies I enjoy most are C grade quality though I enjoy them much more.

This Movie Suuucks: Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Villains to Look Out For

Goodbye Otto!: The Superior Spider-Man Overview and the Return of Parker



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