How It’s Done…and How It SHOULDN’T Be Done- Interstellar and Days of Future Past Posters


Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar opens this November and the only way I could be more excited for it is if I was going to be shot into space myself as a promotion for the movie.

Yes, I would let them shoot me into space. Just give me a space suit and a Star Wars lunch box and I’m good. And while you could call me a Nolanite for accepting just about everything the man does, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due and for this poster, credit is due. And then there’s Days of Future Past, which is just…


Personally, I’m digging it. Just about anytime you mix space, space travel, and subtlety, even if the movie sucks, I’ll still give the design team credit for at least putting some thought into creativity into what they do.

Heck, this looks like it could make some sweet wallpaper.

Meanwhile there’s this…


Seriously, when will it stop? Put a huge face here. these people will love anything. Of course there are different versions of this X-Men movie poster which are also giant faces of two more characters which are also boring. But these other ones…they’ve got to be a little better, right?


Nope! Hugh Jackman just stands there. Uh, that’s great I guess. He’s got such an amazing bod, who wouldn’t want to see him just standing there? Maybe anybody that’s seen the last twelve X-Men movies where he looks exactly like this? Let’s see what’s next then.


Wow, another one of him just standing there. Is this really all there is to it? We can’t get a story in an image? I can’t help but think the creators of this are just so impressed with themselves and what they’ve done that it’s just “I mean, LOOK at him. Just place him somewhere and that’s all we need. I’ve got a Little Boy Party to get to so I don’t have anymore time for this movie kiddie bullsh**.”

worst5If you didn’t know, for every poster you’re seeing, there’s the same poster out there with different characters. I assume the idea is that they’ve got so many characters in the movie that putting the poster out with all the characters are bound to get everybody’s attention because chances are, you like at least one of these characters.

It’s like when a musician yells out a bunch of cities in a song. Name the big cities and eventually they might get to the one where you live and you’ll be like, “HEY, THAT’S WHERE WE ARE! YEEEAH!”


Oh yeah, they finally went all out on this one didn’t they? Everyone’s bodies melted together over an exploding DC. Or is that Professor X’s exploding diarrhea?

Why everybody has to fit in Wolverine’s body I don’t know but that’s how Singer likes it. Maybe because Hugh Jackman is really the only part of any of these movies people can generally accept so he’s got to be front and center with everyone else falling to the wayside. Looks like CSI Miami.

And lastly, because there’s not much more room on my internet for every. Single. One of these…BUT! We have time for one more and it might be the worst one of the entire lot.


No explanation needed, right? After taking the covers of Empire, they just thought, hey sure, we’ll just send these around the world to keep promoting our piece of crap movie.

A problem with the Twilight movies (There are oh so many) is that when the characters are shown running at superhuman speed, they affect nothing around them or even their own freaking hair which is exactly what they guy is doing. “I just got done running and now I’m going to stand here.”

Check out the podcast on bad posters where I just talk to myself.


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